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Staff Openings

If you are interested in working for Final Fantasy Insider, then you have come to the right page. In this section, you will be able to find positions that are currently available/open and the salary that you will be able to earn (if available). Below are the listing of positions which are open.

Guide / Coverage Writer
: Range from $50 - $100 depending on your work.
Vacancy: Final Fantasy XII (1), and Final Fantasy III DS (1)
What you will be doing is simple: To write out a complete guide for one of the games below. A guide includes things such as "Character Profiles", "Equipment List", "Weapon List", "Walkthrough" and the other game-related content (don't forget, the more pages you are able to produce, the better your pay will be). You can either write the guide in HTML format (One section per page) or Text format (Take a look at one of the FAQs at HTML knowledge is not really needed for this job, but it will help if you have a basic knowledge of it.

Graphics Designer
Salary: Range from $5 - $10 depending on your work.
Vacancy: Open for 1
The typical job of designing banners, logos and site headers. Please supply us with your portfolio in the application.

News Editor
Salary: Unpaid Job.
Vacancy: None
Basically, you will be posting RPG-related news on the site's main page. To apply for this position, you are required to have a good English and a basic knowledge of HTML (creating links and such). Since this job will require you to post a news article everyday, dedication is needed as well.

Salary: Range from $2 - $5 per review/preview, depending on your work.
Vacancy: None
Like the job title, you will be writing review/preview for various Square Enix games for the site (the titles that need to be written will be given to you). Since the job requires a pretty high English skill, please attach a sample of your past review/preview along with your application.

To apply for the any of the open positions, please send me an email at with your full name, email address and a sample of your work. Please include sample which is related to the position that you are applying.


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Final Fantasy XIII coverage completely revamped! Sections added and changed: Abilities, Auto Abilities, Magic Abilities, Physical Abilities, Unique Abilities, Techniques, Active Time Battle, Attack Chain, Crystarium System, Dismantle, Gestalt Mode, Item Menu, Paradigm Shift, Progression, Save Stations, Settings, Summons, Technical Points, Tips and Tricks, Walkthrough
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