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Final Fantasy IX Excalibur 2 Walkthrough - Disc 1

What is Excalibur 2?
Excalibur2 is Steiner's strongest weapon. But this is the hardest weapon to receive. In order to get Excalibur2, you have to go to Memoria, the last dungeon, Within 12 Hours! But lots of super ultra otaku players in Japan have succeeded this tough quest, and Snows, one of them, wrote a special walkthrough for Excalibur2. Hope that this walkthrough will make your quest successful.

Some Basic Tips

1. Don't hesitate to reset your Game
While playing a game, you will encounter monsters at random. Sometimes you may be lucky, or sometimes you may not. So you should reset your game when you encounter too many monsters, or your game went wrong.
2. The first time is a Rehearsal
Memorize the shortest way, and then reset the game and try again carefully. When you buy weapons, first go to the shop and write down what to buy. Then reset your game and try again as quickly as possible.
3. Skip all the FMV
You can skip all the FMV by opening the lid of PS. If you are playing on PS2, just push the reject button.
4. Skip all the ATE
Some ATEs are compulsive, but ignore the others, except the one in Treno, in which you can get a Power Belt.
5. Decide who will fight at the last battle, and boost up the four members. Ignore the others.
The author strengthened Zidane, Steiner, Salamander, and Vivi. This means you don't heal the members during a battle.
6. Blue Magics Quina should learn
If you use Quina, most recommended magics are, LimitGlove, Reraise, and MatraMagic.
7. Use a Tent for Boss Monsters
Some battles will become easier.

Aimed Time
Disc Time Author's Time (Snow)
1 3h 5Min 2h 25Min
2 7h 5h 31Min
3 11h 13Min 8h 55Min
Excalibur 2 12h 9h 28Min

You don't have to fight to get experiences. All the battles you encounter will be enough. You should save your data as often as possible. I recommend you to use several memory cards not to erase the previous data.

Disc 1
Prima Vista Skip the opening FMV. (Skip all the FMV after this.)
Let's change the configuration: triangle-up-circle-down-down-right-R1-right-
Decide Zidane's name, (start-circle) and you'll have the first battle.
A Man with a Mask (Baku) HP188. Let Zidane steal a Mage Masher. After he stole this item, let's attack the members and let all KO.
Alexandria Now you control Vivi. Go to the ticket booth and show the ticket. Go to the back alley. Receive Ether and a Phoenix down.
Go to the Bell tower after the rat kid. Receive a tent and save your data. (7"45')
Climb the ladder and enter the castle. Ignore some Gil, and run after the rat.

Battle - Zenero, King Lear, Benero
You only have to beat the King. Attak only the King. If you get too many fake magics, you should reset and try again. (As too many magics take lots of time.)
SWORD FIGHT: Do your best. :-)
Zidane meets a girl with a white hood. (Garnet) Choose the lower choice.
Input Steiner's name, and you control Steiner. Go out of the castle and go straight to the left tower. Now you control Zidane. Talk with Ruby and go downstairs. Ignore the items in the engine room.

Battle - Steiner
Zidane: attack , other two: steal. You can beat with two turns.
Battle - Steiner, Haagen, Weimarl
You only have to attack Steiner. Let Zidane attack, Vivi fire.
Battle - Steiner (+Bomb)
Attack Zidane, Vivi and Marcus, and let them KO. Thus dialogue with Steiner will be canceled and Bomb explodes soon.
Evil Forest After a compulsive ATE, save your data with a moogle Mosko.
Enter the Evil Forest. If you encounter a monster only once, Zidane will be level 2, and have a battle against PrisonCage.

Battle - PrisonCage (HP512)
Zidane: attack, Steiner: attack, then Zidane: FreeEnergy.

Battle - PrisonCage (HP532)
All: attack
Prima Vista Talk to Baku, and go to Vivi and receive an Ether. Choose the upper choice.

Battle - Baku (HP202)
Zidane: attack. You don't have to steal an Ironsword here.
Consort Steiner and enter the room and receive an Ether. Then consort Vivi.
Go out of PrimaVista and save your data.
Evil Forest A compulsive ATE. I recommend you to save your data at the spring.

Battle - PlantBrain (HP458)
Zidane:attack himself. Vivi:fire, Steiner: fire sword, Blank:attack.
Take off a LeatherHat and Silk Clothes from Blank.

Battle - PlantSpider x2-4
Attack Blank and let him KO. Vivi: multiple fire.
By letting Blank KO, Zidane, Vivi and Steiner can get more experience, and Zidane will be level 3.

A compulsive ATE with moogles.
Go straight to the Ice Cavern and save your data.
Ice Cavern Don't touch the mist (smoke?). If you touch you have a battle against Wyard.
Don't save at the save point, (because it will take time).

Battle - Sillion (HP472), Black Waltz No.1 (HP228)
Attack Black Waltz. Three turns will be enough. Then steal a mythril dagger from Sillion.
Attack Sillion two times, then wait until Zidane's trance. Finish off with FreeEnergy.
After you go out of the Ice Cavern, let's save the data.
Village of Dali
- Lindbulm

Now you control Zidane. Go out of the inn, and go to the field. Enter the pub, and go out. Talk to Vivi, and go to the weapon shop (an event with Dagger) Go to the inn. Have Steiner's ATE. You should save your data here.
#You should sell your Ethers and Phoenix downs, and buy an ironsword and a feather hat, and as many leather wrists as possible. (Leather wrists are for making money.)
Go to the Dali underground. Don't go to the warehouse. Receive Ether and IronHelm.
Now you control Steiner. Morrid walks so slowly, so receive Highpotion and Gil while the old man goes down.

