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Final Fantasy IX Ability Properties

are special powers that each character possesses. There are a ton of different abilities, but generally they fall into 2 categories.

Action Abilities
Signified by a red jewel icon, these are magic spells and special moves you can use in battle. Oftentimes, it consumes MP to use them.

Support Abilities

Signified by a blue-green jewel icon, these are special abilities that support and protect characters during battle.

For support abilities to be functional, you must equip them with magic stones. Similar to MP, the maximum number of stones a character can use to equip abilities increases as the character levels up. The Main Menu shows two numbers for magic stones: the remaining number and the maximum number. The first number shows the remaining stones and will decrease as you equip support abilities. The second number indicates the maximum number usable by the character and increases as a character levels up.

To set magic stones on support abilities, select Ability in the Main Menu, and then select Equip. There are circles next to each support ability. The skill or guard is equipped if a magic stone appears to fill the slot. The Status Menu shows which support abilities have been equipped. A darker icon indicates that the ability is not equipped.

In general, you must equip items to learn abilities. Most items hold special powers that help draw out a character's innate abilities. Select Equip in the Main Menu to check which abilities a character can learn from items.

You can use action and support abilities as soon as you equip the item. However, you can't use them if the item is removed or replaced with another. To use abilities without equipping items, the character must learn them by gaining enough AP (Ability Points) for each ability. You gain AP by winning battles.

Each ability has an AP Gauge. This shows how many AP have been earned toward permanently learning the ability. When the ability is being learned, a green bar fills the gauge to a certain point, and a ratio indicates exactly how many points have been gained toward learning that ability. If the gauge appears in red with three stars, then the character has gained enough AP to use the ability without equipping an item.

You can press the X button while in the Status Menu to view all of the abilities that a character has learned. Continue to press the X button to page through the learned abilities.

It takes a different amount of AP to learn each ability. The same item that teaches one character an ability may not teach all other characters the same ability. In most cases, the other character must equip a different type of item, such as an Add-on, to learn the ability. Also, one character may learn an ability for 30 AP, whereas another character may need 50 AP to learn the same ability.

Support Abilites
Name Stones Function
Auto-Reflect 15 Automatically casts Reflect in battle
Auto-Float 6 Automatically casts Float in battle
Auto-Haste 9 Automatically casts Haste in battle
Auto-Regen 10 Automatically casts Regen in battle
Auto-Life 12 Automatically casts Life in battle (once)
Auto-Potion 3 Automatically uses Potion when damaged
HP+10% 4 Increases HP by 10%
HP+20% 8 Increases HP by 20%
MP+10% 4 Increases MP by 10%
MP+20% 8 Increases MP by 20%
Bird Killer 3 Deals lethal damage to flying enemies
Bug Killer 2 Deals lethal damage to insects
Stone Killer 4 Deals lethal damage to stone enemies
Undead Killer 2 Deals lethal damage to undead enemies
Devil Killer 2 Deals lethal damage to demons
Beast Killer 4 Deals lethal damage to beasts
Man Eater 2 Deals lethal damage to humans
Ability Up 3 Character learns abilities faster
Level Up 7 Character levels up faster
Accuracy+ 2 Raises physical attack accuracy
Add Status 3 Adds weaponís status effect (Add ST) when you attack
Alert 4 Prevents back attacks
Antibody 4 Prevents Poison and Venom
Body Temp 4 Prevents Freeze and Heat
Bright Eyes 4 Prevents Darkness
Clear Headed 5 Prevents Confusion
Insomniac 5 Prevents Sleep
Jelly 4 Prevents Petrify and Gradual Petrify
Locomotion 4 Prevents Stop
Loudmouth 4 Prevents Silence
Absorb MP 6 Absorbs MP used by enemy
Bandit 5 Raises success rate of Steal
Boost 12 Raises strength of eidolons
Chemist 4 Doubles the potency of medicinal items
Concentrate 10 Raises the strength of spells
Counter 8 Counterattacks when physically attacked
Cover 6 You take damage in place of an ally
Distract 5 Lowers enemyís physical attack accuracy
Eye 4 Eye 5 Raises Counter activation rate
Flee-Gil 3 Receive Gil even when running from battle
Gamble Defense 1 Raises Defense occasionally
Guardian Mog 3 Mog protects you with unseen forces
Half MP 11 Cuts MP use by half in battle
Healer 2 Restores physical attack targetís HP
High Jump 4 Jump higher to raise jump attack power
High Tide 8 Allows you to Trance faster
Initiative 5 Raises chance of Preemptive Strike
Long Reach 16 Back row attacks with same power as front row
MP Attack 5 Character uses MP to raise Attack Power
Mag Elem Null 13 Nullifies magic element
Master Thief 5 Steal better items first
Millionaire 5 Receive more Gil after battle
Mug 3 Damages enemy when you steal
Odinís Sword 5 Attacks with eidolon Odin
Protect Girls 4 You take damage in place of a girl
Power Throw 19 Raises the strength of throw
Reflectx2 17 Doubles the strength of spells by using Reflect
Reflect-Null 7 Nullifies Reflect and attacks
Return Magic 9 Returns magic used by enemy
Restore HP 8 Restores HP automatically when Near Death
Steal Gil 5 Steal Gil along with items

