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Final Fantasy VIII Tips and Hints

Low Level Advantages
Since the enemies level up as you do, try to keep your level as low as possible for easier battles. As long as your magic is good, defeating your opponents will not be a problem. Draw high level magic when your level is low to increase your status.

Increasing Stats
You can increase all your stats by using GF Eden's Devour ability by eating the following.
Hp: Rinoa in Adel + 10 HP, Ruby Dragon + 10 HP
Str: T-Rexaur + 1 Str
Vit: Adamantoise + 1 Vit
Mag: Behemoth + 1 Mag
Spr: Malboro + 1 Spr
Spd: Pu Pu + 1 Spd
If you eat a Cactuar your health is fully replenished.
The following trick requires Doomtrain, Eden and Tonberry. You also need Doomtrains ability Forbid Med-RF, Edens ability GFAbl Med-RF, and Tonberrys Familiar and Call Shop abilities. You also need to have been to all of Esthers Shops. Go to Esther Pet Shop in the Call Shop ability, then buy either Giant's Rings, Power Wrists, Force Armlets, or Hypno Crowns. Refine them with GFAbl Med-RF into their next form:
10 Giant's Rings to 1 Gaea's Ring
10 Power Wrists to 1 Hyper Wrist
10 Force Armlets to 1 Magic Armlet
10 Hypno Crowns to 1 Royal Crown
Then, use the Forbid Med-RF to turn them into status-ups:
1 Gaea's Ring to 1 HP Up
10 Hyper Wrists to 1 Str Up
10 Magic Armlets to 1 Spr Up
10 Royal Crowns to 1 Mag Up
It takes 150 000 000 gil just to get 100 of the status ups, each. Although this will take a long time, is shorter to do it this way then to eat monsters. You can also Refine Vit Ups by buying Vit-J Scrolls and using the GFAbl Med-RF to Refine 10 into 1 Orihalcan, then Refine 10 of those into 1 Adamantine, then use Forbid Med-RF to turn 5 of those into 1 Vit Up. You also can Refine Spd Ups by fighting a lot of Cactuars on Cactuar Island, and getting 100 Cactus Thorns then Refine them with GFAbl Med-RF to 1 Hundred Needles then Refine that using Forbid Med-RF, into 1 Spd Up.

Easy gil
This trick works on Disc three with the Recov Med-RF. Go outside of Esther to encounter a monster called a Mesmerize. After you defeat it, you will get an item called the Mesmerize Blade. Get 100 of those and then use the Recov Med-RF on it to get 200 Mega Potions. Sell the 200 Mega Potions for 1,000,000 gil. This trick works better if you have the Mug ability.

Easy Experience
Equip one character with Auto-Haste, Initiative, and Junction 100 Pain spells to their attack. They will go first, and blind/poison/silence the target monster (this works well against Behemoths). Have another character cast Zombie on the helpless monster, and have the third character use the Revive ability on the Zombied monster. Behemoths cannot see to counter attack, and Silence keeps them from using their high-level magic. In all Final Fantasy games, undead monsters are injured by curative magic, and killed by Life spells, Phoenix Downs, etc. Use this technique when fighting the Behemoths in the Deep Sea Research Center on the south-western-most corner of the world map to accumulate experience and build your characters. Note: This only works on monsters that are susceptible to Death magic. Bosses are immune to this trick, as are Ruby Dragons and Imps. Those opponents must be killed by traditional means; however the Diablos summon kills most Imps in one hit.

Easy AP
Start the game as usual and get Squall, Quistis and your GFs leveled up (over 20 for people with GF equipped). Complete the Ifrit sequence and go on to the regular Dollet Town mission. Finish everything up to the spider robot. Knock it out once, then when it begins repairing itself, use another summon (two if it takes that long to get back up), knock it out with a GF again, then run away as Zell suggests. This results in 50 AP points, which can be repeated as long as you watch the timer.

Take Balamb Garden to Edea's house and go north until you find a large desert (Kashkabald desert). You can fight Cactuars, Chimeras, and Abyss Worms if you stay on the sand. Find a Cactuar or two, and kill them. Each one defeated will result in 20 AP, which is helpful for learning moves that require a lot of AP, such as Alexander's Revive.

9999 Health
Get to level 43 or higher and draw or refine an item into 100 Curaga. Do not level up. Instead Junction 100 Curaga to HP. If you are not at 9999 HP, put on HP +20%, HP +40%, or HP +80 %.

More HO
Have magic Full-Life, learn GF HP-j and HP +80%. Equip Full-Life on HP Magic and have Ability HP +80% equipped.

Ending scene
Allow the credits to complete after the final FMV sequence to see Squall and Rinoa.

Quick movement in Balamb Garden
When first at Balamb Garden, after you give the tour to Selphie, approach the the directory and press Action. When the directory screen appears, move the pointer to where to wish to go and press Action. You will appear in the hallway in front of that location. Note: This only works at the beginning of the game.

Dancing soldiers on control panel
You can toy around a bit with the Missile Control Panel. Choose to go to the equipment inspection screen to see the equipment used by the Galbadian Army. Hold Triangle + Square and press Up or Down. The scene will switch to either a dancing Galbadian Soldier or Elite Soldier.

Lunch Lady's kid
if you talked to the Lunch Lady to the left in the Garden, she will tell you about her son and how he went out on his own. You can actually meet him after the Boss Battle in FH (with BGH251F2). In this part of the game, you will be left alone. Meet up with Irvine at the top of the elevator, then go back the area where you just fought the Boss and talk to the teenager in yellow. If you ask if he is the Lunch Lady's son he will board the Garden.

Laguna - Lunatic Pandora doors
When you become Laguna for the second time in the game (before Galbadia Garden) you will be in a weird Centra Ruin (its actually part of Lunatic Pandora). After walking around a bit you will end up in a room with three doors on the ground. Go to the upper right corner of the first one and you can break the handle. Leave, then return and try this on the one to the far right. It will not break yet. Also try it on the one to the far left. After that, you will reach a room near the exit and a little bomb is will be on the floor. Hit the red one first, then the blue/ The other doors will open now. You cannot do anything about this until on Disc 3, when you enter Lunatic Pandora with Zell and Edea. Find the room with three elevators, go down the third one, and take the stairs to the right. Climb down the ladder and head left. Keep going and you will end up in a room with the three doors Laguna worked with. You can now enter them and get some great items.

Laguna - Timber Maniacs page
You can read the Timber Maniacs you find at the computer in Balamb (second floor class room). Go the Garden Festival page and there should be a page called Sir Laguna's Page. You can only see it after you get Selphie back from the missile base mission.

Laguna - Traffic jam
When you first enter Deling City as Laguna, go to the hotel, then immediately leave. There will be a traffic jam on all roads because Laguna parked in the middle of the road.

Zell - Pushups
When you are in Disc 1 at the Galbadian Garden, find the area where students doing pushups. When you are leaving, go back to that hallway and you should see Zell also doing pushups.

Zell - Entering his room
When Balamb Town is invaded by Galbadia, go to the Inn. Once you cannot get in, go to Zell's house and go to his room. He will let you in this time (and any other time after you cleared out Balamb).

Zell - Armageddon Fist
To use Zell's Armageddon Fist, simply use his two weakest moves (Punch Rush and Booya) repeatedly. It only takes fractions of seconds to do each move, and with good stats, each move does around 5000 HP damage. In four seconds you can do each move five times which is 50,000 damage. With 11 seconds, you can do over 150,000 damage. After casting Meltdown, Aura, and using only one Holy-War Omega Weapon can be defeated with 15 hits of Armageddon Fist only. Note: The strength stat should be at 255 for best results.


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