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Final Fantasy IX Cheat Codes

Hades Guide!
Submitted by

Author's Party
Zidane on level 64
Eiko on level 53
Quina on level 64
Amarant on level 62

This is really easy if you get Zidane just on the verge of a Trance, then challenge Hades. He has 60,000 HP, but it will be easily taken away from him with Zidane's Grand Lethal Trance move. This will hit 9999 each go. Have Quina cast Mighty Guard and Amarant throw Wing Edges. These will take about 7800 each go. Hades will use an attack called Judgement Sword. This will knock one person down to one hit point. Have Eiko cast Curaga on that person and carry on. With Grand Lethals and Wing Edges, it'll all be over in a couple of rounds. Don't worry about his countdown. When he said "3", I killed him before he could say "2"!

When you beat him, he will tell you about the 2 Pumice Pieces. If you have these, he will synthesize the Pumice which allows Dagger to use Ark. Fear it greatly! Apart from the Pumice, he will also synthesis great things such as Ethers, some great armor, accessories, weapons, and the Save the Queen sword. If you get Save the Queen, the ending sequence will change slightly.

Black Jack mini-game
First, complete the game. Once the credits finish and "The End" screen appears, press R2, L1, R2, R2, Up, X, Right, Circle, Down, Triangle, L2, R1, R2, L1, Square(2). If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Press Start to begin playing the Black Jack mini-game

When the FMV begins, quickly open the cover of your PSX, and then close it. The game is going to resume at the point where the FMV has just ended. And if you are using PS2, just push the eject button to take the CD-Rom out and then push the button again to put it in.

50% Chances of Enemies
When you move on the worldmap, just keep on pressing the direction button. Don't push any button when you are doing this code!

Moogle, Angry!?
Call out a moogle by pushing the square button on the worldmap. When you call up the moogle and let him go back without doing anything for many times, it will be talking in different ways. There are going to be 3 different lines when he is angry.

Zidane's "Lucky Seven" Skill!
Zidane's "Lucky Seven" skill is going to work when the single-digit of his HP is "7" (e.g -> 1007). It is going to cause a random damages of "7", "77", "777" and "7777". However, if the single-digit of his HP is not "7", then the damages it is going to cuase will always be "1".

Unlimited MP
Have Amarant in your party and make sure he has learned the Chakra skill. Also, the minimum MP needed for this trick to work is 4 MP. Enter a battle and have Amarant cast Chakra on himself. For 4 MP, he will restore MP equivalent to about 20% of his maximum MP. Continually cast it until you get reached your maximum MP. Since you can do this to other characters in the party as well, you can end up will everyone with maximum MP.

Easy AP
Walk around in the darkness for awhile in the field and forests around the town that has the auction house and lady who collects the zodiac signs. You will encounter a ghost. Give it some ore and you will win the battle, resulting in 10 AP.

Easy Experience
Use Quina's level 5 Death spell against the level 60 Grand Dragons on the outside of Gizamalike's Grotto for around 8800 experience per person. Equip the quick level gain support ability (level up) for even more. Also, remember to take Coral Rings to protect against the Dragon's Thundaga spell.

Defeating the Iifa Tree
When fighting the Iifa Tree, simply cast "Life" on it and it will die instantly. It is an "undead" creature, so "Life" is essentially "Death".

Defeating Ozma
If you encountered all the spirits in Gaia and satisfied their requests go to Chocobo Aerial Garden (you will need a Gold Chocobo and a Dead Pepper). Examine the stone on the second platform and choose the third option, then the first option to fight Ozma. To defeat Ozma, put Zidane, Dagger, Quina and Eiko in your party. Have Quina use Magic Hammer three or four times to steal all Ozma's Magic Points -- from now on it cannot use any spells. Then, have Zidane and Quina attack and Dagger and Eiko heal (do not use summons, you need a large amount of MP in this battle). With some of patience (an half of an hour if you are lucky), you should defeat Ozma.

Defeating the Soul of the Ancient Tree of Life
When fighting the Soul of the Ancient Tree of Life, never use a Fire spell. If this is done, it will counter-attack your entire party with this Fire magic or do an attack that can deal over 700 HP of damage. Sometimes he may even use it two times in a row that can immediately end the game. Instead, use others spells such as Ice 2 or Bolt 2, which can do some very heavy damage on him.

Defeating Undead Creatures
When battling a creature of the undead type, use an anti-KO item and it will instantly "kill" them.

Quadruple Magic Attack
When you get a reflect ring, have the four characters you regularly have in your party with learn "Auto Reflect". When they all have it turned on, cast a reflective party spell, such as Bio or any of the elements, at yourself, This will effectively quadruple the power of the spell on a single target. However, this is only helpful for lower levels and is virtually useless if you have great spells.

