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Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Mysterious Figure

Land of Departure

Boss Battle - Mysterious Figure
Bonus: No Name Keyblade

With this boss, your BBS expertise (mainly button mashing skills) will be put to the ultimate test. Again, level ups are recommended, though I admit it hardly helps against this boss' deadliest attacks.

01. A short and extended variations of melee (keyblade) combos which are blockable.

02. He cloaks himself in a glowing aura then does a short or regular Sonic Blade attack. Another blockable attack.

03. A whirlwind that renders most of your commands ineffective.

04. He also gets to use the X-blade to execute a slow-moving but powerful attack. This is simple to dodge, fortunately.

05. He leaps into the air, does Strike Raid but this version actually pulls you in. If caught, he will nail you with any one of the above moves. If he uses the X-blade, then you might live. If it's something else then you'll be dead for sure. So avoid this attack at all costs!

06. Calls forth several orbs that fire a massive barrage of projectiles. Your only option is to MASH [] until the attack ends. Don't bother countering at this time, as you'll find yourself in even bigger trouble if you do. You can also move to the farthest end of the arena and heal.

07. Creates 4 clones that will try to run you down with identical attacks. Avoid the best you can using Surge commands.

08. Cloaks self in a sea of flames, teleports then rushes you several times. Again mash [] to avoid.

09. This dude has Renewal Barrier and can block multiple hit attacks beyond 5 hits. That said, be wary of using shotlocks. Should you choose to go for it, then be sure to keep the charge level under 5 hits.

10. For magic/attack commands, this boss has Mega Flare, Meteor Crash, and "Doom" (mash X to escape).

11. When you get him down to 50% health, the Mysterious Figure gets real mad and starts cheating by going invisible for extended periods of time, while continuing to attack you with any of the above moves. Abuse the [] button until he reappears. By this point the only acceptable approach would be to stick to Surge commands, Sonic Blade or any other high speed rush attacks to damage him.


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