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When you start, you'll speak with Ramuh, who says that if you can find his 5 shadows, and compile the story correctly, he'll join his powers with yours. You'll take control of Dagger, so run forward and give the letter to Monty, then save your game. Now, on with the 5 stories:

Beginning Story: To find the Beginning Story, head north of Monty the Moogle, and then west up the side of the green branch, and Ramuh will tell you this story.

Hero Story: This one is simple. Just go to where you first met Ramuh, and he'll tell you this story.

Cooperation Story: Head past where you heard the 'Hero' Story, and onto the next screen. Now run north, then south, and down the branch until you reach another screen with a chest to your left. Run forward to talk to Ramuh, and get this piece of the story. While you're here, open the chest to get The Ogre weapon for Zidane.

Silence Story: After getting the 'Cooperation' Story, head north of the branch you ran down earlier, and onto the next screen. There is a chest to your right, and as you approach it, Ramuh appears. Talk to him, then go back a screen, and run back up the green ramp.

Human Story: Once you are at the top of the ramp, run around to the right, and go across the bridge. Now run down the left-hand ramp, and past the point when a "?" appears over Dagger's head, and Ramuh will appear. He'll ask you if you give up, so say "no", then hop off the ledge and open the chest below to get the Mythril Armlet. Return to Monty the Moogle, and run south of him. Open the chest to get a Mythril Vest, then run north, and towards a corner in the swamp to meet the last Ramuh.

Now return to where you met Ramuh, and he asked you if you want to give up, and speak to him. He'll ask you to put the story in the correct order, which is:


If done correctly, he'll ask you if you are satisfied with your choices, so say "yes". Now after his speech, you will receive the Peridot, which allows you to summon Ramuh in battle. After viewing a few FMVs, you'll end up back in Lindblum, after it took a devastating blow.

Enter the Inn to the left of you, and run upstairs, and give Moodon the Moogle a letter if you have one. Now take the letter that he wants you to deliver if you haven't done so already, then exit the Inn, and head north. On the next screen, head north again, to the rubble, and search it to get the Lindblum Card. Now enter the house to the right of the rubble, and search the two chests to get an Ether and a Phoenix Pinion. Exit the house, and head north, and onto the next screen to meet up with Minister Artania.

Watch the cut-scene to learn of your next objective, and you'll get 3000 Gil from Cid. Now take this time to explore the only area left in the city of Lindblum, and go shopping. Buy plenty of items from the medicine shop, as well as some weapons, and forge new ones at the Synth shop. It's recommended that you buy Exploda from the Synth Shop, as well as equipping the Peridot to Dagger before you leave:

Butterfly Sword (Requires Dagger, Mage Masher): 300 Gil
The Ogre (Requires 2 Mage Mashers): 700 Gil
Exploda (Requires Mage Masher, Mythril Dagger): 1000 Gil <--- Get this!
Cotton Robe (Requires Wrist, Steepled Hat): 1000 Gil
Silk Robe (Requires Silk Shirt, Bandana): 2000 Gil
Desert Boots (Requires Leather Hat, Leather Shirt): 300 Gil
Yellow Scarf (Requires Feather Hat, Steepled Hat): 400 Gil
Glass Buckle (Requires Glass Armlet, Leather Wrist): 500 Gil
Germinas Boots (Requires Desert Boots, Fork): 900 Gil
Cachusha (Requires Magus Hat, Rubber Helm): 1000 Gil
Coral Ring (Requires Lightning Staff, Rod): 1200 Gil
Gold Choker (Requires Linen Cuirass, Soft): 1300 Gil
Magician Shoes (Requires Germinas Boots, Bone Wrist): 1500 Gil
Barette (Requires Needle Fork, Barbut): 1800 Gil
Power Belt (Requires Glass Buckle, Chain Mail): 2000 Gil

Head to the aircab station, and ride the aircab to the [Theater District]. Enter the artist's house to find some Ore in a chest, then go south down the steps, and enter the Clock Tower. Open up the scattered chests to find 340 Gil, 262 Gil, and 993 Gil. Exit the Clock Tower, and run south to find Lowell, so speak with him, and he'll run off to Alexandria to find an acting job. Now go back to the [Business District], and speak with the man in the part of town with the fountain, and you'll go off to meet with Cid on the base level of the castle.

He'll tell you not to get lost in the Excavation Site, and he'll give you the World Map before you head off. Once you reach Dragon's Gate, speak to Moonte, save your game and use a Tent if you need to, then give him a letter from Moodon if you have it. Read it, then shop with the merchant once more before leaving:

Ice Brand: 3780 Gil
Partisan: 1600 Gil
Multina Racket: 750 Gil
Stardust Rod: 760 Gil
Thunder Gloves: 1200 Gil
Bandana: 500 Gil
Mage's Hat: 600 Gil
Mythril Helm: 1000 Gil
Silk Shirt: 400 Gil
Leather Plate: 530 Gil
Bronze Vest: 670 Gil
Chain Plate: 810 Gil
Myhtril Vest: 1180 Gil
Adaman Vest: 1600 Gil
Mythril Armor: 1830 Gil
Potion: 050 Gil
Phoenix Down: 150 Gil
Echo Screen: 050 Gil
Soft: 100 Gil
Antidote: 050 Gil
Eye Drops: 050 Gil
Annoyntment: 150 Gil
Tent: 800 Gil

Exit onto the World Map, but before heading to Qu's Marsh, head right (east) and cross the small bridge over the river, then enter Chocobo's Forest which is directly across from the bridge.


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