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Final Fantasy VIII Soundtrack MP3

You are not allowed to download any of the mp3 or music files in this page before you agree to our disclaimer. Please read it before proceeding with your download.

Download Final Fantasy VIII Soundtrack

Disc 1
01. Liberi Fatali
02. Balamb Garden
03. Blue Fields
04. Don't Be Afraid
05. The Winner
06. Find Your Way
07. SeeD
08. The Landing
09. Starting Up
10. Force Your Way
11. The Loser
12. Never Look Back
13. Dead End
14. Breezy
15. Shuffle or Boogie
16. Waltz for the Moon
17. Tell Me
18. Fear
19. The Man with the Machine Gun
20. Julia
21. Roses and Wine
22. Junction
23. Timber Owls

Disc 2
01. My Mind
02. The Mission
03. Martial Law
04. Cactus Jack
05. Only a Plank Between One and Perdition
06. Succession of Witches
07. Galbadia Garden
08. Unrest
09. Under Her Control
10. The Stage is Set
11. A Sacrifice
12. Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec
13. Intruders
14. Premonition
15. Wounded
16. Fragments of Memories
17. Jailed
18. Rivals
19. Ami

Disc 3
01. The Spy
02. Retaliation
03. Movin'
04. Blue Sky
05. Drifting
06. Heresy
07. Fisherman's Horizon
08. Odeka de Chocobo
09. Where I Belong
10. The Oath
11. Slide Show Part 1
12. Slide Show Part 2
13. Love Grows
14. The Salt Flats
15. Trust Me
16. Silence and Motion
17. Dance with the Balamb-Fish
18. Tears of the Moon
19. Residents
20. Eyes On Me

Disc 4
01. Mods de Chocobo
02. Ride On
03. Truth
04. Lunatic Pandora
05. Compression of Time
06. The Castle
07. The Legendary Beast
08. Maybe I'm a Lion
09. The Extreme
10. The Successor
11. Ending Theme
12. Overture


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