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Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough - Alexandria Castle

You'll regain control of Zidane in the Castle after the play has ended. Climb the stairs, and watch the cut-scene as the Princess runs away. After all of the cut-scenes have ended, you'll take control of Steiner, the soldier. Head north of the stairway, and enter the balcony. Speak to the soldiers, then head downstairs, then run right of the screen to enter the library. Check out the bookshelf which reads:
Ice Cavern, Alexandria

A natural cavern overrun
with everlasting ice.

Exit the library, then enter the room to the right of the stairs, and into the next library, and check out the northern bookshelf which reads:
Village of Dali, Alexandria

A farming village near
the Lindbulm border.

Return to where you began as Steiner, and head through the door that is across from the stairway, and into the dressing room of the Knights. Tell the two Knights to get going, then save your game with the Moogle in here. Now check out the list near the door that reads:
Knights of Pluto Register

I. Captain Steiner (or whatever you named Steiner)
II. Blutzen
III. Kohel
IV. Laudo
V. Dojebon
VI. Breireicht
VII. Weimar
VIII. Haagen
IX. Mullenkedheim

Sorta ironic who it only lists "IX" soldiers eh? ;) Return to the Queen on the outer balcony, and get the Silk Shirt from her. Re-enter the castle, and go downstairs to the room that leads to the library, but instead of heading left or right, run TOWARDS the screen, and exit the castle. Run forward, and speak to the knights here, then head south and speak to the knight near the water. Tell him to go search for the princess, then head west of the fountains to find two conversating Knights. Speak to them, then enter the castle here, and run up the stairs, past the guard, and onto the balcony.

Watch the funny FMV, then you'll take over as Zidane. Follow the Princess, speak to her in the next room, then follow her again down the stairs. Watch the cut-scenes, then once you are in the lower-part of the ship, enter the door near the Princess to meet up with Steiner, and engage in battle with him. Begin by stealing his Leather Hat, and Silk Shirt. Now just beat him down until the fight ends. Continue to watch the cut-scenes, and fight Steiner once more. After it all ends, you'll end up crashed-up in a forest, and the Princess is missing. It's up to you to find her.

Watch the A.T.E. that the Moogle points out to you to see both Vivi and the Princess somewhere else in the forest. Save your game with the Moogle, then check near the ship to find a Phoenix Down. Now run south of the Moogle, and enter the Evil Forest.


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