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Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough - Four Shrines

Now it's time to take flight, and locate the four sacred shrines in Gaia:

Water Shrine: This one is easy, since it's directly south of Ipsen's Castle on the Forgotten Continent. It's out in the sea, and is surrounded by a large whirlpool, and when you hover above it with the Hilde Garde 3, it says "Water Shrine". Here, you will have Dagger and Eiko enter this shrine.

Fire Shrine: This one is located on the Lost Continent, northeast of Esto Gaza and Mount Gulug. It's really easy to spot, since it's a fiery volcano which is surrounded by ice. Here, you will drop off Freya and Amarant.

Wind Shrine: This shrine is also on the Forgotten Continent, to the southeast of the large continent. It's hidden within a narrow canyon, and has some large vines covering it up, but once you get near it, you'll know it's the Wind Shrine. Here, you'll drop off Vivi and Steiner.

Earth Shrine: This is the shrine you and Quina Qu will be entering, and it's located on the Outer Continent, on the grassy plains. It has a few small peaks surrounding it, and the ground shakes when you get near it. It's to the southeast of the Iifa Tree, and is on the southeast tip of the continent.


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