Learnable Items and Abilities
Item Ability - -
Dagger Flee
Mage Masher Detect Flee
Mythril Dagger Bandit
Gladius Annoy Lucky Seven
Zorlin Shape Flee
Orichalon Detect
Butterfly Sword What's That?! Protect Girls
The Ogre Soul Blade
Exploda Sacrifice Lucky Seven
Rune Tooth Lucky Seven
Angel Bless Thievery
Sargatanas Annoy
Masamune Sacrifice
The Tower Lucky Seven Thievery
Ultima Weapon Flee
Broadsword Beast Killer
Iron Sword Minus Strike
Mythril Sword Armor Break
Blood Sword Darkside
Ice Brand Mental Break
Coral Sword Charge
Diamond Sword Power Break
Flame Sabre Magic Break
Rune Blade Iai Strike
Defender Thunder Slash
Save the Queen N/A
Ultima Sword Stock Break
Excalibur Climhazzard
Ragnarok Shock Thunder Slash
Excalibur 2 Minus Strike Climhazzard Stock Break
Javelin Dragon Killer
Mythril Spear Reis's Wind
Partisan Lancer High Tide
Ice Lance White Draw
Trident Luna
Heavy Lance Six Dragons
Obelisk Cherry Blossom Initiative
Holy Lance Dragon's Crest Reis's Wind
Kain's Lance Dragon's Crest Cherry Blossom White Draw
Dragon's Hair Dragon's Breath
Cat's Claws Chakra Counter
Poison Knuckles Spare Change Counter
Mythril Claws Curse Counter
Scissor Fang Aura Counter
Dragon's Claw No Mercy Counter
Tiger Fangs Revive Counter
Avenger Demi Shock Counter
Kaiser Knuckle Count Down Curse Counter
Duel Claws Aura No Mercy Counter
Rune Claws Spare Change Demi Shock Revive
Air Racket Scan Panacea
Multina Racket Blind Stona Shell
Magic Racket Berserk Mini Cure
Mythril Racket Reflect Shell Protect
Priest's Racket Silence Might
Tiger Racket Dispel
Rod Cure Panacea Protect
Mythril Rod Life Silence Shell
Stardust Rod Ability Up Reflect Float
Healing Rod Healer Cura Life
Ashra's Rod Mini Confuse Silence
Wizard Rod Curaga Protect Shell
Whale Whisker Curaga Life
Golem's Flute Auto-Regen Cura Life
Lamia's Flute Float Stona Silence
Fairy Flute Esuna Haste Regen
Hamelin Curaga Might Jewel
Siren's Flute Full-Life Dispel Esuna
Angel Flute Holy Esuna Curaga
Mage Staff Fire
Flame Staff Fira Sleep
Ice Staff Blizzara Slow
Lightning Staff Thundara Poison
Oak Staff Stop Bio Drain
Cypress Pile Demi Break Comet
Octagon Rod Firaga Blizzaga Thundaga
High Mage Staff Meteor Osmose
Mace of Zeus Doomsday
Fork High Tide
Needle Fork High Tide
Mythril Fork High Tide
Silver Fork High Tide
Bistro Fork High Tide
Gastro Fork High Tide
Pinwheel N/A
Rising Sun N/A
Wing Edge N/A
Wrist Flee-Gill
Leather Wrist Beast Killer Blizzard
Glass Armlet Steal Gil Antibody
Bone Wrist Add Status
Mythril Armlet Bug Killer
Magic Armlet Clear Headed Silence
Chimera Armlet Mug Add Status
Egoist's Armlet Beast Killer Level Up
N-Kai Armlet Bandit Undead Killer Water
Jade Armlet Body Temp High Tide
Thief Gloves Master Thief
Dragon Wrist Jelly Lancer
Power Wrist Accuracy+
Bracer Add Status Power Throw
Bronze Gloves Antibody
Silver Gloves Undead Killer
Mythril Gloves Man Eater Bug Killer
Thunder Gloves Devil Killer Add Status
Diamond Gloves Ability Up Jelly
Venetia Shield Auto-Float Counter
Defense Glove HP+20%
Genji Gloves High Tide
Aegis Gloves Charge!
Gauntlets Cover
Leather Hat Fire
Straw Hat N/A
Feather Hat Bright Eyes Add Status
Steepled Hat Protect
Headgear Undead Killer
Magus Hat Slow
Bandana Man Eater Insomniac
Mage's Hat Loudmouth Fira
Lamia's Tiara Clear Headed Confuse Float
Ritual Hat Counter Bright Eyes Undead Killer
Twist Headband Gamble Defense Add Status
Mantra Band HP+20% Antibody
Dark Hat High Tide Jelly
Green Beret Ability Up Clear Headed
Black Hood Accuracy+ Locomotion Death
