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Final Fantasy VI Soundtrack MP3

Download Final Fantasy VI Music and Songs in MP3 format

You are not allowed to download any of the mp3 or music files in this page before you agree to our disclaimer. Please read it before proceeding with your download.

Download Final Fantasy VI Soundtrack

Final Fantasy VI OST Disc 1
1. Opening Theme
Yochou (Omen)
2. Colliery Nalsh
Tankou toshi NARUSHE (Coal mine town Narshe)
3. Awakening
Mezame (Awake)
4. Lock
ROKKU no TEEMA (Locke's theme)
5. Battle Theme
Sentou (Battle)
6. Fanfare
Shouri no FANFAARE (Victory fanfare)
7. Edgar & Mash
EDOGAA, MASSHU no TEEMA (Edgar, Mash's theme. "Mash" was renamed "Sabin" in the English version.)
8. Cefca
Madoushi KEFUKA (Magic-user Kefka)
9. Mt. Coltz
Reihou KORUTSU (Sacred mountain Coltz)
10. Returners
Hanran bunshi (Rebellion group)
11. Shadow
SHADOU no TEEMA (Shadow's theme)
12. Troops March On
Teikoku no shingun (March of the empire)
13. Cayenne
KAIEN no TEEMA (Cayenne's theme. He was renamed "Cyan" in the U.S. version.)
14. The Unforgiven
Yurusarezarusha (Those who are not forgiven)
15. The Mystic Forest
Mayoi no mori (Forest of illusion)
16. Mistery Train
Ma ressha (Evil train)
17. Wild West
Juugen (Beast field)
18. Gau
GAU no TEEMA (Gau's theme)
19. The Snake Path
Hebi no michi (Snake's road)
20. Kids Run Through the City Corner
Machikado no kodomotachi (Children of the street corner)
21. Under Martial Law
Kaigenrei (Martial law)
22. Celes
SERISU no TEEMA (Celes' theme)
23. Save Them
Genjuu o mamore! (Protect the mythical beasts!)
24. The Decisive Battle
Kessen (Decisive battle)
25. Metamorphosis
METAMORUFOOZE (Metamorphose)

Final Fantasy VI OST Disc 2
1. Tina
TINA no TEEMA (Tina's theme)
2. Coin Song
Unmei no KOIN (Coin of fate)
3. Techno de Chocobo
4. Forever Rachel
Eien ni, REICHERU (Eternally, Rachel)
5. Slam Shuffle
6. Spinach Rag
7. Overture
Jokyoku (Overture)
8. Aria di Mezzo Caraterre
ARIA (Aria)
9. The Wedding Waltz ~ Duel
Konrei no WARUTSU ~ kettou (Wedding waltz ~ duel)
10. Grand Finale?
Daidanen (Grand finale)
11. Setzer
SETTSAA no TEEMA (Setzer's theme)
12. Johnny C. Bad
13. The Empire "Ghastra"
GASUTORA teikoku (Gestahl empire)
14. Devil's Lab
Madou kenkyuusho (Magic laboratory)
15. Blackjack
Hikuutei BURAKKUJAKKU (Airship Blackjack)
16. ??
17. Mog
MOGU no TEEMA (Mog's theme)
18. Stragus
SUTORAGOSU no TEEMA (Stragus's theme)
19. Relm
RIRUMU no TEEMA (Relm's theme)
20. Another World of Beasts
Genjuukai (World of mythical beasts)

Final Fantasy VI OST Disc 3
1. New Continent
Ma tairiku (Devil's continent)
2. Catastrophe
Taihakai (Large destruction)
3. The Fierce Battle
Shitou (Struggle to the death)
4. Rest in Peace
5. Dark World
Shikai (Death world)
6. The Day After
Ano hi kara.. (That day after..)
7. Searching Friends
Nakama o motomete
(Searching for friends)
8. Gogo
GOGO no TEEMA (Gogo's theme)
9. Epitaph
Bohimei (Name on a gravestone)
10. The Magic House
Karakuri yashiki (Trick mansion)
11. Umaro
UUMARO no TEEMA (Umaro's theme)
12. Fanatics
Kyoushin shuudan (Fanatics' group)
13. Last Dungeon
Jashin no tou (Tower of an evil god)
14. Dancing Mad
Yousei ranbu (Wild dance of a charming star)
15. Ending Theme
Yomigaeru midori (Reviving greenery)
16. The Prelude


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