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Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough - Desert Palace

When you take over as Cid, hop south to the platform, then go right, and into the room to start a small mini-game. Here, you'll have to get past the giant red beast without him seeing you. To do this, you have to press circle many times to take just a few steps. Press it as fast as you can while he's looking away, then stop when you hear his noise. You only have six minutes to do this, then set the weight on the scale and turn the hourglass, so be quick about it. If you get caught, you'll have to start over. Once you have the key, place the Clay, Stone, and Iron weights on the scale, then choose to climb on the scale, and Cid will turn the hourglass over.

When you take over as Eiko, run into the right-hand room again, and save your game with the Moogle. Leave the room, and this time, go left, and onto the next screen, and up the stairs. Light the candle to your left, then watch as a bloodstone activates to the right. Check it out, and take the Promist Ring. Equip this to Vivi right away so he can learn the abilities, then run up the stairs. Examine the statues to the right of the stairs, then attempt to go to the left exit. Some clear stairs appear, so take them to the next area.

Run right, and light the candles here. Now go back a screen, and run to the west. Run up the next stairs, and light the three large candles, and watch as two mirrors dissappear. Run through the new path, and take it to the north to re-enter the same area, only now on the other side. Light the southwest candle here to make the statues on the other side dissappear, and return there, and light the two candles near the stairs (one on each side). Now the other statues should dissappear, so run to the right, and finish lighting the rest of the candles here. Run down the stairs, and light the last candle here, and a bloodstone will appear at the top of the stairs. Examine it to get the Anklet.

Now run through the new doorway to the right, and in the narrow hallway, light the candle that is about halfway down on your right, then examine the new bloodstone to get the Shield Armor. Run to the end of this hallway, and run towards the screen, and up the stairs. On the balcony here, light the first candle, then run around the balcony, and enter the next room. In the library, run to the far left, and light the candle to cause some stairs to lower. Run up them, then run to the left again, and light the next candle to reveal a hidden passage. Enter it to find the Bloodstone containing a N-Kai Armlet. Take it, then return to the library, and climb up the smaller set of stairs here. Run right and light the candle, then head through the new passageway.

Run left up the stairs, and light the candle on the way up. At the top, light the candle, then run back down the stairs, and re-enter the library. At the bottom of the bookshelves, there is a statue with an unlit candle near it. Light it, then head through the newly opened path. Light the candle out here, then go back, and run to the left, where the library has expanded. Save your game with Mogsam if you wish to (it's recommended), then run left.

On the next screen, there are two candles. Light them, take the Black Hood from the new Bloodstone that lights up afterwards, then head through the door, across the balcony, and onto the opposite balcony. Light the next three candles here, and take the Venetia Shield from the new bloodstone. Now put out the candle that is near the statue of the angle, but the one that is to it's left. This will cause a shadow to come up. Now run back across the balcony, and put out the candle that is to the left of the demon statue here, and another clear, crystal stairway will pop up. At this time, be sure to equip the N-Kai Armlet to Vivi, so he can cast Water. Run up the next sets of stairs, and at the top, light the last candle, and the defense system will activate, causing a boss battle.

Valia Pira
Level: 36, HP: 12119
Weak against: Water, Spoils: Elixer, Ether
AP: 11, Steal: None
This fight will be very easy if you have deactivated every Bloodstone in the Desert Palace, since for each bloodstone you deactivate, the boss loses an enchancement (a Magic enhancment, Defense, Magic Evade, etc...), and therefore becomes weaker and easier to defeat. It's weak against water, so use Vivi to cast Water on it, and use Dagger to cast her Leviathan summon onto the boss as much as you can. You shouldn't need to heal much in this fight, but if you do, use Eiko to heal, since she has tons of healing spells at this time. This fight can also become much easier (and more fun), if you toss a Tent onto the boss himself. If successful, this will cause the boss to get poisoned, and become cursed with darkness and become blind (Note: Only do this at the beginning of the fight, or else you will heal him).

After the fight ends, light the candle once more, then hop into the light portal that appears.

Once you regain control of Zidane, run off the ship, and back to Kuja's room to give him the Gulug Stone. Watch as your friends are freed, but as Kuja kidnaps Eiko, and runs off with the Gulug Stone. Run back to the teleporter you arrived in, and take it. Once back near the ship, run towards it to see that it's gone. Run off the screen to the north, and watch the short cut-scene. Now hit the ground switch behind you to lower a ladder, then climb down it. Head to the northwest, and exit this area, and follow him on the Blue Narciss. Make a party that has Zidane, Steiner, Amarant, and Vivi/Freya.

You'll land on the Lost Continent, and your goal here is to reach Esto Gaza, which is to the west of where you land. I suggest running a bit north to find the Chocobo tracks, and calling a chocobo to get there faster.


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