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Sayuri Sugawara’s First Overseas Concert!

Posted on | November 24, 2012

You may not know what she looks like, but you would certainly have heard her voice. Sayuri Sugawara is the melodic voice behind Final Fantasy XIII’s theme song, Kimi ga Iru Kara (Because You’re Here).

Listen to her official PV to refresh your memory!

Sayuri will accomplish her overseas debut at EOY 2012 J-pop Live!, a full-scale concert held at the Esplanade in Singapore on 11 December 2012.

Even among non-gamers, the Final Fantasy series is not only renowned for great gameplay and art, but also its beautiful sound tracks! This year, Sayuri will replay that magical experience for fans of Final Fantasy compositions with her soulful vocals. Apart from performing her hit song from Final Fantasy XIII, she would be performing various tracks, original and re-arrangements included, from other Final Fantasy series.

Sayuri has just released a new single in March this year called Habataku Kimi e, and her second full-length album is slated for release this November. Expect to enjoy some of her newest works debuting live for the first time!

Perhaps even more exciting news than this is the fact that concert-goers can actually meet Sayuri in person and get her autograph during the post-concert autograph session! If you are a fan of her music or Final Fantasy, you mustn’t miss this rare opportunity!

Purchase tickets from SISTIC (, or visit the concert’s official websites for more information:

Check out Sayuri’s music and learn more about this talented lady from her official channels:

Haruna Luna of Sword Art Online and Fate/Zero fame, and Danceroid, famous for their dance renditions of popular Vocaloid tunes, will share the stage with Sayuri.

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