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Final Fantasy VIII SeeD Mission

The Bollet Mission Even determines your Conduct score. The points are determined by how much time remains on the clock when you reach the beach during the evacuation.

Remaining Time Points
25:00+ 100
24:59~24:00 90
23:59~23:00 80
22:59~20:00 70
19:59~19:00 60
18:59~17:00 50
16:59~15:00 40
14:59~10:00 30
9:59~6:00 20
5:59~3:00 10
2:59~0:00 0

Judgement is based on the Fire Cavern Event. The less time there is on the clock when you defeat Ifrit, the better your score will be.

Remaining Time Points
0:00~0:07 100
00:08~00:29 90
00:30~00:59 80
1:00~1:59 70
2:00~2:59 60
3:00~9:59 50
10:00~10:59 40
11:00~11:59 30
12:00~12:59 20
13:00~13:59 10
14:00~14:59 5
15:00+ 0

The number of enemies your party defeated during the Dollet Mission Event determines your Attack score. This number does not include enemies defeated by Guardian Forces. Even if an enemy's HP reaches zero more than once during a battle (i.e. X-ATM092), only the first time will contribute to the total.

Enemies Defeated Points
75+ 100
25~74 80
15~24 50
10~14 20
0~9 0

It's possible to only fight X-ATM092 once during the Dollet Field Exam. After the initial escape from X-ATM092 at the Communications Tower, you'll run for two screens. When you reach the screen with the downward slop, press the "TRIANGLE" button to walk instead of urn. this will keep the party from being stunned and avoids a second battle against X-ATM092.

Times Escaped Points
1 100
2 70
3~4 50
5~9 30
10 0

Many things determine attitude...
  • The Number of people you talk to duing the Dollet Field Exam. there is a one point deduction per conversation. This includes talking to people in Balamb. If you talk to Biggs, you will lose two points.
  • A one point deduction is taken each time you attempt to go toward the Communication Tower before Seifer commands you to do so.
  • Each time you jump off the cliff shortcut to reach the Communication Tower (Selphie's shortcut), you receive a five point deduction.
  • You lose 10 points if you fail to save the dog while passing through Dollet's town square during your escape from Dollet. Speak with the dog to help it escape.
  • If you run into the Cafe to escape from the X-ATM092, you lose 20 points.
Bonus: You will receive a 100 point bonus if you destroy the X-ATM092 (bring its HP to zero). Depending on your lever, it has anywhere from 5500 to 6500 HP. It is only possible to destroy it on the bridge.

Total Deductions Points
0 100
1~8 80
9~13 70
14~17 50
18~24 30
25+ 10


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