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Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough Hollow Bastion

Ability gotten in this area: Ragnarok; Cheer
Magic gotten in this area: Firaga (2nd visit); Curaga (revisit)
Trinity gotten in this area: White Trinity (Trinity Detect)

There will be a cut-scene when you arrive. On the highest pillar will be a Disple-G and at the bottom will be a treasure chest containing Dalmatians 91,92,93. When you get close to the entrance there will be a cut-scene.

Whe you regain control climb up the platforms, while getting the treasure chests with 2 Dispel-Gs, Megalixir and Blizzaga Ring along the way. Keep going until you reach the Castle Gates and examine the switch.

Go jump in the last bubble to be taken to a new area. Jump on the pillars for some treasure chests with Tornado-Gs. Now jump down and take the bubble back to the previous area. Here, take the lower bubble to the Waterway.

There's a save point here, so save if you like. Open the treasure chest for a Firaga Ring. Now smash the gate with Beast and go through the bubble. Go to the release button on the west wall. Press it. Then to the right you will find another release button. Press it. Go to where the gate opened and release the button there. Go to where the gate opened and jump in the bubble. When you re-surface release the button to the right. Walk down the hallway and release the button.

Now you must go back to the Castle Gates. Just do the above steps but in reverse order to get to the Castle Gates. Once at the Castle Gates go to the big door that was closed off earlier. There will be a cut-scene, and you will have to fight Riku.

Boss: Riku
Experience Points: 2000p
Just keep hitting him and jump out of the way when he does his plunge attack. Also, there are barrels around the place that contain HP balls. Remember to cast Aero on yourself to play it safe and he shouldn't be so hard.

There will be a cut-scene after you defeat him. You will learn the White Trinity (Trinity Detect).

Go to the Library and in the bookcase to the left will be a Klana Vol. 8. Go to the end of the libary and place the Klana book near the place that has the cut open pillar. Spin the pillar two times to get a treasure containing an Elixir. Go up the stairs and the spin the other pillar 4 times to get a Mythril. Activate the green trinity near the table to receive the book Azul vol. 3. Go back downstairs and place the book in the bookcase that the ladder came down from the green trinity. Take Salegg Vol.6 from the open bookshelf that is near the table and place it in the other bookshelf downstairs from where you got the Azul book from.

Go back upstairs and take the the green book from the bookcase on the left side. Jump on the table where the the save point is to get the Theon book. Put it where you got the green book from. When the bookcase moves aside push the button to unlock the door.

Open that door. Walk down the circle way and examine the statue. It will say to push it so push it to get a treasure chest. The next statue will say to crush the two pots beside it.

Jump down and jump down in the water fountain to get a Emblem Piece. Go to the right side of the hallway to get a treasure chest which contains another Emblem Piece.

Go back to the Libary and place the other book you had in the shelf on the right which has a missing slot in it.

Go to the bookshelf that is near the stairs to get the N book. Go upstairs and look for the open bookshelf that has yellow books in it and place the N book in there. When the bookshelf moves aside, take the Mava Vol. 2 and take it to the bookshlef where you got the Mava Vol. 6. Go to the table to get the Hafet book. Place it on the bookshelf that has a row of purple books.

Go near the table upstairs and jump on top of the bookcases. To the far right will be a pole. Spin it to get a treasure chest which contains a Ap-Up. Go to the other side to open a treasure chest which contains a Dispel-G. Go to the save point and switch party members to where you have Donald, and Goofy.

Go through the door and do the Red Trinity in front of the statue and jump down to get another Emblem Piece. Now you have 3 Emblem Pieces. Go back through the door and go to stone that ahs a thunderbolt engraved in it. Use thunder on it and platforms will come of the middle platform in the air. Go to each of the candles and use fire on them. The blue stuff in the middle platform will go away. Jump onto the platform to recieve another Emblem Piece. Go downstairs and there is a door that has 4 empty places. Insert the Emblem Pieces in it and there will be a cut-scene.

Go through the door and examine the blue pole. Go through the opening to go to the waterway. Go to the leftside and step on the platform to be taken to the Dungeon. Open both treasure chests to get 2 Float-G's. Do the blue trinity in here to get lot's of hp balls.

Go back to the lift stop and go to the Castle Gates and examine the blue pole to go up. Next go examine the red pole. You'll be on a huge platform. When the red pole shows up in the middle of the platform, examine it. When you get off there will be a Blue Trinity and a treasure chest containing a Dispel-G.

