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Final Fantasy Dissidia Index

Final Fantasy Dissidia Review

Dissidia Final Fantasy is yet another master piece of Japanese Entertainment Company packed on UMD with interesting features like fantastic visuals; range of game modes and by plenty of un-lockable rewards. Dissidia is the dream of Final fantasy series come true and is the kind of game which will bring the Franchise buffs dizzy. This addictive and exuberant game has flashy fight sequences and amazing drama of battles. The camera foibles troubles certain fight sequences and the narrative is not that good to match the series which is popular for best storytelling and plot. But Dissidia balances it with other features like different mode of play and excellent rewards at end of every mission. The heroes of the Final Fantasy series from 1 to 10 are present in this game, and whenever there is chaos, these 10 super heroes fight their ten evil rivals to save the world in this interesting role-playing game.

Dissidia Final Fantasy gives you the chance to encounter your previous rivals in battlefield which can lead to strange possibility. The natural choices in the game are Jecht Vs Tidus and Sephiroth Vs Cloud but you can also combine Ultimecia against Bartz or Golbez against Squall or any combination as you like.

The story mode of Dissidia is rammed with many unlikely scenarios and the tale they share is unsatisfying mess of obvious banalities and poor voice acting, denudating every character to least essentials. You can follow every hero while they take their parallel journeys involved in searching for Cosmos-curing crystals. The consequence of this story is expressed through an extra story mode named Shade impulse, where you can select any playable hero for every chapter as you wish. There is not an engaging story, but the more you play the game, the more scenarios you can come across. Though the story is not exciting, the combat sequences and role playing can keep you busy with the game and there is a constant flow of rewards which makes you addictive. The rewards are plenty like a powerful sword for Cloud, multiplayer fighting arenas, enhancements like new voice samples for characters etc.

Along with flow of rewards, the fighting system is interesting with dynamic and tense battles. The power of player is indicated through bravery points and you can get more bravery points from your opponents by attacking them. If you bravery points are high, you can cause more damage to opponents with normal attack and this makes it interesting.

All battle arenas are huge and provide the necessary freedom of movement required for clashes on air and above the ground. Every player has unique attacking style and it could be on land or while hovering in air. The EX attacks forms the amazing climax during clashes along with extravagant and bright visuals. The cinematic camera adds further beauty to visual drama of battles in Dissida Finaly fantasy.

You cannot find such wide range of characters in traditional role playing games and you will be inspired to fight against various opponents. There are various modes of play like the Arcade, story mode and Duel Colosseum mode. The Arcade mode takes you series of opponents in different sub levels and story mode allows you to move battle pieces across grid and players will fight against each other. In the Duel Colosseum mode, you shuffle different cards for earning equipment upgrades and additional rewards. You can also fight duels against other players and AI (Artificial Intelligence) opponents.

Though Dissidia does not provide an option for online game play, you can fight with others in ad hoc mode with characters that you have customized and leveled. Also, you can fight with one another in Arcade mode where both players will have equal powers. You will observe small amount of lags during the beginning of the combats and during burst attacks but during fighting, it will be smooth and coherent. The voice acting is not impressive as the voice tracks are poorly paced which is a downside of this rich multiplayer game. But the soundtrack is phenomenal with stunning original tunes from previous games which were appreciated by all players.

Dissidia Final Fantasy is well-known for slick and smooth game play with dynamic battle scenes, various game modes, pre-rendered cinematic cut scenes and plenty of rewards in each level. The sound effects are boisterous and animations are detailed which makes the fight scenes realistic. Dissidia Final Fantasy provides a unique gaming experience with amazing feature set and engaging game play. It allows you to save battle replays which can be exported as video files after editing. Dissida differs from other action games due to its myriad customization options and remarkable RPG components. Players can tweak the characters as per their wish which makes it interesting for a fighting game

Plot: 7/10
Game Play: 9/10
Battle System: 9/10
Graphics: 8.5/10
Music: 7/10
Sound Effects: 7/10

Final Fantasy Dissidia Information

Game: Dissidia: Final Fantasy
Developer: Square Enix
Publisher: Square Enix
Genre: Action RPG, Fighting Game
Medium: UMD (PSP), Download (PSPGo)
Platform: Playstation Portable (PSP)

Final Fantasy Dissidia Release Date
Japan: 18 December 2008
USA: 25 August 2009
Europe: 4 September 2009
Australia: 3 September 2009

Dissidia Final Fantasy Box Arts
Universal Tuning   Japan   Japan Limited Ed.
USA and Europe


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