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Final Fantasy IX Side Quests

After finishing the game, let the credits roll until the phrase "The End" appears. While it's on-screen, enter the following sequence of buttons on your controller to access the...

Mr. Morrid's Coffee
After leaving the Ice Cavern, head to the Observatory Mountain before going into Dali. There's an elderly fellow named Morrid inside the hut, who's just...

Crime and Punishment
There is a rarely seen ATE that you can view under the proper circumstances. This ATE only becomes available during your first visit to Treno, after returning to Dr. Tot's...

Eidolon Wall's Secret
One of the big secrets of the game is that Princess Garnet's true name is engraved on the Eidolon Wall at Madain Sari. There is a very complicated way to reveal the truth at the beginning...

You can get a very powerful sword for Steiner by completing a short side quest. Return to Daguerreo on Disc 4. An old man near the Library's Inn asks you to look out for an item...

Final Fantasy Items and Music
We've mentioned earlier that several items for sale at the Treno Auction House are from previous Final Fantasy titles. There is some purpose to this...

Friendly Monsters
At various locations on the World Map, a random battle occurs but the music sounds sweet and melodic. The creatures that appear won't attack either; instead, they...

Frog Catching
When you enter the frog pond area of any Qu's Marsh, Quina asks to spend some time catching frogs. Quina must be in your party for this to occur. If you agree to let him/her catch frogs...

Rope Jumping
The first mini-game encountered during FINAL FANTASY IX is the jump rope mini-game in Alexandria. To participate, have Vivi approach the little girls jumping rope to the left...

Mognet Central
The "Chocobo Hot and Cold" game, along with all the treasure hunting it entails, is by far the most complex side quest in FINAL FANTASY IX. Yet completing...

Feed the Moogle Family
Each time you receive a Kupo Nut for delivering mail between the moogles, return to Gizamaluke's Grotto and feed it to the father of the moogle family. You'll receive...

Nero Brother's Gambling
If you go into the Weapon Shop with Zidane in Alexandria at the beginning of Disc 3, you will encounter the Nero Brothers (Benero, Genero, and Zenero). They will ask...

Quan's Dwelling Reunion
After Alexandria Castle experiences a horrific event, return to Quan's Dwelling with Quina and Vivi in the party. After Quina dreams about food, a conversation takes...

Ragtime Mouse
When you are walking in the world map, sometimes you may encounter a strange monster with another music. It gives you a quiz. It is a monster called Ragtime Mouse...

Ranking in Daguerreo
The true identity of the four-armed bandit is revealed after you've collected enough treasures to gain a Treasure Hunting Rank of "S." You can view your rank at any time by...

Renaming Characters
You can win the rare Namingway Card from Mario during the card tournament in Treno. You can also find the card inside Kuja's room during the sequence in the Desert Palace...

Racing Hippaul
You can only take part in this mini-game with Vivi at the beginning of Disc 3. Hippaul stands with his mother on the main street in Alexandria. When you speak to Hippaul's mother...

Ruby Intervenes
This little secret takes place at the beginning of the game, while you're on the Prima Vista Airship. When Baku explains the kidnapping plans to Tantalus...

Treno Auction
After the group's initial visit to Treno, return to the King's Mansion and the auction. Some Key Items and some extremely useful equipment are auctioned off here, and this...

Treno Weapon Shop Monsters
Depending on when you visit the Weapons Shop in Treno, you can have one character duel with a monster that the owner has caught and caged under the floor...


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