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Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough Monstro

Ability gotten in this area: High Jump; Cheer
Magic gotten in this area: Stop

Once again there'll be a long cutscene when you arrive. When you regain control, just go a bit forward for a cutscene with Geppetto. Save your game and follow Pinocchio to Chamber 1.

There are 2 exits here -- the one straight ahead leads to Chamber 3, while the one on your left leads to Chamber 2. Go north to Chamber 3 first and get the chest with a Mega-Ether. Go back to the previous area and take the left exit to Chamber 2.

Here, go north for a chest with a Cottage, then proceed to the exit to Chamber 3. You'll be at the upper section. Take a barrel and position it in front of the platform located above you. Jump on the barrel and on the platform for a chest with puppies 76-78. Once done take the exit to Chamber 2.

Here, just go north and proceed to Chamber 5. In this area proceed to Chamber 6. Here, go down the steps to the lower area and open the chest with a Dispel-G. From here go east to Chamber 5.

Get the 2 chests here with a Dispel-G and Mega-Ether. Be sure to activate the Blue Trinity mark as well. Now jump on the barrel and onto the higher area. Proceed to Chamber 4.

You'll see a cutscene here with Riku. After that, prepare for battle and save your game. When you're ready go east into the Bowels. Inside there will be another cutscene, then a boss fight.

Boss: Parasite Cage
Experience Points: 500p
This fight is not hard as long as you watch out for its tentacles. Not to mention the fact that Riku will be helping you here. Just cast Aero on yourself and keep smashing its head. The battle will be over pretty quickly.

After the battle, jump into the hole. Goofy will also learn his Cheer ability. There'll a cutscene between Riku and Geppetto. When you regain control, open the chest on the boat for your first shared ability High Jump. Get all the treasures here, which include: Puppies 73-75, Watergleam, Tornado-G and Cottage. Also be sure to activate the Blue Trinity mark here.

Feel free to go back into the different chambers to get whatever treasures you missed, since it'll be easier to get them now that you have the High Jump ability. The most important treasures are: puppies 55-57 in Chamber 3, Torn Page in Chamber 6, and puppies 79-81 in Chamber 5.

When you're done go back to the Mouth and save your game. Head for the Throat. (the hole located above the entrance to Chamber 1) Here, just make your way up until you reach the Stomach.

Inside, there'll be a cutscene with Riku, then you'll fight Parasite Cage again.

Boss: Parasite Cage
Experience Points: 1000p
It's a lot tougher this time, because he now has a new and pretty much devastating Poison attack. Cast Aero on yourself first then attack the head. Watch out for the tentacles too. Now when it opens its mouth, that means it's about to unleash some yellow stuff, which can poison you. So be prepared to dodge when this happens. Be sure to heal immediately just in case you get hit. You should win after a while.

When that's over you'll receive the Stop magic, then you'll see a cutscene between Riku and Maleficent. Monstro will sneeze you out after that.

The Pegasus Cup will now be available at the Coliseum, so go there and compete if you like. Also don't forget to go back to Traverse Town, and give the Watergleam to the Fairy Godmother for the Dumbo summon. Then talk to Merlin to get the Spellbinder keyblade. When you're ready, head for Atlantica. (It's the 6-star area at the world select screen.)

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