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Right away, you will meet a Moogle (Mimoza). Speak to him to go shopping, to save your game, and to deliver his letter to Mooel the Moogle:

Diamond Sword: 4700 Gil <--- Buy This!
Trident: 3580 Gil
Mythril Claws: 6500 Gil
Magic Racket: 1350 Gil
Healing Rod: 1770 Gil <--- Buy This!
Fairy Flute: 4500 Gil
Cypress Pile: 3200 Gil
Silver Fork: 7400 Gil
Pinwheel: 0200 Gil <--- Buy This!
Chimera Armlet: 1200 Gil
Egoist's Armlet: 2000 Gil
Thunder Gloves: 1200 Gil
Diamond Gloves: 2000 Gil
Mantra Band: 1500 Gil
Dark Hat: 1800 Gil
Green Beret: 2180 Gil
Gold Helm: 1800 Gil
Cross Helm: 2200 Gil
Brigandine: 4300 Gil
Judo Uniform: 5000 Gil
Plate Mail: 2320 Gil
Gold Armor: 2950 Gil
Potion: 050 Gil
Hi-Potion: 200 Gil
Phoenix Down: 150 Gil
Echo Screen: 050 Gil
Soft: 100 Gil
Antidote: 050 Gil
Eye Drops: 050 Gil
Remedy: 300 Gil
Annoyntment: 150 Gil
Tent: 800 Gil

Large Note
This Area, contains enemies known as Epitaphs. These stone-like enemies can be strong at times, but if you battle them right, you can gain tons of experience points from each battle:

7000+ EXP: From a battle with all 4 of your party members alive.
9000+ EXP: From a battle with 3 of your party members alive.
14000+ EXP: From a battle with 2 of your party members alive.
30000+ EXP: From a battle with 1 of your party members alive.

Ya catch my drift? So if you fight the fight with only one character living at the end, you can gain several levels within just a few battles. The catch? Well, they can cast mirror, which ""Mirror"'s one of your party members (not necessarily one in your current party, though), and it will cast mirror a total of three times in the battle, once after each time you hit it or steal from it. The more mirror images you face, the more EXP you gain. But to make the battle even easier, simply equip Jelly, level-up, and ability-up. Jelly makes the Epitaph's only attack, petrify, un-usable.

So here is how you should fight him:

Attack once to bring on the mirror
Kill mirror image
Attack again to bring on second mirror
Kill second mirror image
Attack once more to bring the last mirror
Kill last mirror
Kill Epitaph

I suggest killing off two of your characters, then fighting the battle with only 2 characters, that way that way, if it clones one of your characters, the other will not be cloned (it clones the same member consistently throughout the battle). And if you survive the fight with either 1 or 2 members, you can get anywhere from 14000-40000 EXP for each fight! But make sure you have the auto-potion and Jelly abilities on, or else this method might not work, and your characters will either die off, ot become petrified. I strongly suggest staying here for a few hours, and level up your characters until they are around the level 50-60 range, then moving on. This also works wonders for learning abilities, since you learn them much quicker here. Enjoy!

Equip the most powerful weapons on your party members, then continue north. Enter the large doors, and go inside. Head north once inside to find a chest with a Remedy, then climb the stairs next to it, and go right to find another chest, this one with a Rising Sun item. Now go back down the stairs, and enter the door to the left. Inside here, open the southern chest to get a Diamond Sword (crap, shouldn't have bought that one from the Moogle...oh well, it's great for Amarant to throw in a boss fight...). Open the northern chest for a Shield Armor. Go back a screen, and go back up the stairs, but now go left, and onto the next screen. Open the chest for an Elixer, then check out the globe, and make it red. Go back downstairs, and re-enter the room to the left.

As you walk past the center of the room, a hologram will appear, and so will a short cut-scene. When it ends, go down the southern stairs, and in the room with two flaming torches near some stairs. Check out the chest to the right to get a Power Vest, then run up the stairs to find two yellow floor lights, and a chest with some Feather Boots. Now run to the light on the floor to the far-left, then activate it. This is the Ancient Ship. Now continue to activate the next 3 hologram projectors in this room in a clockwise fashion. Once done, climb the stairs again, and head out the left exit. Run across the large archway to the left, until you reach another globe. Check it out, and watch the cinema. Now when it ends, continue to the right, onto the next screen, then through the blue door that unlocks for you.

Watch the weird cut-scene, then exit the room, and pass through the hologram room, and re-enter the first main room. In the main room, head to the right, and enter the doorway. At this time, equip the Clear Headed and Jelly abilities to your party, as well as Auto-Potion, and your strongest weapons and armor.

Save your game with the Moogle, then head right some more, open the chest for the Gaia Gear, and through the next area. When a hologram appears, watch it, then head through the next door. Step on the rear platform, and you will be taken way down to the bottom of this area, where you can find the Gulug Stone. Attempt to take it, and a boss fight begins.

Level: 38, HP: 20002
Weak against: Shadow, Spoils: Pumice Piece
AP: 11, Steal: Elixer, Power Vest, Holy Lance
For this battle, you'll need to use as many weapons and abilities as you can. Start off by stealing with Zidane, and try to get the Holy Lance weapon. Use Quina or Freya to heal the party when required, and be sure to have a Phoenix Down or two ready. Have Steiner use the Power Break attack, as well as just normal physical attacks. Amarant should use his throw ability and toss some EXTRA weapons (extra meaning ones where you have 1 or more lying around), which causes some good damage. If you need to replenish MP, use his Chakara ability to replenish MP of a character. This guy has tons of HP, so keep up your attacks until he dies off.

When the fight ends, take the Gulug Stone that you've been dying to get, and watch as you are transported back to Kuja's home.


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