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Final Fantasy X-2 Soundtrack MP3

Download Final Fantasy X-2 Music and Songs in MP3 format

You are not allowed to download any of the mp3 or music files in this page before you agree to our disclaimer. Please read it before proceeding with your download.

Download Final Fantasy X-2 Soundtrack

Final Fantasy X-2 Disc 1
01. Eternity ~Memory of Lightwaves~
02. Real Emotion ~FFX-2 Mix~
03. YuRiPa Battle 1
04. Yuna's Theme
05. YuRiPa Battle 2
06. Mission Complete
07. Sphere Hunter ~Seagull Group~
08. Mission Start
09. Gagazet Mountain
10. YuRiPa Battle 3
11. Game Over
12. Sir Rupuran Has Everything!
13. I'll Give You Something Hot!
14. Shuin's Theme
15. Besaid
16. Kilika
17. Luca
18. Mi'ihen Highway
19. Mushroom Rock Road
20. Young Alliance
21. Machine Faction
22. Guadosalam
23. Thunder Plains
24. Macalania Forest
25. Bikanel Desert
26. New Yevon Party
27. Calm Lands
28. Zanarkand Ruins
29. Sphere Hunter
30. Temple
31. Tension

Final Fantasy X-2 Disc 2
01. Seagull Group March
02. Great Existence
03. Good Night
04. Anxiety
05. Infiltration!
06. Rikku's Theme
07. Chocobo
08. Paine's Theme
09. Bevelle's Secret
10. Under Bevelle
11. Yuna's Ballad
12. Help Store ~Seagull Group~
13. It's Our Turn Now!
14. Labyrinth
15. Confusion
16. Summoned Beast
17. Abyss of the Farplane
18. Eternity ~Memory of Lightwave~
19. 1000 Words (Original Mix)
20. Nightmare of a Cave
21. Party
22. Vegnagun Starting
23. Clash
24. Struggle to the Death
25. Destruction
26. Demise
27. 1000 Words (Piano Version)
28. Ending - ~Until the Day we Meet Again~
29. 1000 Words (Orchestra Version)
30. Epilogue ~Reunion~


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