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Final Fantasy VIII Walkthrough – Inside Sorceress Ultimecias’ Castle

Okay this is the hardest section of the game so I hope you're all trained up and have taken the time to do other parts of the game such as upgrading weapons and such.
Just before you enter the castle you will be asked to split you party into two teams. Ensure that all characters have powerful magic junctioned to their Hp and attack to ensure maximum chances of success and head up the steps into the castle.
The interior is rather depressing and to boot her servants will steal all your powers giving you no choice but to attack. Go up stairs and you'll meet the first of her servants.

Boss: Sphinxara
If you took the time to adjust and properly junction everyone before hand this beast shouldn't pose too much of a problem. Sphinxara will summon more monsters to help it during the battle, however like most things in these game if you kill the creator you kill the created so focus all your energy on the main monster. Just give it all you've got and it should eventually perish, you'll receive two wizards stones and a mega elixir for your trouble.

Now you'll be allowed to decide which of your powers you would like to have returned to you, I recommend Magic as you can use both offensive and defensive powers where as Items and GF's tend to be more limited. Now go through the doors at the top of the stairs and walk across the floor until the chandelier falls, consequently lowering you into the room underneath you. Go forwards to open the hatch in the floor then proceed to climb down the spiral staircase until you meet the second Servant Tri-Point

Boss: Tri-Point
Hp 20800 Lv 47
This one is a step up in levels of difficulty compared to Sphinxara but the trick is to junction Thundaga magic to your magic defence to lessen and absorb his attacks. Each time you attack him he will counter attack you with Mega Spark, this is powerful and removes about 3000hp from everyone so it's a good idea to have someone devoted to healing by triple casting Curaga and topping up Shell and Protect.
Secondly watch out for it's physical attack which involves you taking damage from its tail, this can take about 4000hp damage from a single character but providing you have protect this shouldn't be as bad as Mega Flare. Triple cast Firaga and Blizzaga on him to bring him down.

You get to choose again which other power you want returned to you, choose wisely then go over to the far right hand corner where there is a hidden Aura draw point. Stock up then walk back up the spiral staircase then through the door on the left. Follow the next corridor to the very end then go through the door to the right to return to the lobby.
Proceed back up to the top of the stairs and head to the fight to find yet another door. Go through and head down to the bottom of the stairs. Through the northern most door there is a picture gallery. Examine the paintings on the first floor then head up stairs on the right to find more in the upper gallery. After a good look go to the bottom of the stairs and examine the large painting on the left. The text is too faint to read but the guess the name as Vividarium, Intervigillum, Viator and another servant will appear at the bottom of the stairs.

Boss: Trauma
Hp 28809 Lvl 46
The main thing to watch out for here is the Mega Pulse Cannon, which takes about 1500hp from everyone in the party; he also summons miniature versions of himself called Droma throughout the battle, which do a slightly weaker version of Mega Pulse.
To avoid unnecessary problems with this monster start off the battle with Cerberus (if you chose GF) or casting triple on yourselves then triple cast the should-be-compulsory Protect, Shell, Regen/Haste, then the main Trauma with your best stuff and ignore the little ones until he falls.

Heal all your party and head through the northern door into a small dingy stairway that lead to a dungeon. Go to the bottom and then proceed into the cell on the left, when you enter the door will slam shut behind you and you'll need to find the key to escape. Check the corpse in the corner and you'll find the key, as you grab hold of it another servant will drop in.

Boss: Red Giant
Hp 30000 Lv 52
This giant may as well be made of diamond as his defence is so high that physical attacks might as well be mosquito bites, instead proceed to use Demi in triple cast doses as you can draw more from the giant himself at intervals if you start to run low. Use Demi until you're taking about 250hp or less from him then you can use physical attacks or cast aura on your most powerful attacker to throw a powerful finishing limit break.
Then things to watch out for in this fight are the chop attack, which removes 1200hp so cast protect to lessen the damage and the slicing attack, which is very similar. When you will you'll get some Diamond Armour.

Once you've beaten the Red Giant heal everyone then use the newly acquired key to open the cell. You'll need to find the armoury key now so you can enter the cell on the right so go back up the stairs where you'll find another passage on the left at the top of the next staircase. Draw some Cura spells fro the hidden draw point behind the rubble and continue along the crumbling passage where you can save your game at the save point.
Use the little lift to ride down to the ground floor then head south along the corridor unto another chamber. Climb the stairs on the left then follow the path around an enter the passage on the right. Now you'll find yourself back in the castle lobby so return to the foot of the stairs and step into the switch point to change over to the other party. Change your junctioned GF's so that one party member has Diablos' Encounter None ability as this will reduce your chances of dying before you meet the next boss when you're searching the castle.
Go through the door on the left-hand side and follow the corridor around to where the chandelier fell, stand in the centre of the switch point and you'll hit a hidden switch. Change back to the main group and climb the stairs to the top. You can walk across the chandelier now so walk over it and enter the door opposite where you'll meet yet another servant.