Red Cap MP Attack Cover
Golden Hairpin Auto-Regen Loudmouth
Coronet Man Eater Return Magic
Flash Hat Eye 4 Eye Beast Killer
Adaman Hat HP+20% Gamble Defense
Thief Hat Long Reach Lucky Seven Mug
Holy Miter Insomniac Body Temp
Golden Skullcap Power Up Locomotion
Circlet Jelly Clear Headed
Rubber Helm Minus Strike
Bronze Helm Bug Killer
Iron Helm Bright Eyes Level Up
Barbut Alert Dragon Killer
Mythril Helm Insomniac Antibody
Gold Helm Mental Break Reis's Wind Clear Headed
Cross Helm MP Attack Devil Killer
Diamond Helm Accuracy+ Insomniac
Platinum Helm Restore HP Stone Killer
Kaiser Helm Eye 4 Eye
Genji Helmet HP+20%
Grand Helm High Tide
Aloha T-Shirt N/A
Leather Shirt Protect Girls
Silk Shirt Cure Thunder
Leather Plate Chakra
Bronze Vest Jelly
Chain Plate Devil Killer
Mythril Vest Auto-Potion
Adaman Vest Stone Killer Bird Killer
Magician Cloak Insomniac MP+10%
Survival Vest Locomotion Antibody Mug
Brigandine Ability Up Return Magic
Judo Uniform Distract HP+10%
Power Vest Stone Killer Gamble Defense Counter
Gaia Gear Insomniac High Tide Osmose
Demon's Vest Devil Killer Auto-Potion Locomotion
Minevera's Plate Restore HP High Tide
Ninja Gear Alert Locomotion Eye 4 Eye
Dark Gear Clear Headed Jelly
Rubber Suit Eye 4 Eye Esuna
Brave Suit Restore HP Auto-Regen
Cotton Robe Chemist Shell
Silk Robe Ability Up Loudmouth
Magician Robe Auto-Potion MP+10%
Glutton's Robe Antibody Body Temp Auto-Regen
White Robe Loudmouth Auto-Potion Holy
Black Robe MP+20% Flare Reflectx2
Light Robe Half MP Auto-Regen Full-Life
Robe of Lords Reflect Null Concentrate
Tin Armor N/A
Bronze Armor Bird Killer
Linen Cuirass Cover
Chain Mail HP+10% Bird Killer
Mythril Armor Jelly Cover
Plate Mail Locomotion Undead Killer
Gold Armor Stone Killer
Shield Armor Distract
Demon's Mail High Tide
Diamond Armor Ability Up
Platina Armor Beast Killer
Carabini Mail Auto-Regen
Dragon Mail High Jump
Genji Armor Body Temp Accuracy+
Maxmillian HP+20%
Grand Armor Chemist Restore HP
Desert Boots Flee-Gil Protect Scan
Magician Shoes MP+10% Clear Headed Blind
Germinas Boots Alert HP+10% Flee
Sandals N/A
Feather Boots Auto-Float Float Mini
Battle Boots MP Attack Initiative HP+20%
Running Shoes Auto-Haste Auto-Potion Haste
Anklet Locomotion Healer Counter
Power Belt MP Attack Counter Fira
Black Belt HP+20% Beast Killer Demi
Glass Buckle Antibody Add Status Thunder
Madain's Ring Body Temp Chemist Guardian Mog
Rosetta Ring Level Up Concentrate Reflectx2
Reflect Ring Auto-Reflect Distract Reflect
Coral Ring Insomniac Man Eater Lancer
Promist Ring Restore HP Absorb MP Mag Elem Null
Rebirth Ring Auto-Life Life Revive
Protect Ring Long Reach Mag Elem Null Half MP
Pumice Piece Boost
Pumice Ark
Yellow Scarf Bird Killer Millionaire Steal Gil
Gold Choker Auto-Potion Flee-Gil Shell
Fairy Earrings Level Up Body Temp Regen
Angel Earrings Auto-Regen MP+20% Reis's Wind
Pearl Rouge Level Up Reflect Null Loudmouth
Pearl Armlet N/A
Cachusa Bright Eyes Ability Up Life
Barette Chemist Gamble Defense Cura
Extension Auto-Potion MP+10% Level Up
Ribbon Madeen Ability Up Guardian Mog
Maiden Prayer Auto-Regen
Ancient Aroma Odin's Sword
Garnet Bahamut Healer
Amethyst Atomos Demi
Aquamarine Leviathan HP+10%
Diamond Body Temp Distract
Emerald Haste MP+10% White Draw
Moonstone Shell Beast Killer
Ruby Carbuncle Reflect
Peridot Ramuh Thundara
Sapphire Fenrir High Tide
Opal Shiva Blizzara
Topaz Ifrit Fira
Lapis Lazuli Ability Up Accuracy+
Phoenix Pinion Phoenix
Dark Matter Odin


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