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Final Fantasy VIII Limit Breaks

Squall Leonheart
Limit Breaks
: Rough Divide
: Squall charges at a single enemy and performs an upward slice.

Limit Breaks
: Fated Circle
: Squall releases an energy wave while in mid-air with his Gunblade, which targets all enemies.

Limit Breaks
: Blasting Zone
: Squall's Gunblade forms a gigantic beam pillar that smashes all opponents.

Limit Breaks
: Lion Heart
: Squall slashes a single target 18 times, doing heavy damage with each cut. The Lion Heart move was termed 'End of Heart' in the Japanese version.
Rinoa Heartilly
Limit Breaks
: Angelo Rush
: Random counter-attack, Angelo charges at a single foe. (Learnt Trick)

Limit Breaks
: Angelo Strike
Learned From
: Pet Pals Vol. 1
: Sends a single target crashing onto the ground.

Limit Breaks
: Angelo Recover
Learned From
: Pet Pals Vol. 2
: Randomly restores HP to a weakened party member.

Limit Breaks
: Angelo Cannon
Learned From
: Initial Attack
: Resultant explosion hits all enemies.

Limit Breaks
: Invisible Moon
Learned From
: Pet Pals Vol. 3
: Puts entire party in Invincible status.

Limit Breaks
: Angelo Reverse
Learned From
: Pet Pals Vol. 4
: Randomly restores a KO'ed party member.

Limit Breaks
: Angelo Search
Learned From
: Pet Pals Vol. 5
: Randomly finds items on the battlefield.

Limit Breaks
: Wishing Star
Learned From
: Pet Pals Vol. 6
: Shooting stars devastate all foes several times.

Limit Breaks
: Angelo Wings
Learned From
: When you get Rinoa after the Lunar Base incident
: Angel Wing will only become available in Disc Three; in this mode Rinoa is controlled by the computer and can only cast random spells, all of which hit for maximum results.
Zell Dincht
Rush Punch
: O , X (Learnt)
Booya: Right , Left (Learnt)
Heel Drop: Up , Down (Learnt)
Mach Kick: Left , Left , O (Learnt)
Dolphin Blow: L1 , R1 , L1 , R1 (Combat King 001)
Meteor Strike: Down , O , Up , O (Combat King 002)
Burning Rave: Down , Down , Down , Down , O (Learnt)
Meteor Barret: Up , X , Down , T , O (Combat King 003)
Different Beat: T , S , X , O , Up (Combat King 004)
My Final Heaven: Up , Right , Down , Left , T (Combat King 005)
Quistis Trepe
Laser Eye
: A laser beam hits a single target.
Ultra Waves: Sonic waves affect all targets, causing damage and Berserk conditions.
Electrocute: A lightning bolt fries all targets.
LV?Death: Randomly kills foes bearing a certain level.
Degenerator: Wipes out a single target.
Aqua Breath: Gigantic water bubbles drown all targets.
Micro Missile: Cuts a single enemy's HP to half.
Acid: Causes all types of status maladies to a single opponent.
Gatling Gun: Fires multiple rounds at a single target.
Fire Breath: Engulfs all foes in a fire flood.
Bad Breath: Causes all types of status maladies to all opponents.
White Wind: Restores HP to all members. Magnitude is determined by caster's present HP.
Homing Laser: A powerful laser beam hits a single target.
Mighty Guard: Endows all members with Protect, Shell, Haste, Regen and Float.
Ray-Bomb: Resultant explosion smashes all enemies.
Shockwave Pulsar: The strongest Blue Magic, causes devastating damage to all foes.
Selphie Tilmit
: Completely restores all members' HPs.
Wall: Endows party members with Protect and Shell.
Rapture: Takes the target away from battle. Useless against bosses and flying monsters.
The End: Eliminates practically any enemy (including bosses!). Useless against undead and the final boss. 'The End' appears very rarely.
Irvine Kinneas
Normal Ammo
: Standard damage to single target.
Shotgun Ammo: Standard damage to all targets.
Fast Ammo: Low damage to all targets. Extremely quick firing rate.
Fire Ammo: Moderate to high fire-typed damage to all targets.
Dark Ammo: Standard status-changing damage to single target.
Demolition Ammo: Heavy damage to single target. Slow firing rate.
AP Ammo: Heavy damage to single target. Average firing rate.
Pulse Ammo: Maximum damage to single target. Average firing rate.
Laguna Loire
Limit Breaks
: Desperado
Description: Laguna hurls a grenade at the enemy, leaps and latches onto a rope while opening continuous fire with his Machine Gun, and ends his Limit Break with the detonation of the grenade, throwing the enemy sky-high. Causes damage to all targets.
Kiros Seagill
Limit Breaks
: Blood Pain
Description: Kiros goes into a slashing frenzy with his katals, approximately cutting the enemy 7 to 8 times. Critical hits appear at random. Single target.
Ward Zabac
Limit Breaks
: Massive Anchor
Description: Ward hurls his harpoon into the air, leaps up to retrieve it, then pierces the enemies with a downward thrust, causing a massive explosion. Affects all enemies.
Limit Breaks: Ice Strike
Description: Attack that targets a single enemy and does tons of damage! The damage received by the enemy is based on Edea's level.


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