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Kingdom Hearts Character Customization

You can also customize your characters by choosing the CUSTOMIZE option in the main menu. For Sora, you can designate shortcut buttons to magics. Let's say for example, you assigned TRIANGLE to Fire. To use that, hold down L1 then press TRIANGLE. You can also do the same with the X and Square buttons.

As for Donald and Goofy, you have several customization options to choose from. Here's a list of all the options and their descriptions.
Option Description
Manual Create your own fighting style
Personal Reflects character's own unique style
Balanced Good balance of offense and defense
Conservative Focuses on conserving MP and items
Defensive Focuses on recovery and defense
Offensive Focuses on attacking
I recommend using Manual mode since you can customize your characters into exactly how you want them to be. But you can also reconfigure the other modes if you want.


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