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Final Fantasy IX Worldmap

Map Locations
1. Chocobo's Paradise 2. Fire Shrine 3. MOGNET Central
4. Madain Sari 5. Esto Gaza 6. Mountain Path
7. Desert Empress 8. Portal to Terra 9. Iifa
10. Qu's Marsh 11. Conde Petie 12. Earth Shrine
13. Black Mage Village 14. Fossil Roo 15. Ipsen's Heritage
16. Qu's Marsh 17. Water Shrine 18. Chocobo's Sky Garden
19. Alexandria Port 20. Burmecia 21. Alexandria
22. Oeilvert 23. Cleyra 24. North Gate
25. Evil Forest 26. Gizamaluke's Grotto 27. Ice Cavern
28. Dali Village 29. Windmill 30. Wind Shrine
31. Bohden Gate 32. Qu's Marsh 33. Qu's Marsh
34. Chocobo Forest 35. Treno 36. Quan's Dwelling
37. Daguerreo 38. Waterway 39. Chocobo's Lagoon
40. Lindbulm Port 41. Lindbulm 42. Pinnacle Rocks


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