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Final Fantasy IX Vivi's Abilities

Black Magic
The very nature of Black Magic is to destroy or attack. Vivi learns most of his spells from wooden staves that you can find or purchase as the game progresses. Vivi should start each battle by using his first couple of turns to "Focus" his magical powers. This is a command on his battle menu, and it can increase the power of his spells.

Vivi learns some incredibly powerful magical attacks, but because his physical strikes are so weak, he depends on spell-casting to an extreme. Thus, Viviís abilities are practically negated if the enemy casts a Reflect spell. To counter this, a White Mage (like Dagger or Eiko) must cast Reflect on herself, and then Vivi can bounce spells off of her at the enemy.

Arguably, Viviís most powerful spell is the Doomsday spell, which inflicts Shadow damage upon everything on-screen. Prepare your party accordingly when Doomsday is cast, and learn how to use it effectively against enemies. Your party must be equipped with armor and accessories that nullify or absorb Shadow damage; otherwise, the spell will inflict massive damage on everyone. To use Doomsday most effectively, have Vivi and Steiner collaborate to cast Doomsday Sword, which enables Steiner to focus Vivi's magic onto a single enemy instead of everyone.

Black Magic
Spell MP Effect
Fire 6 Causes Fire damage to single/multiple targets
Fira 12 Causes a lot of Fire damage to single/multiple targets
Firaga 24 Causes big time Fire damage to single/multiple targets
Sleep 10 Puts single/multiple targets to sleep
Blizzard 6 Causes Ice damage to single/multiple targets
Blizzara 12 Causes a lot of Ice damage to single multiple targets
Blizzaga 24 Causes big time Ice damage to single/multiple targets
Slow 6 Slows down ATB Gauge
Thunder 6 Causes Thunder damage to single/multiple targets
Thundara 12 Causes a lot of Thunder damage to single/multiple targets
Thundaga 24 Causes big time Thunder damage to single/multiple targets
Stop 8 Stops targets from taking any action
Poison 8 Causes Poison to single/multiple targets
Bio 18 Causes non-elemental damage and Poison to single/multiple targets
Osmose 2 Absorbs MP from the target and transfers it to the spell caster
Drain 14 Drains HP from the target and transfers it to the spell caster
Demi 18 Amount of damage depends on the targetís HP
Comet 16 Causes non-elemental damage
Death 20 KOís the target
Break 18 Causes Petrify
Water 22 Causes Water damage to single/multiple targets
Meteor 42 Causes non-elemental damage to all enemies
Flare 40 Causes non-elemental damage
Doomsday 72 Causes Shadow damage to all targets

Name AP Learned From
Fire 25 Mage Staff, Leather Hat
Fira 50 Flame Staff, Mageís Hat, Power Belt, Topaz
Firaga 75 Octagon Rod
Sleep 20 Flame Staff
Blizzard 25 Leather Wrist
Blizzara 50 Ice Staff, Opal
Blizzaga 85 Octagon Rod
Slow 20 Ice Staff, Magus Hat
Thunder 25 Silk Shirt, Glass Buckle
Thundara 50 Lightning Staff, Peridot
Thundaga 80 Octagon Rod
Stop 25 Oak Staff
Poison 35 Lightning Staff
Bio 40 Oak Staff
Osmose 70 High Mage Staff, Gaia Gear
Drain 60 Oak Staff
Demi 30 Cypress Pile, Black Belt, Amethyst
Comet 55 Cypress Pile
Death 45 Black Hood
Break 30 Cypress Pile
Water 55 N-Kai Armlet
Meteor 95 High Mage Staff
Flare 95 Black Robe
Doomsday 150 Mace of Zeus
Auto-Reflect 70 Reflect Ring
Auto-Float 20 Feather Boots
Auto-Haste 55 Running Shoes
Auto-Regen 30 Golden Hairpin, Light Robe
Auto-Life 70 Rebirth Ring
MP+20% 30 Black Robe
Healer 20 Garnet
Add Status 25 Bone Wrist, Chimera Armlet, Bracer, Feather Hat, Twist Headband, Glass Buckle
Reflect-Null 30 Robe of Lords
Reflectx2 110 Black Robe, Rosetta Ring
Mag Elem Null 85 Promist Ring, Protect Ring
Half MP 140 Light Robe, Protect Ring
High Tide 25 Jade Armlet, Dark Hat, Gaia Gear, Sapphire
Body Temp 15 Jade Armlet, Holy Miter, Madainís Ring, Fairy Earrings, Diamond
Level Up 30 Egoistís Armlet, Rosetta Ring, Fairy Earrings
Ability Up 55 Green Beret, Silk Robe, Ribbon, Lapis Lazuli
Insomniac 25 Bandana, Holy Miter, Magician Cloak, Gaia Gear, Coral Ring
Antibody 30 Glass Armlet, Mantra Band, Survival Vest, Glass Buckle
Loudmouth 40 Mageís Hat, Golden Hairpin, Silk Robe
Jelly 25 Dragon Wrist, Dark Hat, Circlet, Bronze Vest, Dark Gear
Return Magic 90 Coronet
Auto-Potion 10 Mythril Vest, Demonís Vest, Magician Robe, Running Shoes, Gold Choker
Locomotion 35 Black Hood, Golden Skullcap, Survival Vest, Demonís Vest
Clear Headed 15 Magic Armlet, Green Beret, Circlet, Dark Gear, Magician Shoes


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