9999 damage with Atomost
The formula For Dagger's summon Atomost is as follows
- Full Animation: (30+ Party's number of Amethysts)% of enemies HP.
- Short Animation: 2/3 of Full Animation formula.
For example, if you have 70 Amethysts, it takes 100% of the enemies HP off, with a limit of 9,999. This means an enemy with 12,000 health will lose 9,999. This is useful while training against Yans, Grand Dragons, and other difficult enemies.

Change Airship altitude
Put the Airship on auto-pilot, then press Up or Down to change its altitude while flying to your destination.

Early Grand Dragon
When you first go to Gizamaluke's Grotto on Disc 1, notice the ladder to the outside in the room with the Moogle couple. Once outside, it leads to an area with a fight involving a Grand Dragon, which definitely increases your level.

Steiner Peeking
When you reach Alexandrian territory as Steiner, he will be carrying a bag of rotten stuff. That is actually Dagger. When he goes to the corner of the alley, she will think of changing into her costume while he is looking forward. You will get an option for about five seconds to either keep looking or go to the other side. Within those five seconds, if you have good reflexes, you can also choose to look the other way.

Vivi Chased by Monsters
Defeat most of the monsters of Lindblum during the Festival Of The Hunt and go to the business center. You will see Vivi being chased by a very weak monster.

Zidane - Easy Kills Early in Game
Get the beast/bird/dragon/etc. killer. When you go to Lindblum the first time, you will probably have a Mage Masher. Go to the weapons shop and instead of buying the Mythril Dagger, purchase another Mage Masher. Go to the synthesis shop there and get an Ogre Sword. Equipping the killer with the Ogre Sword for Zidane can be lethal (about 400 to 700 for critical hits) until Disc 1 is passed.

Alexandria Card
You can get the Alexandria card after Alexandria is destroyed at the start of Disc 3. Go to the center of the town and talk to the girl who is chasing the boy. She will say that she does not need it and give it to you.

Ramuh and Shiva Cards
When you start Disc 3, go to the church with the bell and the Save Mog. Save, go onto the ladder, and pull the rope. You will get a Goblin, Fang, Ramuh, and Shiva cards.

Lindbulm Card
After Lindbulm is attacked in Disc 2, go north of the inn until you enter another screen. Go to the wreckage that blocks the path to the north. The Lindblum card will be lying around in that area.

Easy Gil
Win items in the Chocobo Hot & Cold game, then sell them.

Finding items and Gil
Whenever there is an explanation point (!) over the character's head, there is usually items or Gil.

Cloud and Squall Reference
After you complete the game with either ending, you will watch part of a play. The line "Neither Cloud nor Squall shall stop me." can be seen.

Cloud Reference
In Lindbulm's weapon shop, Zidane will get a (!) over his head and mention something about a guy with spiky hair that had a sword just like the one on the wall.

Final Fantasy 7 Music
After you crash the airship into the evil woods at the start of the game, go inside to hear a band play the music from Final Fantasy 7, during the parade for Rufus.

Walk Through People
Keep on running into someone (except for people guarding an exit or unexplorable area) for two seconds to walk through them.

GIMME Cat Card
Submitted by
In order to get the GIMME CAT Card you have to be on Disc 3/4 and talk to the girl by the pickle shop and win against her she should have the GIMME CAT Card.

Garnet & Her Mother Real Name!
Submitted by coolshmo
Go to madain sari on disc 4 without garnet. Go to the kitchen in the far left side of town and talk to Lani(the bounty hunter from before). Talk to her a few times until she tells you that there is some writing in the room behind her that you might want to take a look at. Go into the room and look for the exclamation point that should say "time moves forward once. Time moves backward once. Nine is the last number. It is also the first." Then Zidane will say something about a clock and then you will want to go to the Eidolon wall. When you get there, from the entrance go around to the right one whole time (you should hear a tone) then go around to the left(until you hear a tone again) and back to the right and keep alternating each time making sure you hear a tone each time. the ninth time you go around there should be a different tone
and you should het a message saying "HP/MP restored. All status effects removed". when there were only 2 exclamations on other parts of the wall before, there should be about 10 now. There are 2 little notes to eiko ,one from garnet's father and a few about the madain sari's research. The exclamation under the eidolon picture of ifrit should be the note to garnet and her mother.

Quina's Assault
Once you have Quadra Missile and Limit Glove for Quina, have her cast Quadra Missile on herself, and then use Limit Glove. This should do 9999 to one choice enemy. If this does not work, wait for an enemy to cast "trouble" on Quina and then have her use Quadra Missile on another party member. Then us Limit Glove to do 9999 on an enemy.

Beatrix & Lani - Tips
These two have the same hp as each other, my opinion is using the same attacks on both of them and cast protect on your party.

