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Kingdom Hearts 99 Dalmatians

The 99 Dalmatian puppies were scattered to many worlds, and it's up to you to find them all. The search begins after your first visit to the Dalmatian's House in Traverse Town. Here's the complete list of all the puppies and their locations:
Puppies Location
#01 - 03 Traverse Town
In a chest on a platform behind the Magician's Study. (Requires Glide to reach.)
#04 - 06 Traverse Town Activate the red trinity mark behind the Item Shop.
#07 - 09 Traverse Town In a chest at the Synthesis Shop
#10 - 12 Traverse Town - Secret Waterway In a chest located in front of the stairs going up
#13 - 15 Wonderland - Queen's Castle
In the inverted Bizzare Room, release the lock to reveal an exit to the upper section of the castle. Open the treasure chest to get the puppies.
#16 - 18 Wonderland - Lotus Forest
Go to the section with 3 yellow mushrooms. Jump on them and make your way through the platforms. You should see a blue chest. Open it to get the puppies.
#19 - 21 Wonderland - Tea Party Garden
Use the exit behind the clock at the normal Bizzare Room to get to the upper section of Tea Party Garden. The puppies are in a red chest. (Requires Glide to reach.)
#22 - 24 Olympus Coliseum - Coliseum Gates
Activate one of the blue trinity marks there to reveal a chest with the puppies.
#25 - 27 Deep Jungle - Hippo's Lagoon
Jump on the platforms on the water to get to the northmost area. Open the chest for the puppies.
#28 - 30 Deep Jungle - Vines 2
Swing across the vines until you see a red treasure chest. Open it to get the puppies.
#31 - 33 Deep Jungle - Climbing Trees
Activate the blue trinity mark near the entrance to the Tree House.
#34 - 36 Deep Jungle - Camp
Activate the blue trinity mark there for a treasure chest with the puppies.
#37 - 39 Agrabah - Aladdin's House Get these puppies from a chest there.
#40 - 42 Halloween Town - Bridge In a chest on one of the small brown platforms.
#43 - 45 Neverland - Clock Tower Get these from a green chest.
#46 - 48 Agrabah - Palace Gates
In one of the chests on top of the buildings. (Requires High Jump to reach.)
#49 - 51 Agrabah - Cave of Wonders - Entrance
In a blue chest on top of a pedestal. (Requires Glide to reach.)
#52 - 54 Agrabah - Cave of Wonders - Treasure Room
Have Aladdin in your party and use the "Call" special command to get these puppies from a chest.
#55 - 57 Monstro - Chamber 3 In a chest on a platform. (Requires High Jump to reach.)
#58 - 60 Wonderland - Queen's Castle
Use the alternate entrance to Bizzare Room at the upper sections of Lotus Forest. You'll be in the kitchen. There, turn the faucet to fill the pot with water. Exit through the pot to get to the upper section of the castle. Open the chest there for the puppies.
#61 - 63 Hollow Bastion - Grand Hall
In a green chest. Come back after you seal the keyhole here.
#64 - 66 Halloween Town - Moonlight Hill
Go through the door beside the elevator platform. The one that was once shut tight.
#67 - 69 Halloween Town - Guillotine Square
Check under the stairs of the house with a door bell.
#70 - 72 Halloween Town - Guillotine Square
In a chest inside a large wooden jack-o'-lantern. Use the first-person view and look up to see it. (Requires Glide to reach.)
#73 - 75 Monstro - Mouth
In one of the many chests that becomes accessible after the water-level drops.
#76 - 78 Monstro - Chamber 3
At the upper section, place a barrel in front of the platform above. Jump on the barrel and onto the platform to get a chest with these puppies.
#79 - 81 Monstro - Chamber 5
At the upper section. Located on top of a barrel. (Requires High Jump to reach.)
#82 - 84 Neverland - Ship Hold
Fly and you'll see a chest on a platform. Open that one to get these puppies.
#85 - 87 Neverland - Ship Hold
Activate the yellow trinity mark at the door. Get these puppies in a chest inside.
#88 - 90 Neverland - Captain's Quarters - On top of a bed.
#91 - 93 Hollow Bastion - Rising Falls
Drop off from any of the platforms to find a chest with these puppies in the water
#94 - 96 Hollow Bastion - Castle Gates
Activate the elevator here and ride it to the orange platform. There, you should see a chest above you. Cast whichever Gravity magic you have to get it down.
#96 - 99 Hollow Bastion - High Tower
You should see a chest on a small platform above you. Cast whichever Gravity magic you have to get it down.
You also receive rewards from Pongo and Perdita whenever you manage to find a certain number of puppies. Remember that you must go to the Dalmatian's House in Traverse Town to get your prize. Here's a list of all the rewards:
Puppies Reward
12 Curaga-G
21 Firaga-G
30 Thundara-G
42 Mythril Shard
51 Mythril; Torn Page
60 Megalixir
72 Orihalcum
81 Ultima-G
99 Aeroga; Complete gummi collection


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