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Final Fantasy VIII Walkthrough Tomb of the Unknown King

Once you're inside the tomb head down the corridor and in the next area you'll find a piece of silver metal with the student I.D on it. You can turn back now if you wish but if you follow my instructions you will get the GF brothers for continuing, which are well worth the effort.

Once you have seen the I.D do this:
-Turn right and follow the curved corridor
-Turn right again and follow the curved corridor
-Turn right and follow the STRAIGHT corridor

Here there will be a room containing what looks like a statue but is actually Sacred, the first of the two brothers. When approached it will attack you

Boss: Sacred
Lvl 17
He isn't as tough as he looks...sure his hefty hammer can do 180hp but cast protect on your characters and that should get you through this battle easily.
The key to this battle is casting float on the guy, when he is on the floor he constantly heals himself making it really tough to grind down his HP, secondly stock some Life spells and thirdly hit him with a GF or two to make quick work of this battle. Once its over he will run off.

After he's run off, save at the point and go back to the junction before the straight corridor.

From here:
-Turn right and follow the curved corridor
-Turn right and follow the curved corridor
-Turn right and go down the straight corridor into a smaller room.

In the small room use the draw point and stock some float spells and then examine the chain, thus causing a flow of water to pass into the room. Leave and head back to the last junction (note: in here it may seem like you're going back on yourself, but you're not, the camera is simply rotating therefore generally when in doubt - turn right).
- Turn right and follow the curved corridor
- Turn right and follow the curved corridor
- Turn right and follow the curved corridor
- Turn right and follow the straight corridor to find some

Stock on some Cura's then save. Examine the switch on the right and something will open in the maze. Go back to the last junction before the last straight corridor, turn right and follow, then go straight ahead, then left again. Walk across the bridge and talk to the sacred, he'll summon his brother (who is amusingly very small) and you'll have to fight both of them.

The Sacred and the Minotaur:
Sacred: Lvl 18 2858hp
Minotaur: Lvl 27 7095hp
Cast double on your characters, then cast protect on everyone and double cast float on the two, repeat when these spells ware off. GF's are very useful here and a few of them will get rid of the sacred. Once he's gone the pressure will lessen and you can concentrate on hitting the Minotaur for all you're worth. GF him into submission and double cast water spells on him. He should go down eventually, and when he does he'll ask if they can join you. You'll get a Sacred card for winning.

Once you've won a spirit will talk to you and thank you for setting it free. It will give you the Minotaur card and you can now leave. To do this simple travel straight until you see the metal on the floor, memorise the number (if you haven't already) and leave the way you came. Outside the Draw point containing the protect spells will be active again, so stock on the spells and save your game. Now go back to Deling.


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