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Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough - Ipsen's Castle

Immediately run to your right to find a semi-hidden chest with the Aquarius Stellazzio, then check to your left to find another chest opposite of the first one, this one with Dagger inside. Now run up the stairs to the north of you. Talk with Kumool the Moogle that is to the left of you, and save your game, do some shopping with him, and give him a letter if you have one. Okay, now run to the large pole that runs downward (across from the Moogle), and use it to climb down a level. Now run to the northwest (to the left of where you dropped down from), and climb up the ladder. Hop off to the left balcony, then run to your left, and through the doorway to the left.

Run a bit north on the next balcony, and head through the next doorway, which leads to a ladder. Climb up this one, and choose to hop off to the left, and run around the balcony to find a few chests. The first one has a Javelin, but you can't access the one behind it...yet. Return to the ladder, and jump to the right now. Run across the balcony and open the chest at the end which contains a Broadsword. Go back to the ladder, and climb down to the bottom, run right and up the stairs, and onto the next ladder. Hop off the first chance you get as you climb up it, and run around the balcony to the right. Run around to the chest, and get the Rod. Go back to the ladder, and climb up it again until Zidane automatically jumps off it. Enter the doorway to enter a room with red carpet. Check out the carved wall to the eastern part of the room, and do these in this order:

Try something Drastic

Do this, and the door will open. Once outside, go right and open the chest for a Barette. Return to the red carpet room, and use the mini-elevator that is in the northern part of the room. At the top, you'll find Amarant. Run to the back, and take each of the four mirrors:

Wind Mirror: "My power is protected behind a tornado."

Water Mirror: "My power is protected underwater, surrounded by the earth."

Fire Mirror: "My power is protected high atop a fiery mountain."

Earth Mirror: "My power is protected under the shaking ground."

After taking all four of these mirrors, attempt to leave, and Taharka appears for a boss fight.

Level: 46, HP: 29186
Weak against: Flare, Spoils: None
AP: 11, Steal: Elixer, Mythril Claws, Orichalon
This battle is much easier if you have a Tent or two to spare at the beginning of the battle, so throw one on him right away. Also, if you have Auto-Regen or Auto-Life with the Auto-Potion and Chemist abilities, that would make this fight easier than normal. This boss doesn't like fire spells much, so use stuff like Firaga, Flare, Bahamut with Dagger, and other stuff too. So basically, use Flare with both Vivi and Steiner, use Bahamut with Dagger, and use Zidane to steal items like the Mythril Claws and Elixers.

After the boss dies off, it's your job to leave the castle. Exit out the door, and exit out of the red carpet room to the right. Now climb down the ladder, and make your way all the way back to the pole where the Moogle is. There are a few traps in this room, and you can get back to where you are if you fall into them. One of them leads you to the top of a chandelier, where a chest lies. It's also a good idea to save your game again with the Moogle. Check out the chest to the northwest of the room to get some Cat's Claws. Return to the entrance of the castle, and you'll notice that there is a new stairway to the right, and a new path is in between these stairs and the doorway that you just came out of. Enter it to return to the upper-level of the Moogle area, then run across the ledge, and onto the next screen. Run down the stairs, and enter the new area.

Run all the way to the left to find a chest with the Air Racket. Now hop onto the center elevator, and you will enter a red-carpeted room with an electrified sword. Open the chest here to get the Golem's Flute, then grab the left-hand vase first, and move it to the open shelf to the left, and do this a few times with both vases (move them in a counterclockwise direction), until the sword gives power to them. Check out the vase to get the Ancient Aroma. Now return to the pole near the Moogle, and climb up it, and land on the chandelier. Open the two chests to get a Mage Staff, and a Fork. Go back to the entrance, and exit the castle.

Outside, you will find out that Amarant is still inside of the castle, so re-enter it, and head into the Moogle room, and climb down the pole to find Amarant. At the bottom, you can hear him, so head south of this room, and Zidane will find Amarant lying down. Now make your way back up the pole, and re-exit the castle again. Outside, you'll find out that there is some kind of a connection between the 4 mirrors and the seal. There are 4 shrines you must locate, and conquer at the same time by splitting your party up. Once on the ship, re-equip your party with the strongest weapons, then re-assemble your party, then prepare to take flight


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