Quick Level Gain Without playing!
If you have a turbo controller you can go on the world map where there are easy enough enemies that you can withstand numerous battles without being healed. Then rig the controller to where the X button and the left or right directional button is pushed and your character will walk in circles and automatically fight the battles they encounter for however many hours you leave it. A great way to rack up some exp. and gil why your not at home. Be sure to turn on the turbo or the process will stop at the end of the battle.

How to Get Dead Peppers
Once your chocobo get the Mountain upgrade, you can find Dead Peppers while playing the Chocobo Hot and Cold game.

Different Endings
Beat the game with the "hammer" and or "save the queen" and you will get a different ending.

In Game Spelling Mistake
During your talk with Regent Cid in Lindblum on the third disk, there will be an in-game spelling mistake. It will say "Regend Cid:" instead of "Regent Cid:"

Meteour and Flare Card
On disc 3 when yo get the Hilda Garde 3 go to Dageuro (Or however you spell it) and go to the dude by the place where you get items and talk to the dudethat is right beside it. They will be argueing about all thes differentquestions and agree with the dude that is selling the items and he will give you the Flare Card and if you agree with the other dude you will get the Meteour Card.

Easy Ozma Defeat
First get Eiko to have 99 Phoenix Pinions and then put that on with Guardian Mog and the Phoenix should appear 3 times and if you're lucky you can get it to revive you 10 times and each time the Phoenix comes it can do 9999 damage. Have Quina use Frog Drop and other blue magic. Vivi use Osmose to take away his MP and dont have anyone with reflect it will heal him. Cast some spells and have Zidane use potions on others or Theivery. It should work and kill him in a few. Just hope that you are lucky.

Easy Level-Up for Steiner
Make sure you have given up at least four of the Sellazzio's to the lady in Treno, so as to receive the Blood Sword. With this sword equiped, Steiner will recover hit points equal to what he hits his enemies for. On disc 2, after he and Marcus escape the cage, Alexandrian soldiers run towards Stiener to attack. With a turbo controller, have the X button pressed and just let the game play for a while. I let mine go for a day and when I came back, Stiener was at level 82 and I had 2.5 million Gil in my inventory... Not too shabby! As far as Marcus... let him die, he leaves the party anyways... and you may as well keep his equipment for yourself.

Lowell To Alexandria!
When in lindbulm after the fat queen has destroyed it go to the inn and up to the moogle. The mog will give a letter from ruby that tells you her mini theater needs actors so you go down to the theater district and find lowell and tell him to go to Alexandria.

Very Easy Ozma
With Vivi, go in trance and cast reflectx2 on someone and then cast flare onto it. It should result into a lot of damage. then after that, bounce all your good spells like meator and flare and bio and stuff like that and Ozma will die.

Ruby Cheat
In beginning of game when baku asks if you capture the queen say yes over 65 times and ruby will run into room.

Gimme Cat Card
On disk 1, in Linblumn, you can win the Gimme Cat card from Card Freak Gon by beating him many times in a row. He will then play Gimme Cat and other great cards.

How to hit 9999 with Quina
Get 163 frog in the frog caching game and have Quina to use frog drop and it will hurt any one with a damage point of 9999.

Easy Money!
For some easy money, keep returning to the theatre district of lindblum. and go to where there was the gang hideout. in there, there are 3 chests all containing sum nice amounts of gil. Ranging from 900-4000G. Plus every so often the chest reset and bingo sum more gil.

Easy Level Up
Submitted by
Leave three characters with virus. So you will receive all experience for only one character. The monsters in Memoria are good for this trick! (Over 40.000 exp.)

Easy Money
After completing the Chocobo Hot & Cold Side Quest Visit Chocobo's Paradise and talk the the Gold Chocobo on the right of the fat Chocobo and he will ask you if you want all the dead peppers he owns or something like that. Get the Dead Peppers from the bird and sell them at any item store. Go back to Chocobo's Paradise and get more and sell them. If you don't know where Chocobo's Paradise is then you don't deserve to get the easy money!

What Gender is Quina!?
When you have Quina in you party on disk 1, Leave Qu's Marsh and re-enter and talk to Quale S/He well say, "him" not "it", or "Him/Her".

Easy Way to Defeat Iifa Tree!
A really easy way to beat the Iifa tree is to use a phoenix down on him, then hit him once.

Phoenix Down and Phoenix Pinion Tip!
This one you can only use when Steiner is looking for Garnet and he ends up on the Prima Vista. When Cinna opens up the secret room and you all jump in instead of going in the next room play with the machine that's by the side of you and you have an option of turning it left or right either way Cinna tells you off but when the screen shakes (when you turn the wheel left or right) you notice a chest falls down and another when you turn the wheel the other way then you go down there and you can get a phoenix down and Phoenix Pinion!


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