Battle - Black Waltz No.2 (HP1030) Zidane: Lv4, Steiner Lv.3
Black Waltz uses multiple fire when Vivi uses a magic, and when Hp reduced by half.
Steiner: fire swrod, Zidane: attack, Vivi: Potion to Zidane or Steiner. (Maybe BW will use multiple fire here.)
Zidane: attack, Garnet: multiple cure, Steiner: attack. (You should input your command quickly because if you are slow to input, BW2 will get in on your act.)

Battle - Black Waltz No.3 (HP1138)
Zidane: attack,- Steiner: Fire Sword, - Vivi: Fire(W fire, if possible) - (Now BW3 floats ) Zidane:steal - Steiner: Fire Sword - Wait until BW3 comes down - Zidane:attack. (If Steiners KO'd, don't mind, if you can win.)

Now you go to Lindblum. You have some event to enter Lindblum. After that you can save your data at an inn.
Go to Business district and then go to Theater district - have ATE at Tantalus playhouse - go to Lindblum castle and talk with Steiner - go to the lift (You can't get in this time.) - go to the entrance of the guest room and talk to a soldier on your left - get in the lift and go to the roof from the steps on your left - talk with Dagger - watch the telescope then go to the station.
Festival for the Hunt Receive Ether and Glass Armlet at the guest room. Go to the aircab station. When you get to the theater district, attack Zidane and let him KO, at the first battle. Thus Freya will win automatically and you can get Coral Ring. This is the shortest way for Festival for the Hunt. After having some events, go to Dragon's Gate and save your data.
(Let's check your equipment and abilities. I recommend you to write down.) You should put Freya forward.
- E. Plains 
- Qu Marsh 
- G. Grotto
Go to Qu's Marsh. Get a frog and talk to Quina. Equip him with Yellow Scarf, and get the ability of GilUp. Then go to Chocobo's forest. Learn Quina's blue magic "Limit Glove" from Mandragora if you can. After you get a chocobo, ride Choco and go to Gizamaluk's Grotto. (If you want all the items, go to the South Gate and get Mocka Coffee.)
Save your data before you enter Gizamaluke's Grotto.
Gizamaluke's Grotto
Talk to a soldier and receive the Bell of Gizamaluke. - Open the door - Beat Black Mage typeA x2 - Go back to the soldier and receive a Bell of Gizamaluke. - Open the big door in the center. - Receive a Bell from a moogle. - Open the right door and save your time.(Time: 2h38'00" Author's time: 2h01'18")

Battle - Black Mage Type a x2 (HP398)
Equip Coral Ring to Zidane and set Man Eater, and he can beat one at a stroke. Let Vivi and Freya defence. Let Quina attack himself and KO'd. This is because to let him use Limit Glove at the battle against Gizamaluke.
After you saved your data, use a Phoenix Down to Quina. If he didn't revive with HP1, reset the game and try again. This is for Limit Glove. Talk to a moogle and receive a Holy Bell. Go back to the room in the center, and go to the door in the left backward. Now you fight against Gizamaluke.

Battle - Gizamaluke (HP3200) 
Its weak point is Thunder and Bird Killer.
If you use a tent to Gizamaluke, you can make it blind and silent state at the rate of 30% - 50%. I recommend you to steal Ice Wand, and Tricorn. Set Bird Killer to Freya and let her attack. She can give damage about 300 pts. Vivi should focus several times and use Thunder.

Let me tell in detail. At the first turn, Zidane should steal, Vivi Focus, Quina use tent to Gizamaluke, the Freya should attack. (You don't have to do in this order.) If you are lucky Gizamaluke doesn't use "Silent Voice". If Gizamaluke became Blind and Silent state, let all members attack.

If you give up Ice Wand here, equip Yellow Scarf to Zidane and set Bird Killer. Use a Tent first, but later let Zidane attack and let others defence. You can beat Gizamaluke with Zidane's attack about six times.
Now save your data!
Burmecia Let's go to Burmecia. Beat the direction button (Don't keep pushing it.) and reduce the encounter rate.
At Burmecia: Beat BlackMage type A x2, Go upstairs at the steps on your right, and then enter the residence area. Receive Germinas Boots and go to the left. Drop a bridge. - Go out and go up the stairs on your left. Go backward. Talk to a soldier and receive ProtegaBell (and Ether) under the bed. Go back out. Go to the right to the residence area, and then backward using Protega Bell. Enter the door below.
After the event, go out and go upstairs. Go backward from the door on your left. Save your data at the treasure warehouse.

You'll encounter monsters a few times in Burmecia. Don't flee and get experiences. Use Vivi's Blizzara. Three encounters will be best. More than three is too much. Reset your game and try again. You can ignore the Mythil Spear in the weapon warehouse, because you will have few chances to use one.

Battle - Black Mage typeA x2 (HP398)
Fight just the same as that in Gizamaluke. Quina is alive, so let him KO'd again.

Battle - Beatrix (1st time) (HP3630)
#If some turns are done, or if you can give damage, the battle ends. As Beatrix's attack is strong, don't use Phoenix down to the KO'd member. Vivi's Blizara is the strongest. If Vivi's KO'd, you should reset and try again.

#If you wait turns are done, it will take one minutes more. But in this case you have time to steal Mirhtil Sword and Chain Plate from Beatrix. If you are not in a hurry, you can steal. Either way is OK.

#If you use Quina's Limit Glove, you can finish this battle most quickly.
End of Disc 1 This is the end of Disc 1. Save your time.

Walkthrough ˇ Disc 1 - Disc 2 - Disc 3 - Disc 4
Walkthrough Written by [ Snows ] & Translated by [ Rei ]


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