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Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough Wonderland

Magic gotten in this area: Blizzard

There will be a short cutscene with the White Rabbit when you arrive. Once you regain control follow him to the next area. Here, push the bed first then talk to the door knob. He'll tell you to drink the potion on the table to get smaller, so drink it and proceed to the Queen's Castle.

You'll see another cutscene where Alice is on trial for allegedly trying to steal the queen's heart. Sora then claims that Alice is innocent, so the queen will ask you to gather evidence and prove it.

When you regain control, go through the left entrance to the Lotus Forest. After the short dialogue with the Cheshire Cat, go north then east past the second red flower. You'll find a Blue Trinity mark and the "Footprints" evidence here.

Next jump on the mushrooms, then across the trees/platforms to find a high exit to the Bizzare Room. Get in there to find the "Stench" evidence. Make your way back to the Lotus Forest after that. From the entrance go north and jump on the boulder, then onto the platform for the "Antenna" evidence.

Jump on the mushroom that leads north for a chest with a Thunder-G, then onto the mushrooms leading east up the trees for a chest with puppies 16-18. Go back to Queen's Castle afterwards.
Note: There's a total of 4 evidences. So far I only managed to find 3. You're supposed to get the Blizzard magic if you can find all 4, but it's ok even if you didn't since you'll still receive the magic from the Cheshire Cat after beating Trickmaster.

According to Jared Schuster [] here's where you can find the 4th evidence: Go in to the Bizarre room through the entrance that lands you on the faucet. Face towards into the center of the room. Carfully turn and jump to the right. It is on the ledge you will see the pink gift box. (That's the "Claw Marks" evidence.)

Save your game first then talk to a heart card soldier to present the evidences. The queen refuses to check each evidence and instead asks you to pick one. This one's completely random, so you'll just have to take chances and hope you get the right one. Regardless of what you picked, the queen will order her card soldiers to seize you.

Your target here is not the soldiers but their tower. Just knock the cards that are closest to you out, so that they won't bother you while you destroy their tower.

After the battle, everyone will notice that Alice is gone. There's nothing else to do here so go back to the Lotus Forest. Inside, you'll see the Cheshire Cat again.

When you regain control, give the yellow flower a Potion to grow big and move the boulder. This will make a few platforms appear. Move around until you see a "?" then take the fruit and eat it to get small again. Jump on the new platforms to get to the other side. You'll find another Blue Trinity mark and an exit to Queen's Castle. Take that exit for a chest with an Aero-G.

Go back to the forest and proceed to the Tea Party Garden. Be sure to sit on the chairs here for some presents. Go to the inverted Bizzare Room after that. Inside there will be another short dialogue with the cat. Just jump onto the tables and light the two lamps. Also, remember to release the lock up north to reveal another exit to the Queen's Castle. Use that one to get a chest with puppies 13-15.

Proceed to the normal Bizzare Room, but save your game first. Once there, prepare for a boss fight.

Boss: Trickmaster
Experience Points: 150p
Equipment Dropped: Ifrit's Horn
This battle isn't as tough as it looks. Simply hit him with magic when he is standing and use physical attacks once he bends down. He'll try to slap you away with his arms most of the time, so just keep your distance when he does that. Also, he will start shooting flames at you after a while, be sure to watch out for that too.

After the battle, there'll a cutscene in which the door knob complains about having been awakened by all the "ruckus", then you'll get the Navi-G Piece. You'll also receive the Blizzard magic from the Cheshire Cat. (if you didn't get all 4 evidence pieces)
Note: It's a good idea to go back to Traverse Town and open the treasure chest at the cafe. First destroy all the chairs, then put out all the candles with your Blizzard magic to get a Defense Up item from the chest.

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