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Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough Destiny Island

Sora will wake from his dream. There will be a long cutscene between Sora, Kairi and Riku about their hometowns and the raft they were building.

When you regain control, talk to Kairi. She'll ask you to gather the materials needed to build the raft. Here's what you need: 2 Logs, 1 Cloth, 1 Rope.

Now go a bit south then west and into the Seaside Shack. There's a save point here, so save if you want. Go upstairs to the bridge. In the next area go across the bridge and pick up the log at the other side. You'll also see Riku sitting on the tree (lazy bum!) Jump back down and go a little bit east from the shack to find the second log.

As for the cloth, from the dock (where Selphie is sitting) go up the plank and head east then north. Go up the stairs. From there, go east to the end of the path and go up the ladder. Follow the path until you reach a room. Get the cloth inside (it's on the right wall)

Finally the rope. Go back to the plank at the pier and this time head a bit north and up the ladder to the left. Follow the path to the end and get the rope.

Also, it's worth challenging Tidus, Selphie, Wakka or Riku to a duel for level up. It doesn't really matter if you lose to them, but anyway here are some tips for each battle:

He's practically easy to beat, just stay close and keep smacking him. But be sure to watch your back though since he'll surely attempt to attack you from behind after you finish a combo. One more thing, whenever you're successful in blocking his blows, you'll see the words: "Tech 2p" on your screen which also counts as experience points. So be sure to try and block when you get the chance.

Be sure to keep an eye on his blitz ball and run around a lot in order to dodge it. But remember that you can bat his ball back to him if you get the timing right. If you're lucky, it'll hit and stun him, giving you ample time to try and beat him down into a pulp.

She's no doubt the easiest of the 3. Her attacks are really weak compared to those of Tidus and Wakka. There's actually no need for a strategy here since you'll beat her fairly easily.

Tidus, Wakka, Selphie
This is a 3-on-1 battle, therefore it's tough. Talk to Tidus after you've beaten each one of them at least once to unlock this option. Now I suggest that you beat Tidus first, then Wakka. Always save Selphie for last as she's not that much of a threat. You'll receive a Potion if you win.

This can be tough, but it's really worth it to fight him again and again as you'll receive 5p, (which is a lot at this point) and a Potion everytime you win. But you CAN'T afford to fall off the side (you'll lose if you do) Just stay close and attack him. Once he falls on his back, get away from him to avoid being kicked when he gets back up. When he's on the defensive stance, simply attack him from the side or from above the head.

When you're ready, save your game and go talk to Kairi. She'll give you a Hi Potion. After that, tell her you wanna go home. Watch some long cutscenes.

Once you regain control again, proceed to the Cove (where Kairi was standing a while back) There, talk to Riku. You'll decide on a name for the raft (default is Excalibur), but Riku wants to name it Highwind. So you'll have to race with him.

Your goal here is to activate the star at the end of the course and return to the where Kairi is. If you lose, you just don't get to name the raft Excalibur. That's all, no big deal.

When that's over jump down and talk to Kairi who is standing on the raft by the shore. She'll tell you to find food for your journey. Here's what you need: Seagull Egg, 3 Mushrooms, 2 Coconuts, 3 Fishes and Drinking Water.
  • Seagull Egg
    Go to the Bridge and climb the tree with a thin trunk. You should see the egg on the tree behind you. Jump up there to get it.
  • 3 Mushrooms
    There's a rock to the east of the raft. Push it to get a mushroom at the back. There's one under the watchtower. The last one is in the "Secret Place", go up the plank behind Wakka and go east. Head inside and take the mushroom. There will be a short cutscene between Ansem and Sora.
  • Drinking Water
    Go to the pond beside Wakka and fill up the empty bottle there.
  • 3 Fishes
    Swim along the area not far from the dock where Selphie is standing to find the 3 fishes.
  • 2 Coconuts
    Just smash the tree trunks until you get 2 Yellow coconuts to fall.

Go to the shack and save your game. Talk to Kairi and tell her that you wanna go home. There will be some cutscenes between Sora and Kairi, then you'll see Mickey's letter to Donald telling him to go to Traverse Town with Goofy and find "Leon" as he'll be the one to show them where the "key" is.

When you regain control, the island will be infested with Heartless. Head for the Seaside Shack and save your game. Go upstairs to the Bridge and you'll see Riku there. After a short cutscene, you'll receive the Keyblade. Proceed to the Secret Place, there'll be another cutscene, then you'll fight Darkside again.

Battle: Darkside
Experience Points: 60p
This battle is pretty much the same as the first, except for the fact that he has more HP. So just lock on and attack. Again, he'll release some Heartless so kill them for those HP balls. Feel free to use your potions too, but this is usually unnecessary. You shouldn't have any problem winning.

After the battle, Sora will end up in....

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