Boss: Krysta
Hp 14200 Lvl 46
Whenever you hurt this boss it will counter attack you causing roughly 3000hp damage, to help cope cast triple on one person and have them triple cast Regen and use GF's, as it doesn't counter attack them. Apart from that use Demi and Meltdown, I also suggest using a scan a fair way in as when this monsters Hp is low he will use Ultima which causes lots of damage to you party so around that time triple-cast shell and Curaga to top your health up in preparation for it.

Go back to the lobby now and walk down the stairs to the bottom. Enter the door on the left and make your way around to the room underneath the chandelier. Go north through the door to a courtyard then proceed over to the left where you can stock some Slow spells from the draw point. Search the fountain to find the Treasure Vault Key then climb the stairs 9n the rich to reach a wobbly bridge. Hit triangle to walk across the to collect the armoury key, don't run as it will fall and you'll need to search again near to the armoury.

Go back to the courtyard fountain and use the switch-point to change parties then go to the lobby again. Climb the stairs then go right along the path back to the dungeon. Use the newly acquired key to open the locked door and go inside where you'll find a Vysage in the back of the room. Heal yourself and junction yourself against status ailments etc before fighting Vysage then Gargantua will attack.

Boss: Gargantua
Hp 14036 Lvl 46
This is another monster that counter attacks, this time he'll take about 2500hp. He also uses Evil Eye, which inflicts various status ailments to make sure you cast triple on someone and have them dedicated to healing, using Esuna and protecting. The best bet though is to use Cerberus giving everyone the triple ability, if you don't have that don't waste time by casting triple individually on everybody. Triple cast Regen, protect and Aura to ensure his counter attacks don't end up killing you and to make this battle really quick with limit breaks.

Heal and Esuna everyone then search the suits of armour to find an Ultima draw point, stock up then leave the dungeon and go up the stairs on the left hand side. Go down the crumbling corridor and save and the save point, then use the lift to go to the ground floor. In this next passage search along the left wall and you'll find a hidden door to the treasury and you'll find four coffins that open when examined, now you'll have to face yet another servant.

Boss: Catoblepas
Hp 35115 Lvl 57
Begin with triple casting someone/ using Cerberus then triple cast protect, Aura and Shell to protect you from his 2000hp removing claw swipe and powerful thunder attacks, Aura will increase limit breaks so continue to pummel him with these. At the end of the fight he'll use meteor, which can take off 4000hp from everyone, you can also draw these spells from him. You'll get another ability back for beating him.

There will be a Holy draw point in the centre coffin so stock up and go back through the castle to the courtyard fountain. Go back through the doors on the far side and walk across the rickety bridge. Enter the door directly in front of you and climb the spiral slope to the top of the tower. As you near the top you'll see a bell swinging to hit X to leap on to it and ride it to a platform on the other side. Walk through the small gap to the right and you'll fight the last of Ultimecia's servants (finally).

Boss: Tiamat
Hp 89600 Lv 58
This boss only uses one attack called Dark flare but it's devastating. However luckily for you he must charge up to use it and that takes a while. Start off by drawing a new GF from him called Eden then use Cerberus or triple on someone and triple-cast Shell Regen and Aura. When he's about to use his attack renew all Shell if they have worn off and top up and dwindling health points. In-between use limit breaks and powerful GF's to bring him down.

Now head back inside the tower and use the bell again to get back to the spiral slope. Carry on climbing to the very top and stock on some Stop spells from the ledge on the left. Head south and climb across the clock face to find a ladder leading downwards. Climb to the bottom then head along the path and save your game at the save point on the left.

You must ensure that you're junctioned to your most powerful capacity, get your GF's all healed up and prepare yourself for the worst, once you're happy with the arrangement I suggest you save it again so that you don't have to re-junction yourself if you die.

Boss: Ultimecia and Griever
Ultimecia: Lv 44 Hp30400 Griever: Lv 44 Hp ?????
This is the toughest battle of the game and you'll need to use all of your magic and items and skills to get through this. Whack her with triple doses of Ultima, Meteor, Flare, Holy - you name it! Use Cerberus or cast triple on everyone here to deal maximum damage, triple-casting Shell is absolutely necessary.
Ultimecia has all of these magic spells too however and also has the ability to use your GF's against you. Your characters get swapped during battle here and you can't choose in what order either, chances are the weak ones wont make it through this battle. After each on perishes they'll get lost in time and will be replaced.
After you've given her a beating she'll summon Griever the strongest GF. For this one Triple -cast Shell protect and Regen on everyone along with Aura and just pummel him physically. After Griever has suffered the true Ultimecia will rejoin the battle but not before you get a short rest.
She has massive Hp and very horrible moves, including a move called Hells Judgement, which will reduce your party to one Hp. Use Mega elixirs to get yourself back on top and then use Aura for your limit breaks which will be most effective against her. After a very long time she'll eventually fail.

Congratulations you've now completed Final Fantasy 8, now sit back and enjoy the beautiful ending - also don't turn it off at the credits! Wait until the very end for a surprise.


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