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Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough - Lindblum Grand Castle

When you first enter the Castle, all of your party members are marveled at it's sheer size! A few soldiers enter, and give you the run-around, but when the Princess shows them tha Falcon Claw emblem, they call in Minister Artania, who is the Princess's uncle! Follow him through the first room, past the 2 guards, and onto the lift. He explains the levels of Lindblum to you, and where you can go, and where you cannot. Apparently you are going off to meet Regent Cid, who is very wise, and always thinks ahead. When you meet him, you'll find that he's been turned into an oglop, and his wife was abducted.

Soon after, you'll enter a pub as Zidane, and meet up with Freya, a new party member (since you are naming her...). Eventually, after many cut- scenes, an ATE will begin:

Teach me, Mogster! (My first synthesis lesson): Back we go to the swamp with Mogster, and this time, the new thing he'll teach you about is the Synthesis Shops. You can also read up on the previous lessons as well.

Once that ends, save your game with the Moogle, then head downstairs, and into the lobby. Read the sign on the bird statue near the stairs:

= Bobo Bird Statue =

Bobo Birds are symbols of good
fortune, according to an Olgan myth.

The founder of this inn bought
the statue, and it has been passed
down for generations.

Leave the Inn, and an ATE will begin:

Small-Town Knight in a Big City: In this ATE, it shows Steiner in the middle of Lindblum, saying how large it is, and that he's completely lost. He speaks to a Female Red Mage, and asks how to return back to the castle, and she just laughs at him. She also tells him how he should get rid of his armor, because of how disgusting it is. He then speaks to an old lady, and she shows him some pickles, he falls over, yells, but then states that they are rather good.

After the ATE, run across the street, and attempt to enter the shop, and another ATE will begin:

Vivi's Shopping: It shows Vivi inside of a shop, stating how "good a nut smells". Wow. Ahem, anyways, he begins to look around the shop, saying all kinds of stuff about the food, and reads this sign:
= Alice's Item Shop =

Festival of the Hunt Sale ends today!

When Vivi tries to check out, Alice asks him if he is friends with the Moogles, since he's buying a Kupo Nut, which are the Moogles' favorite food. She lets him have it for free, and Vivi receives the Kupo Nut. She tells him that the up- coming festival has animals in it, and Vivi gets excited and runs off. After he leaves, Alice says something about "what's so fun about fighting savage beasts...?"

After the ATE, Zidane will be in the Aircab area, so read the schedule on the wall:
= Provisional Air Cab Scedule =

For the next 3 days, air cabs
will operate on the Festival
of the Hunt schedule.

Air Cab Management

Head back out onto the street, and run north, and into the area where the lady sells Gysha Pickles. Enter the house to the north of her, and speak to the Card Game Freak, and read the note on the bookshelf:
= Card Collector No. 7 =

Feature Article: Regarding Rare Cards

Rare cards are priceless!
The cards you're carrying
could become rare cards...

Fabool Publications

There are also two chests in here: One with a Hi-Potion, and the other contain- ing an Echo Screen. Now leave the house, and take the northeastern path, and to the part of town with a fountain. Enter the Weapons Shop to the northeast of the fountain:

Dagger: 320 Gil
Mage Masher: 500 Gil
Mythril Dagger: 950 Gil
Iron Sword: 660 Gil
Javelin: 880 Gil
Rod: 260 Gil
Fork: 1100 Gil
Mage Staff: 320 Gil
Wrist: 130 Gil
Leather Wrist: 200 Gil
Glass Armlet: 250 Gil
Bronze Gloves: 480 Gil
Silver Gloves: 720 Gil
Steepled Hat: 260 Gil
Headgear: 330 Gil
Iron Helm: 450 Gil
Linen Cuirass: 800 Gil

Now leave, and enter the Medicine Shop to the left of the Weapons Shop:

Potion: 050 Gil
Phoenix Down: 150 Gil
Echo Screen: 050 Gil
Soft: 100 Gil
Antidote: 050 Gil
Eye Drops: 050 Gil
Tent: 800 Gil

Head to the left of the Medicine Shop, and enter the Synthesis shop:

Butterfly Sword (Requires Dagger, Mage Masher): 300 Gil
The Ogre (Requires Mage Masher): 700 Gil
Cotton Robe (Requires Wrist, Steepled Hat): 1000 Gil
Desert Boots (Requires Leather Hat, Leather Shirt): 300 Gil
Yellow Scarf (Requires Feather Hat, Steepled Hat): 400 Gil
Glass Buckle (Requires Glass Armlet, Leather Wrist): 500 Gil

I suggest forging either a Butterfly Sword and/or The Ogre when you are here. Return to the part of town where the Pickle lady is, and this time, take the northwestern path instead. Run north, and enter the churh. Speak with everyone here, then climb the ladder to find a Leather Plate on the catwalk above. Leave the church, and veer right near the trees to find a hidden Tent. Return to the Air Cab Station (it's across from the Inn), and ride the Air Cab to [Theater Disctrict]. Exit the air cab area in the Theater District to activate an ATE:

Steam Engine: This one shows Steiner lost once again, looking for the Princess. He whines about the size of the City, then asks someone where he is, and the old man tells him that he is on the bridge that links the castle and the docks. He points out the Hilde Garde 2, which is an airship that can run without Mist, since it has a steam engine.