Go down the stairs and examine the blue pole. Go up the stairs and to your left will be a treasure chest containing a Orichalcum. Examine the blue pole on the right. When in the next area examine the red pole way down the left side and use Gravira on the floating treasure chest to get a Thundaga Ring. Go through the opening.

You'll be taken to the High Tower. Examine the red pole and go up those big steps. To the right will be a treasure chest containg Dalmatians 97,98,99. Next examine the yellow pole and go up the steps again. On the right will be a treasure containing a megalixir. Examine the red pole.

Go back down the stairs and go through the opening to be taken to the Castle Chapel. There will be a cut-scene. Walk around and there will be a another cut-scene. Now you will have to fight Maleficent.

Boss: Maleficent
Experience Points: 6000p
Items Dropped: Ansem Report 5
This is an easy battle. Keep jumping on the platform and hit her. If the platform is too high up to jump on, then just hit the platform until it falls down. Also get out of the way when she is saying a spell. Don't worry about the heartless because Donald and Goofy can take care of them. Cast Aero and make sure that you're fully stocked with Potions/Hi-Potions, along with some Ethers for your MP.

When you defeat her there will be a cut-scene. Donald will learn Cheer. Follow Maleficent and there will be another cut-scene where Maleficent turns into a dragon. You'll have to fight again after that.

Boss: Dragon Maleficent
Experience Points: 6000p
Items Dropped: Fireglow
Use aero and keep attacking her. When she does her shockwave attack just jump out of the way. Try to avoid the green flames at all cost, since that's her deadliest move. Be sure you're fully stocked with Potions and Ethers too. But if she still annoys you, then just cast Stop on her.

When she's finally defeated, there will be a cut-scene and you'll receive the Fireglow. Turn around and go through the portal. Next go to the opening that is near the save point(don't forget to save) head for the Lift Stop. Go to the opening to the left. Next go through the door and then go up the stairs. There will be another cut-scene, then you'll have to fight Riku again.

Boss: Riku
Experience Points: 8500p
You'll fight him alone this time. I suggest you bring some Ethers with you just in case you run out of MP. Also, having powerful a keyblade such as the Metal Chocobo should make this battle a bit easier. Now cast Aero on yourself as soon as the battle begins, since his moves are quite damaging. But the good thing is most of them can be avoided using Glide. Simply attack him, or use any of your special abilities such as Strike Raid or Ars Arcanum on him. You should win after a while.

When the battle is over Sora will learn Ragnarok. There will be a cut-scene, then go back to the Entrance Hall for another cut-scene.

Traverse Town 3
You'll find yourself at the Vacant House in Traverse Town. After the cutscene, go talk to Cid. He'll tell you to find the other Navi-Gummi, so head for the Secret Waterway at the 2nd District. Here, talk to Kairi and examine the mural on the wall to get the other Navi-Gummi. Go back to Kairi for a long cutscene. You'll receive the Oathkeeper keyblade afterwards. Head back to the 1st District and talk to Cid again. He'll install the Navigation Gummis for you. Also, don't forget to take the Fireglow gem to the Fairy Godmother for the Mushu summon.
Now you must go back to Hallow Bastion using the new warp hole. When you land at Hallow Bastion there will be a cut-scene.

Go to the entrance of the Castle and activate the white trinity to get a Firaga-G. Make sure your party includes Beast. Go back to the Grand Hall. First go up the stairs and there will be a cut-scene. Walk up to the keyhole to be taken to the Dark Depths. There will be a boss fight.

Battle: Behemoth
Experience Points: 16,000p
Equipment Dropped: Omega Arts
This battle is pretty easy. Just jump on his back, lock on the head and attack. Once his horn begins to gather energy, that means he's about to unleash a somewhat devastating lightning attack, so get away from him to avoid it. Cast Aero on yourself and heal when necessary... that's about it.

After the battle, there'll be a short dialogue between Sora and the princesses. You'll also get the Firaga upgrade. Now all that's left is the End of the World, so feel free to finish whatever side quest that needs completing.

Also, don't forget to go back to the Library in Hollow Bastion and talk to Aerith for the Ansem Reports 2, 4, 6, 10, then to Belle for the Divine Rose keyblade. Be sure to go back to the Grand Hall as well for the Oblivion key chain and puppies 61-63. When you're ready, ride your Gummi Ship to the final area.

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