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Final Fantasy IX Chocobo

Chocobo Menu: Chocobo Chocographs
Obtaining A Chocobo
Obtaining a Chocobo is simple. First you must find the Chocobo Forest area, which is on the Mist Continent, by the lower exit of Lindbulm. Enter the forest, and the Chocobo there will run away. Talk to the mogli, and he will give you a Gisal vegetable (or greens). Go outside and use the Greens wherever you see small Chocobo tracks on the ground (there is a set right outside the forest) and call over the Chocobo. You can get more Greens from the mogli in the forest for a certain amount of Gil, and you can also ride into the forest while on the Chocobo. If you use a Dead Pepper while on the Chocobo, it's digging power will increase, and it is even said that they can break through cracks in various places of the world like this.

Chocobo Digging
You can dig at one of 3 locations: The Chocobo Forest, The Chocobo Lagoon, and the Chocobo Sky Garden once you get there. Talk to the Mogli and choose the top option and you can dig for a set amount of time, which is different at different places. When the Chocobo's "Kueeee" Sound gets long, you are on the right track, and and there is an object buried nearby. Make sure you are always running, rather than walking to save time. You can find cheap objects like potions which are worth 1 point or sometimes slightly better stuff like Ethers. You can also find important Chocobo items like Dead Peppers and Chocograph pieces. When you gain enough points, your Chocobo will gain one level and dig faster, but while digging in the Chocobo Lagoon, you will dig at half the normal rate as the Chocobo Forest. Digging 4 items in one game of Digging at the Chocobo Forest will net you 10 bonus seconds, while digging 4 items in one game at the Chocobo's Lagoon will net you bonus points, unless you have a dark blue or better Chocobo. Without a dark blue one, you will only get 30 seconds and half of the lagoon area to dig in. When you get a dark blue one, the whole area becomes available and you will get 60 seconds. You will also dig much faster, and get the 10 bonus seconds after 4 items. You will also get a big bonus (around 60 points) for digging up 8 items in 70 seconds.

When you find a Chocograph while playing the digging game, you will get 15 points, and 5 bonus points. After you leave and return to the World Map, you can select to equip a Chocograph, which will display a picture. You must find a similar location somewhere in the world and dig in that location until you find a treasure. The cry will get a little longer, just like in the digging game when you are close. Some treasure will be items, while other treasure will be upgrades (see the upgrades section for more details on upgrades). You can have 2 unsolved Chocographs from each digging game location until Chocographs will stop appearing at that location (Until you solve one or both). The order in which you get the Chocographs is totally random.

Finding Chocobo Upgrades
A few chests will teleport you to the Chocobo Dream World, where your Chocobo will be granted a color change and new powers. Chocograph number 2 will give your Chocobo the light blue Reef upgrade, which will let you walk and dig on shallow water. Treasure number 12 will give you the red Mountain upgrade, which will let you basically walk anywhere on any continent. Treasure number 14 will give you the dark blue Sea upgrade, which will let you walk over deep water (but you need to find a beach to board/leave land. Treasure number 20 will give you the white/goldish Sky upgrade, which will let you fly by using the Circle Button over a forest area. You need another forest to land. While you are flying, you can press Triangle and use a Dead Pepper, which will cause you to shoot up into the sky. If you use this ability over one of the large shadows on the ground/sea, you will be shot up to the Chocobo Aerial Garden. There are a few different places where this shadow can appear, including in the northeast by the area where the Earth Temple was that is always shaking, Behind Alexandria, and to the southwest of the world on an island.

Locations That Hide Something Else
Ultima Weapon
On disc four, use a Dead Pepper in the water where Terra was (there is a circle of ice burgs around the area, find the exact center of them).

Mognet Central Hidden HQ
On a small island north of the Outer Continent.

Chocobo's Paradise
Go to the farthest northeast corner of the world map with a flying Chocobo.
Quan's Dwelling (a cave by Treno) - You can examine a bucket near the cliff and use a Dead Pepper.


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