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Final Fantasy VIII Walkthrough – Trabia Garden

Once moving in your garden hit select three times and on a northern continent hover over the small yellow dot – this is Trabia garden. Head over there and trust me, when you see a beach around that area – use it! There is very few beach coastlines here so don’t bother trying to find the short way around and going in a continuous direction. All that said the way isn’t actually that hard if you find a beach, it just seems worse than it is if you wander before hand. Anyway back to the walkthrough…

Enter Trabia garden (you’ll know it when you see it) and its been devastated by the missile attacks. After the scene with Selphie follow her up the netting into the garden, once inside she’ll be talking to her friend and to her left there will be a draw point containing some Thundaga spells. Near the edge of the screen in this area you’ll find Weapons Mon Aug and in the others areas there is two draw points, one containing some Zombies in the cemetery and another containing Auras near the stage. From the stage area go to the right and save at the save point. Leave this area and you’ll see Selphie talking to some younger students, talk to her and she will tell you to wait for her at the basketball court.

Talk to the young boy and he’ll move out the way, now follow the path left, past the stage area until you get to the court. Talk to everyone, then go to leave and Selphie will enter. You’ll now see another scene, in which Irvine makes everyone remember that they all went to the same orphanage, this scene requires some active participation, but is linear and easy to follow by simply talking to everyone (I don’t want to talk you directly through it because I don’t want to spoil anything), it turns out the GF junctioning has cause some memory loss between everyone and that’s why they didn’t remember that they were all at the orphanage sooner than now.

Once this scene is over they all decide to go back there so choose a party and go North over the map (note: here you can take part in a side quest involving Shumi village located as a yellow dot on the x3 select map).


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