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Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough - Iifa Tree (Part I)

When you first enter the Iifa Tree, you'll find that you need to break a seal outside it. What you need to do is have Eiko break it for you, and she'll receive the Ruby. Equip this accessory to her right now, then run forward, and enter the Iifa Tree. Run north along the branches until you reach a Moogle (Mocchi). Give him a letter if you have one, then save your game with the little guy. Now continue forward a few screens until you reach the elevator which takes you down to the center of the tree. (Have Zidane step on it to activate it).

When you reach the inside of the tree, run down along the branches, being sure to check each little side-branch that have chests. You should first hit the switch on the second-lower branch to the right, and a chest will drop down. Open the chest for a Phoenix Down, then continue your way down the tree. Along the way down, you'll find a few chests containing:

Hi Potion
Lamia's Flute (weapon for Eiko, so equip it)

Search the area for the chests (they're very easy to find, since they don't require much searching to find), until you reach a green leafed area, and a leaf-elevator. Your party will step on it, and ride it down to the bottom of the tree.

As you ride down, you'll have to fight a few battles with some enemies, but after a while, you'll end up at the bottom of the tree. Your party will run off, so search the area for two chests. One is at the bottom of the ramp, and it holds an Elixer, and there is one hidden behind the center region, and is hidden. It holds the Brigandine armor for Zidane, so equip it to him right away. When you are ready, examine the left-most part of the area, and when you see a "?" above Zidane, hit [X] to activate something. Run up and check with Dagger, and a new enemy will enter the frey.

Level: 26, HP: 9765
Weak against: None, Spoils: Elixer, Phx. Pinion
AP: 09, Steal: Brigandine, Oak Staff, Magician Cloak
This battle can either be very hard or pretty easy. Be warned though, since at least 2 of your party members will be KO'd, so have Eiko's Phoenix summon ready to revive them. Have all of your party member's Auto-Potion abilities on, and have Eiko's Auto-Regen ability on, too. Use Vivi to cast Bio and Fira, and have Zidane mainly attack physically for the whole fight. Have Eiko heal and use summons, and have Dagger use her Ramuh summon, and heal also. If you can, try to steal with Zidane, but you'll probably be too busy attacking and healing to try it.

When the boss dies, you'll have to head back to Madain Sari, so go back to the World Map, and make your way through the Mountain Path, and back to Madain Sari.


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