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Final Fantasy VIII Walkthrough – Fisherman’s Horizon

When you go to Cid’s office he’ll tell you that the garden is about to crash into a town called Fisherman’s Horizon, he’ll ask you to go apologise to the Mayor so head down to the 2F and out onto the deck through the door at the end of the right hand corridor. When you get outside you will be greeted by a couple of men, after you assure them that you come in peace head into town by following the set path and going down the lift. The mayors house is in the middle of what looks like a big blue dish, head past the entrance and save at the save point, draw some spells and then return and go down the steps to the house. Once insider head up the stairs where you’ll find the mayor and his wife, during the scene you’ll find out that Galbadian soldiers are in town.

After he leaves confirm on the cog like mechanism in the right of the room, it will turn and you’ll be able to draw some Ultima Spells, which are very useful. Now head out and follow the mayor, you’ll be stopped at the top of the stairs by his wife, once she’s done talking, save again and talk to the citizens who will tell you that the mayor headed for the old train station which can be accessed easily if you follow the straight path.

When you arrive at the station you will see a scene in which the Galbadian soldiers asking the mayor about Ellone, the Mayor doesn’t know anything and when he tells them the soldier will tell him that he’s burning the town down and starts to strangle him. Opt to help him straight away and you’ll have to fight him and two guards. They’ll go down easily and when this fight is over the machine Selphie and the gang fought at the missile base appears and you’ll have to fight a re-match

Boss: BGH251F2
At Lvl 16 and 6000hp you can hardly say this ones back with a vengeance and you should defeat it easily, however if you’re not too confident and want to make sure you beat it cast Shell and Protect on everyone which greatly subdues all of its attacks, which are the same as last time.
Start this battle by casting double and proceed to use Leviathan, Shiva and Quezacotl as this machine is weak against Water, Lightening and Ice. Alternatively double cast Thundaga/ thundara and Water on it until it falls. You might as well draw a few Shell, Protect and Slow spells while you’re there.

Once this battle is over Selphie and gang will appear from nowhere, it turns out that hey managed to escape the explosion after all. After the reunion talk to the Mayor and you’ll attempt to explain to him what SeeD is, that its not just mindless fighting etc. Now leave the station and go into town. Before returning to the garden go to the little harbour off the right of town, you can remodel a few weapons here. Now return to the save point and the draw point should be re activated, if not wander for a bit and see if it changes.

Save your game and go back to the garden the way you came. On your way in you’ll see Irvine who will tell you that Selphie is feeling down and waiting at the Quad for you near the stage. Once in the garden go to the Quad, walk down to the stage and you’ll see Selphie looking at the destroyed stage, you can either cheer her up of leave it to Irvine. Cid will summon you after this little scene; once you’re there Cid will make an announcement, appointing Squall as the commander. Irvine and Selphie will decide to plan a surprise party/concert for Squall to congratulate him and you’ll have to choose which items to play, each 4 bar tune consists of 4 instruments, to get a constant tune choose the following of two options, depending on your music preference:

For the Irish Song (Faster) choose:

For the slower song choose:
Electric Guitar

Once you’ve chosen your instruments the scene will flick back to Squall in his dorm. Leave and you’ll see the gang whispering; when they leave Rinoa will ask you to go to the concert. When you’re in Fisherman’s Horizon Irvine will talk to you about Rinoa and will mention that he has placed a magazine in a place where you and Rinoa “can go” etc. Follow Irvine and Selphie down the steps and after you’ve watched as much of the music as you’re forced to head off right to the area Irvine mentioned. When you arrive the magazines there as he said and there will be a cut scene that ends with Rinoa storming off. Go back to the band and when they finish you’ll go to sleep in your dormitory.

A summoning to Cids office will awaken you, so save and head over there. When you arrive you’ll be congratulated on your promotion and Nida will explain to you that the repairs have been carried out on the garden and that he has received training as to how to control it, Xu will suggest that you go to Balamb town to check over the situation. Speak to Nida and choose a party of three to join you. Balamb town is just across the water.


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