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Final Fantasy VIII Walkthrough The Ragnarok

When you arrive inside this ship you'll discover that there's air here and Squall will operate the device to shut the door leading out into space. Save at the save point and junction yourself before heading into the next room where Squall and Rinoa will remove their space suits and share an awkward moment. Now head into the next room and across the bridge where you'll see a purple monster walk underneath you, you'll need to go through the ship now riding it of these monsters systematically (don't worry I'll tell you what to do) so ensure you're junctioned correctly; DO NOT GO BACK TO SAVE as when you enter the room there will be a yellow monster/ alien blocking the save point making you retreat and when you do that a red alien will jump you, instead go down the stairs to the right of the platform. When you do the purple alien will attack you.

Boss: Aliens
Each of these aliens has about 4000hp health, which doesn't seem like much, however they're fast and powerful and use a combination of powerful magic and strong punches. Each alien is probably twice as fast as you and can get three attacks in the space of your two. Each alien is the same however and if you develop a system to killing them in battle then you should be ok.
Start this battle of using Pain or Bio as poisoning these aliens will do more damage to it than you will most likely seeing as they have many more turns than you and poisoning damages on every turn, if you don't have pain spells cast Blind and use Siren as they're very vulnerable to the Silence status ailment and blinding them will make a considerable amount of difference as to how much damage you take in this battle. Once these monsters are silenced and poisoned there isn't much more to do except cast double on yourselves (don't use Cerberus as this takes time and you could die in that time) then protect as you shouldn't need shell if its silenced - each alien may be quick and strong but they sure are dumb as they continue to try to use magic after you've silenced them but that's all the better for you.
To be safe rather than sorry equip the auto-potion ability in case for some reason silencing misses the first time round and you take some damage as this heals you without using a turn but apart from that stick to casting Pain OR Bio, Blind and Siren (pain casts all three of these ailments) and you'll be fine, if you don't have any pain spells you can make them using the status magic deriving ability in the ability section on the main menu as this makes spells from items.
Follow this for each alien and you should be okay just be sure to heal after every battle.

Once the purple alien is defeated you need to find its corresponding colour, the other purple alien is located through the big door and through the door on the left, however there is a red alien situated before the door on the left so dash past it before it can attack you (it wont notice you when you first enter to make a mad dash for the door). Fight this purple alien then heal yourself before heading through the right hand door back to the red alien. When you've defeated this one head back up the stairs to fight the other. Once you've done that there's only one more before you can save then defeat the rest, so head down to the lower floor then into the door located in the top right hand corner next to the large door to fight the first green alien, once you've defeated it cure yourself of any status ailments and save your game at the save point.

Once you've saved head back up the stairs and through the door (stock on some Cura spells from the draw point first) to fight the second green alien (go back to the save point near the first green alien to save again if you don't fancy taking any chances and fighting this battle again) then go through the door in the top left where you'll be attacked by the first yellow alien. Once you've defeated it you gain access to a report on the aliens and how to kill them. Head back out as there's only one more to go, be sure to go back to the second save point now as a Full-Life draw point should have appeared by now. Stock up on the spells then go back up the stairs and through the door towards the airlock where you first entered to fight the last alien and to save.

Now you're free to explore the ship so save at the first save point and have a look around if you want. When you're read go through the large door to where the second green alien was and stand on the lift, which will take you up to the cockpit. Once inside there'll be a long scene - it turns out that the Ragnarok has been out of contact for 17 years. After this there'll be a really cute scene with Squall and Rinoa during which you'll be told that Rinoa is a sorceress as Edea passed on her powers to Rinoa without realising. They say that she'll be seized as soon as you land.


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