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Final Fantasy IX Quina's Abilities

Eat = Blue Magic
During any battle, Quina can attempt to Eat an enemy; however, the enemy must be in a weakened state (near death) for this to succeed. After selecting the Eat command, Quina will tell you whether the monster is ready to be eaten. If the enemy is weak enough, Quina will simply eat it. As the monsters you encounter become more powerful, it becomes difficult for Quina to eat them and learn abilities. Use Dagger's Scan ability to determine the current HP of each monster. When its HP gets low, only have your weakest attackers strike and then keep trying to eat the monster each round. Casting spells such as Slow or Mini will aid in the digestion process.

Quina can eat almost any kind of monster, and even some Boss monsters too. The abilities that Quina learns enable you to perform some tricks that will help you kill monsters and confront Bosses more effectively. Since some monsters only appear up to a certain point in the game, try to eat various monsters as you encounter them to learn as many abilities as you can.

Frog Catching
In addition to Quina’s Eat ability, Quina will also ask if s/he can catch frogs whenever you enter the frog pond area of a Qu’s Marsh. There is one Qu’s Marsh on the Mist Continent, one on the Outer Continent, and two on the Forgotten Continent. Quina can catch frogs in any of these ponds.

As Quina catches more and more frogs, Master Quale rewards Quina’s progress with items and equipment. When Quina catches 99 frogs, s/he must challenge Quale to see who is the new master.

The other benefit of catching frogs is that the power of Quina’s Frog Drop ability depends on the number of frogs that have been captured. The damage follows this formula:
[Quina's Level x (amount of frogs)] = HP Damage
For example, if Quina is at level 50 and you have 99 frogs, then Frog Drop will cause 4950 HP damage. Frog Drop damage is non-elemental, and the attack never misses!

Quina Frog Drop
The number of frogs s/he catches determines how much damage the "Frog Drop" attack causes.

Blue Magic
Spell MP Effect
Goblin Punch 4 Causes non-elemental damage to enemy
Lv5 Death 20 KO’s all enemies whose Levels are multiples of 5
Lv4 Holy 22 Causes Holy damage to enemies whose Levels are multiples of 4
Lv3 Def-less 12 Reduces defense of enemies whose Levels are multiples of 3
Doom 12 Target’s life ends after a 10 count
Roulette 18 Randomly KO’s a target
Aqua Breath 14 Causes Water damage to all enemies
Mighty Guard 64 Casts Shell and Protect on all party members
Matra Magic 8 Reduces the target’s HP to 1
Bad Breath 16 Causes Confuse, Darkness, Poison, Slow, and Mini to the enemy
Limit Glove 10 Causes non-elemental damage to the target when your HP is 1
1,000 Needles 8 Reduces the enemy’s HP by 1,000
Pumpkin Head 12 Damages with the difference between your max HP and current HP
Night 14 Causes Sleep to all targets
Twister 22 Causes Wind damage to all enemies
Earth Shake 20 Causes Earth damage to all enemies
Angel’s Snack 4 Uses Remedy on all party members
Frog Drop 10 Amount of damage depends on the number of frogs you have caught
White Wind 14 Restores HP of all party members
Vanish 8 Makes a party member disappear
Frost 8 Causes Freeze to the enemy
Mustard Bomb 10 Causes Heat to the enemy
Magic Hammer 2 Reduces the enemy’s MP
Auto-Life 14 Casts Life when KO’d

Name AP Learned From
Goblin Punch Eat Goblin, Goblin Mage
Lv5 Death Eat Stroper, Dracozombie, Whale Zombie, Lich
Lv4 Holy Eat Feather Circle, Torama, Amdusias
Lv3 Def-less Eat Carve Spider, Lamia, Lizard Man, Sand Scorpion, Ochu, Grand Dragon
Doom Eat Veteran, Ash
Roulette Eat Ghost, Zombie, Hecteyes
Aqua Breath Eat Clipper, Axolotl, Sahagin, Vepal
Mighty Guard Eat Serpion, Myconid, Gigan Octopus, Antlion, Gargoyle
Matra Magic Eat Trick Sparrow, Dragonfly, Zaghnol, Ogre, Land Worm, Armstrong
Bad Breath Eat Anemone, Worm Hydra, Malboro
Limit Glove Eat Mu, Axe Beak, Mandragora, Blazer Beetle, Jabberwock, Catoblepas
1,000 Needles Eat Cactuar
Pumpkin Head Eat Python, Hedgehog Pie, Ladybug, Skeleton, Yeti, Basilisk, Bandersnatch
Night Eat Nymph, Abomination, Seeker Bat, Grimlock
Twister Eat Red Dragon, Abadon, Tiamat
Earth Shake Eat Adamantoise, Earth Guardian, Shell Dragon
Angel’s Snack Eat Ironite, Mistodon, Epitaph, Behemoth
Frog Drop Eat Gigan Toad
White Wind Eat Zuu, Griffin, Zemzelett, Garuda
Vanish Eat Vice, Hornet, Gnoll, Troll, Drakan
Frost Eat Wraith, Chimera, Kraken
Mustard Bomb Eat Bomb, Red Vepal, Grenade, Wraith, Maliris
Magic Hammer Eat Magic Vice, Ring Leader
Auto-Life Eat Carrion Worm, Gimme Cat, Cerberus, Yan, Stilva
Auto-Reflect 75 Reflect Ring
Auto-Float 40 Feather Boots
Auto-Haste 70 Running Shoes
Auto-Regen 30 Golden Hairpin, Glutton’s Robe, Light Robe
Auto-Life 165 Rebirth Ring
MP+10% 50 Magician Cloak, Magician Robe, Magician Shoes, Emerald
Healer 60 Garnet
Add Status 35 Bone Wrist, Chimera Armlet, Bracer, Feather Hat, Twist Headband, Glass Buckle
Gamble Defense 40 Twist Headband, Adaman Hat, Power Vest
Half MP 90 Light Robe, Protect Ring
High Tide 250 Fork, Needle Fork, Mythril Fork, Silver Fork, Bistro Fork, Gastro Fork, Jade Armlet, Dark Hat, Gaia Gear, Sapphire
Counter 55 Ritual Hat, Power Vest, Power Belt
Body Temp 20 Jade Armlet, Holy Miter, Glutton’s Robe, Madain’s Ring, Fairy Earrings, Diamond
Level Up 60 Egoist’s Armlet, Rosetta Ring, Fairy Earrings
Ability Up 40 Green Beret, Silk Robe, Ribbon, Lapis Lazuli
Millionaire 100 Yellow Scarf
Insomniac 40 Bandana, Holy Miter, Magician Cloak, Gaia Gear, Coral Ring
Antibody 20 Glass Armlet, Mantra Band, Survival Vest, Glutton’s Robe, Glass Buckle
Loudmouth 30 Mage’s Hat, Golden Hairpin, Silk Robe
Jelly 35 Dragon Wrist, Dark Hat, Circlet, Bronze Vest, Dark Gear
Absorb MP 80 Promist Ring
Auto-Potion 30 Mythril Vest, Demon’s Vest, Magician Robe, Running Shoes, Gold Choker
Locomotion 20 Black Hood, Golden Skullcap, Survival Vest, Demon’s Vest
Clear Headed 25 Magic Armlet, Lamia’s Tiara, Green Beret, Circlet, Dark Gear, Magician Shoes


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