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Kingdom Hearts Trinity Mark Locations

Here's a list of the trinity marks in the game. This isn't complete yet but we'll be working on it.

Blue Trinities (17 Total)
1. Traverse Town - Near World Exit (1st District)
2. Traverse Town - In front of Cafe (1st District)
3. Traverse Town - Located near the place where a cord is sticking out (3rd District)
4. Traverse Town - Magician's Study (3rd District)
5. Wonderland - Lotus Forest
6. Wonderland - Lotus Forest
7. Olympus Coliseum - Coliseum Gates (near entrance to Lobby)
8. Olympus Coliseum - Coliseum Gates (near entrance to Lobby)
9. Deep Jungle - Camp (near exit to Hippo's Lagoon)
10. Deep Jungle - Climbing Trees (near entrance to Tree House)
11. Agrabah - Bazaar
12. Agrabah - Cave of Wonders - Silent Chamber
13. Monstro - Chamber 5
14. Monstro - Mouth (after water level changes)
15. Monstro - Throat
16. Hollow Bastion - Waterway
17. Hollow Bastion - Great Crest

Red Trinities (6 Total)
1. Traverse Town - Behind Item Shop (3rd District)
2. Traverse Town - Go up the ladder behind the Gizmo Shop (2nd District)
3. Traverse Town - Alleyway - In water (2nd District)
4. Agrabah - Cave of Wonders - Treasure Room
5. Halloween Town - Oogie's Manor
6. Hollow Bastion - Entrance Hall (2nd floor)

Green Trinities (9 Total)
1. Traverse Town - Accessory Shop (1st District)
2. Wonderland - Rabbit Hole
3. Wonderland - Bizzare Room - Fireplace
4. Olympus Coliseum - Coliseum Gates
5. Deep Jungle - Tree Top
6. Agrabah - Storage
6. Monstro - Mouth - On top of ship (requires Glide to reach)
8. Neverland - Ship Cabin
9. Hollow Bastion - Library (2nd floor)

Yellow Trinities (4 Total)
1. Traverse Town - Behind Magician's Study (3rd District)
2. Olympus Coliseum - Lobby
3. Agrabah - Cave of Wonders - Hall (near the rolling boulder)
4. Neverland - Ship Hold

White Trinities (10 Total)

1. Traverse Town - Secret Waterway (2nd District)
2. Wonderland - Lotus Forest (go through the painting at Bizzare Room)
3. Olympus Coliseum - Coliseum Gates
4. Deep Jungle - Waterfall Cavern (in the cave with the keyhole)
5. Agrabah - Cave of Wonders - Entrance
6. Monstro - Chamber 6 (lower section)
7. Atlantica - Triton's Palace
8. Halloween Town - Moonlight Hill
9. Neverland - Ship Deck
10. Hollow Bastion - Rising Falls


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