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Final Fantasy Last Order Index

Final Fantasy Last Order Review

Along with Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Final Fantasy VII: Last Order was created as a bonus feature in the Japanese Limited Edition set. Last Order is a short anime film created for fans of the beloved game to demonstrate the events at Nibelheim in a more clear perspective. Last Order brings to Final Fantasy VII fans a vivid description of the occurrences at Nibelheim from a different angle, which was Square-Enix’s intent.

Final Fantasy VII: Last Order took place in two different time periods, one five years ago before the events of Final Fantasy VII and another just before the happenings of the game occurred. The first scene of the short film opened up the scenario for what would be taking place, concentrating on Zack and Cloud’s escape from the Nibelheim Shin-Ra Mansion. The small movie was very nicely done, and Final Fantasy VII fans who watch it were able to recognize parts from the game placed into the anime, which was rather exciting, as well as be given even more information about what really took place during the five years. The battle scenes, few yet pleasing, were designed very well, and even had one sometimes give us a few shockers. The anime was drawn beautifully and very detailed, even to the point of getting down to the nitty-gritty of character and location design. Full Review...

Final Fantasy Last Order Storyline
Shin-Ra Company had been alerted to an investigation at the Mako Reactor in Nibelheim, saying that strange monsters have been coming from the reactor, appearing throughout the small town. Shin-Ra had assigned two First Class SOLDIERS to the operation, Sephiroth, who was known as a hero of his day, and Zack, a spirited youth who was strong enough to become a First Class SOLDIER. Among the two SOLDIERS was a Shin-Ra guard named Cloud Strife, whose hometown was Nibelheim. When they arrived at the town, a young girl named Tifa would guide them through the mountains to the Nibelheim Reactor. Cloud once knew Tifa from years back, when he lived in the town, and he promised her that he would rescue her whenever she was in trouble or a bind. He told her he was leaving the town to join First Class SOLDIER as well. Cloud, however, never made First Class, yet only became a Shin-Ra guard. Ashamed of not becoming what he promised Tifa, he hid his face with his Shin-Ra helmet.

When Zack and Sephiroth enter the Nibelheim Mako Reactor, the mysterious monsters are discovered to be humans, used as experiments, soaked and overly exposed to Mako substance. Professor Hojo of the Shin-Ra Company had placed these science specimens in several pods inside the Mako Reactor. Sephiroth notes the writing “JENOVA” on a vault door inside the reactor, whom he was always told Jenova was the name of his mother, and then begins to suspect he is created in the same way these Mako exposed humans were. Full Storyline...

Final Fantasy Last Order Information
Title: Final Fantasy Last Order
Developer: Square Enix, Visual Works
Publisher: Square Enix
Genre: Anime
Medium: DVD-ROM (Part of Advent Children Limited Edition Box)

Final Fantasy Last Order Release Date
Japan: 14th September, 2005
Europe: N/A

Final Fantasy Last Order Box Arts
« Advent Children Limited Edition (Japan) »

Table of Contents
Index - General information on Final Fantasy Last Order, including short review, storyline, release date and box arts.

Characters - Detailed description on all Last Order characters and their role in the anime.

Review - The review will give you an idea of what Final Fantasy Last Order is about and its value.

Storyline - Detailed storyline of Final Fantasy Last Order. Now, you will be able to know what is going on in the anime without having to watch it! It contains lots of spoilers, so read at your own risk!

Screenshots - High quality screenshots taken directly from the anime. The are 206 Final Fantasy Last Order screenshots in total.


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