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Kingdom Hearts 100 Acre Wood

Upon arriving, head for the Empty Meadow for a cutscene with Pooh, who believes that his friends had all gone away while he was napping. After the cutscene, go back to the world map.

Pooh's House
Go inside the house. Here, you'll see a cutscene of Pooh being out of honey. When you regain control, go north and examine the cabinet for an Elixir. After that go outside and you'll meet Owl, and he'll tell you about the missing pages. There's nothing else to do here so go back to the world map.

Pooh's Hunny Tree
You'll see Piglet here, but he'll be scared of you and run away. Now you have to play catch with him. Basically, you just have to sneak up from behind and talk to him. Now there'll be a cutscene where Piglet gives Pooh a balloon. After that, talk to Pooh and you'll have to play the "Pooh's Hunny Hunt" minigame.

What you have to do is: swat the bees away from Pooh, so that he'll be able to collect as much honey as possible. Just follow him up the tree and if you fall, use the "Rush" special command immediately to catch up with him.

When that's over, return to the world map and the torn page will turn into the Naturespark summon gem. (Give it to the Fairy Godmother for the Bambi summon.)

Rabbit's House
Here, go around to the back of the house for a short dialogue with Piglet and Pooh. Now go into the house. Inside, examine the pot on the ceiling to find some honey. Pooh will start eaing after that. Go outside and try to leave. Piglet will come and ask you to help Pooh, so go back into the house.

You'll notice that Pooh got stuck. Leave the the house and go around the back and talk to Pooh. Tigger will suddenly come bouncing on Rabbit's carrot patch, and since you need carrot juice to free Pooh, you also have to stop Tigger from destroying the patch.

You'll get to play the "Block Tigger" minigame. Your goal here is to prevent Tigger from bouncing on a carrot twice, or else it'll be buried. Once done go back inside the house and push Pooh out.

Go back to the world map and the torn page will turn into a Mythril Shard.

Pooh's Swing
When you arrive you'll see Eeyore floating downstream, and he'll ask Pooh to help him get out of the water. When you regain control, go into the water and swim towards Eeyore. Once you're back on the bank, Eeyore will notice that his tail is missing. You'll have to find it for him.

Now lock on to Pooh with R1 and lead him to the swing. Once there, you'll have to play the "Pooh's Swing" minigame. Here just press R1 as soon as Owl opens his wings, and if you get it right Pooh will find Eeyore's tail.

Go back to the world map and you'll get the Stopra upgrade.

Tigger's Bouncing Spot
In this area talk to Tigger and he'll teach you how to bounce. You'll get to play the "Tigger Bounce" minigame. Here, you'll have to memorize which tree stumps Tigger jumps onto and copy it for 3 rounds. The first 2 should be a breeze, while the 3rd one can get really frustrating. When it's over, Tigger and Roo will applaud your skill in bouncing.

Talk to Roo and you'll have to play another minigame -- the Tigger's Giant Pot. What you have to do here is hit all 20 nuts back towards the pot, to break it. (Remember that you can't afford to fall off the tree stump you're standing on. You'll have to start over if you do.)

When you're done, go to the place where the pot once was, and jump into the stump for a chest with an AP Up. You can also find nuts for Owl and get some items in return if you want to.

Go back to the world map and the torn page will turn into a Mythril.

Pooh's Muddy Path
This is the final area. When you arrive, you'll see Pooh looking for all his friends, claiming that some "bad people" took them. So now you'll have to help Pooh find his friends. Simply lock on to Pooh with R1 and lead him to where his friends are.
Note: I don't believe it's necessary to bring Pooh over to where his friends are, since they'll automatically go back to Eeyore's spot when you find them. But remember that Piglet is an exception to this rule.

Examine the bushes to your right to find him. (Now all of Pooh's friends will return to this spot when you find them.)

He's bouncing on the branch of a tree to your left. Simply jump and attack the branch to make Roo fall down. Talk to him and he'll go back to the bushes with Eeyore.

Go north and you should see a well that's blowing air. Behind it are 3 holes and Rabbit is hiding in one of them. Talk to him once he comes out to get him back to Eeyore's place.

Use the "air well" and blow yourself up the log. Talk to Tigger here to get him back.

Now go back down and lead Pooh towards the flowers to the left of the well. This will take him up. Lead him across the log and to the flowers. Talk to Owl and he'll go back.

Not far from where Owl was, is a tree with a hole, and Piglet is hiding in it. Now lead Pooh to the tree and talk to Piglet. He'll make his way back, but gets scared once more and hides in one of the holes behind the well. Take Pooh down and lead him to where Piglet is. Talk to Piglet and he'll join the others at Eeyore's "hiding place".

There will be some long cutscenes with Pooh afterwards. That's it! Your quest in 100 Acre Wood is over.


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