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Final Fantasy VIII Walkthrough – Galbadia Garden

When you arrive at the station you wont be far from the garden, equip yourself for the random encounters and head over the bridge. Continue walking until you see a forest between two narrow set cliffs. Save then enter, when you do the scene will change, the members will fall asleep and you'll re-gain control of Laguna Ward and Kiros.

This episode will begin with the friends looking at a mine. Laguna is unsure as to where to go but you decide to enter anyway, before you do you need to equip yourself. On the way in you'll be cornered by Esthar troops and will have to fight two sets of them. Once you have defeated them walk along the right path (the path without the ladder the leads down). You'll see three paths then, to the right is a draw point containing Confuse spells and in the central path there is a circle platform with a ladder in the middle. Climb down and continue along the path until you see three trap doors, walk over the middle one until you hear a creak, when you do so hit the X button. Laguna will make this into a trap, after he does go east and you'll see two soldiers falling down the trap. Continue and you see what looks like semi-circular metal strips, keep hitting confirm near it and you'll find an old key, unfortunately you have a hole in your pocket and will loose it.

Now head north and follow the path to another junction, continue forwards until you find a path with a boulder to the right and a switch on the ground. Hit the red one first to watch some soldiers being crushed, then hit the blue for some more. Continue up the stairs and follow the path around to the left. Push the new boulder and stock on some cures from the hidden draw point. Continue up the path until you see the save point. Save then head north up all the steps until you reach a ledge. You will be cornered and need to fight some soldiers and then some cyborgs. Watch out for these as in their desperation they get quick and unleash a fairly powerful attack called soul destroyer. After the attack there will be a long scene and Laguna will throw Ward and Kiros off the cliff, then jump off as well.
Now you're back in control of Squall. The gang will discuss the dream and leave the forest. From here go left and you'll see the garden.

Go inside and after the first two areas Quistis will say that she has been here before and that you need to let her handle this. Follow her and save at the save point. There is also a draw point in the centre that is hidden under the light, stock some haste spells and continue to walk in the same direction until you see some stairs, by now there should have been an announcement telling you to wait in the 2f reception room. Once up the stairs talk to the person stood outside the door. She will tell you to wait so go through and everyone will be waiting.
Quistis will return and tell you that Balamb garden isn't being help responsible and that Seifer has been executed. After a while Squall will start thinking and storm out. Now go back down the stairs past the exercising people into the tennis court, stock on some shells and go through the door at the end of the court. Here there'll be a save point but the guards will tell you that you're not allowed to go any further. Return past the training men and Fuijin and Rajin will come to tell you about your new mission and ask about Seifer. There will be an announcement telling you to go to the gates.

Now Martine will explain about the situation, your new mission will be to assassinate the Sorceress with the aid of a Sharp Shooter, here you'll get Irvine in the form of a beautiful FMV.
When the explanation is over Irvine will try to make teams, of course he chooses the young, pretty women. However if you're unhappy with Quistis and Zell (or even if you just want to spite the chauvinist) you can change the teams.

You need to head to the train station near the garden now to get the train to Deling. A ticket costs 3000gil, if you don't have it all you can do is head back over to Timber to sell some stuff, if you can you might as well raise 6000 gil and get the train back to East Academy, then walk to the garden and catch the next train. This will save walking time between locations, also if you don't get the train to Deling you can't walk because there's a vehicle in the way and you wont be able to follow the train track.
Also, a tip: When on the world map, walk on the concrete paths because you can't get into fights on them (this is if you’re fed up of getting into fights every three steps). You'll only fight if you veer off slightly.

Once on the train Irvine will try his luck with Rinoa and Selphie and you'll arrive at Deling. Head up the escalator into the city, head through the gap in the railing and talk to the conductor to get on a bus to General Caraways mansion. When you’re there talk to the guard outside and he'll tell you that the general wants you to prove yourself by going to the Tomb of the unknown king and brining the I.D of a student who went there yesterday.

You can buy from him the location displayer for 5000gil, which is useful in the labyrinth of the tomb. However I will give you a corner by corner guide of the tomb so don't worry if you don't have the cash of if you want to save money. Ask the guard to escort you outside and he'll leave you at the car rental place. Rent one if you want, if not just head directly south out the city. Once outside walk behind Deling and follow the coast up to a point, from a distance you should see the cave. Once inside Save and Draw some Protects before heading into the cave.


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