Exit the air cab station after the ATE, and run south, and check out the bushes to find 127 Gil. Enter the house near the Gil, and open the chest here to find some Ore. Leave the house, and run southwest, down the ramp. Head into the clocktower to your left, and watch a small cut-scene, and an ATE:

What can I do?: This one shows Garnet in a bedroom, hearing the bell sound. As she tries to leave to go look around, the Elite Guard won't allow her to do so. Because of the Festival of the Hunt, the town is chaotic, making securtiy rather difficult. He tells her it's for her safety...

Afterwards, Bunce and Lucella enter the scene, and talk to Zidane. They tell you to go see the Princess at the Castle. Before leaving, open up the various chests in here to get: 68 Gil, 282 Gil, and 97 Gil! Climb the ladder, and take the Mini-Burmecia from the bed. Leave the clock area, and an ATE will start:

Baku and His Crew: This ATE shows Baku and the others as they found a way out of the Evil Forest before it got petrified. They did this because Blank showed them a river before he gave the map to Zidane. Marcus wants to save his brother, Blank from the Evil Forest, but Baku thinks it's a better idea to let the Evil Forest stay petrified. They begin to find a way to get the forest un-petrified.

Run down the stairs, and talk to the Fan Club Chairmen to watch some short cut-scene, then read the info on the wall about this theater:
= Fuegert Memorial Theater =

We proudly present 'Moogle Wannabe 2':
performed by Zalwicks Company,
the company that gave a stellar
rendition of 'I Wish I Were a Chocobo.'

Lowell Bridges plays Ubobo

A Giant Moogle will run off (Moogle Man), so follow him back to the Air Cab Station, but instead of going there, enter the house across from the Station to find Lowell. He'll give you an Autograph if you speak to him. Go to the station, and fly to the [Industrial District].

Head up the stairs in the back of the area when you exit the station, and enter the Doom Pub. Read the notice in the back of the pub:
= Airship Engineer Daily Report =

Hilde Garde 2 construction postponed!

The prototype steam engine on board
the Hilde Garde 2 is inoperative.
The engine problem stems from errors
during the manufacturing period.

Exit the pub, and run north to the house where Lindruff is building a prototype steam engine. Run up the stairs, and check the two chests to find a Mimic Card, and a Steepled Hat. Okay, nothing else to do here, so return to the Air Cab station, and fly to the [Lindblum Castle].

Exit the station, climb the red stairs, then go south down the red carpet. In the room with the fountain, enter the northeastern doorway, and enter the bedroom with Steiner, where you'll find out that the Princess is missing. After he runs off, take this time to search the chests in the room for the following items: Glass Armlet, Ether, and a Moogle save point.

Return to the room with the fountain, and you'll hear Garnet singing from upstairs. You must find a way to disguise yourself as a guard to get to the lift, and to find her. Go back to the room that leads to the Princess' room (where you met Steiner), and head down the stairs, and speak to the sleeping guard to wake him up. Zidane will lure him into her room, and will beat him up, and take his disguise. Return to the fountain room, and run past the guard who is near the lift. He'll let you pass, so enter the lift.

At the top of the lift, go left, and up the stairs to enter the gear room. Talk to the Worker to find out that the Princess just went upstairs, so head up there. Continue up the next few sets of stairs until a FMV kicks in, and you find her. Watch the series of cut-scenes, until the Festival of the Hunt starts:
= Festival of the Hunt =

Hunters, on your mark! Ferocious beasts
swarm about the castle town!

The bigger the catch,
the higer the score!

= Festival of the Hunt =

The time limit is 12 minutes.
Use air cabs to go to other districts.
Once you lose in a battle,
you will be forced to retire.

The winner will be crowned Master Hunter
and receive the hunter's reward.
Who will come out on top!?

The point of the Festival of the Hunt is to kill as many of the roaming monsters that you can in under 12 minutes. Here are some approximate point values:

Trick Sparrow: 4-10 Points
Fang: 15-23 Points
Squirrel: 10-20 Points

If you want to guarantee yourself a victory, simply find as many Fangs as you can, be sure to have The Ogre weapon equipped, then head to the Business District, then take the northeast path to find the largest monster:

Zagnhol (Worth over 200 Points): You'll fight this monster alongside with Freya. Simply attack it until it dies. It has a few attacks that can do over 100 HP of damage, but your Ogre weapon, and physical attack can do well over 500 HP of damage to him. If you kill him, you get all of the points, and Freya gets none.

By the way, my highest score so far has been: 215 Hunting Points. If you win as Zidane, you'll receive the Master Hunter, and 5000 Gil as a reward. As you receive your reward, a Burmecian Soldier enters, and tells of something terrible happening to the city of Burmecia. After everything ends, and you take control of Zidane, exit the room, go downstairs, and take the lift to [Base Level], then take the left-hand car to [Dragon's Gate]. Speak with the Moogle, and you'll find a new letter. Save your game, then speak with the shop-man near the Moogle before you go:

Potion: 050 Gil
Phoenix Down: 150 Gil
Echo Screen: 050 Gil
Soft: 100 Gil
Antidote: 050 Gil
Eye Drops: 050 Gil
Tent: 800 Gil

He also has a letter that you can read. Head out the Dragon Gate, and onto the World Map. Head north, and you will eventually find Qu's Marsh. Enter it.


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