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Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Keyblades List

Earthshaker Str: 3; Mag: 1 Terra Default weapon
Wayaward Wind Str: 3; Mag: 1 Ventus Default weapon
Rainfell Str: 2; Mag: 2 Aqua Default weapon
Treasure Trove Str: 3; Mag: 2 All Clear Dwarf Woodlands
Stroke of Midnight Str: 2; Mag: 2 All Clear Castle of Dreams
Fairy Stars Str: 2; Mag: 3 All Clear Enchatd Dominion
Frolic Flame Str: 3; Mag: 3 Ventus Clear Radiant Garden
Destiny's Embrace Str: 3; Mag: 3 Aqua Save Kairi in Radiant Garden
Mark of a Hero Str: 5; Mag: 1 All Clear Olympus Coliseum
Hyperdrive Str: 4; Mag: 3 All Clear Deep Space
Pixie Petal Str: 3; Mag: 6 All Clear Never Land
Ends of the Earth Str: 5; Mag: 2 Terra Visit Destiny Islands
Lost Memory Str: 6; Mag: 5 Ventus Visit Destiny Islands
Stormfall Str: 5; Mag: 4 Aqua Visit Destiny Islands
Chaos Ripper Str: 10;Mag: 2 Terra Defeat Master Eraqus
Brightcrest Str: 4; Mag: 2 Aqua Start Final Episode
Victory Line Str: 2; Mag: 3 All Win Rmble Racng Castle
Darkgnaw Str: 5; Mag: 2 Terra Clear Arena Match 6
Sweetstack Str: 6; Mag: 4 All Make all Ice Cream flavors
Ultima Weapon Str: 7; Mag: 6 Terra Clear Arena Match 13
Void Gear Str: 8; Mag: 4 All Defeat Vanitas Spirit
No Name Str: 6; Mag: 7 All Defeat Mysterious Figure


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