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The Spirits Within - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions
Final Fantasy VIII Walkthrough

Complete new walkthrough of Final Fantasy VIII written by Laura. Please contact us if you find any error within the guide.

Disc One
Balamb Garden
Fire Cavern
Liberate Dollet
Back at the Garden
Training Arena
Travelling to Timber
The Forest Owls
Back at Timber
Galbadia Garden
Tomb of the Unknown King
Deling and Sorceress Edea

Disc Two
D-District Prison
Missile Base
Balamb Garden
Fisherman's Horizon
Balamb Town
Trabia Garden
Balamb garden under attack

Disc Three
Edeas' Orphanage
White SeeD and The Journey to Esthar
Esthar City
Lunar Base
The Ragnarok
The Sorceress Memorial
Back at Esthar
Aboard the Lunatic Pandora

Disc Four
Into the time compressed world
Inside Sorceress Ultimecias' castle


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