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Final Fantasy VIII Walkthrough - Disc 2

2.1 WinHill village
The scence begin with Laguna and his little daughter Elone. Now, follow her to the pub near Laguna 's house and you'll meet Raine [Laguna's wife] and Kiros Sesgill. Talk to him and go to the end of village. After that, go back to 2nd floor of pub and you'll meet Raine and Elone. Talk to them. Then head back to Laguna's house for a sleep....

2.2 SEED as prisoners
Switch to Quistis, Zell, Selphie and Riona had been prisoned after their failure to kill Edea. Some Galbadia soldiers appear and take away Riona. And Squall had been trapped alone at a remote cell. Seifer torture Squall and keep asking Squall about the true meaning of SeeD. Later he left and let a soldier ask Squall questions. The choose of answer will affect the progress of resuce but that's not important. Swich back to Zell and other party, you'll be able to control Zell for help Squall that's arrested on the other floor. First, you must bring back the weapon that is located on the 8th floor and head back to the old room. Then, after everyone get back their own weapon, exit the area and head to 13th floor to help Squall. When you reach the 13th floor and give back the gunbladse to Squall, exit that area. Then, Zell will leave the party and you'll be able to control Squall. Squall will go to vehicle that's located at the center of Prison. Then, press the keyboard and you'll reach the ground floor. Now, go to the gate and press the button. Switch to Zell, make a clockwise run through the right contour until you were blocked by a guard and Squall will come and rescue you. Suddenly, gunfires started to attack Squall and his party. Just then, Irvine'll come and fired them. After that, you must form the new party. Squall, Rinoa and the other one head up to 14th floor. Irvine and other party [that you didn't choose] go down the stairs until you reach the ground floor. Now, you'll be able to control Squall again. You must go up the stairs that is located at the South of area and go up another stair that's located at North. You'll enter the room, exit through the right door and you'll fight the boss. After beat them, you'll be at the control room again. Press the nearby switch and head to the right for cross the bridge. Suddenly, the tower'll move and the bridge'll become split apart, you must hold the [right] and Squall will be safe. After that, your party will enter the car and drive away from the Prison Tower.

2.3 New Edea's plan, launching missiles to destroy garden
Along their way, you'll notice that missiles will be launched from Galbadia Missile Base to Balamb Garden. Therefore, you'll split party to two group. First group, lead by Squall will go back to Balamb Garden to warn Cid about these and Other group, lead by Selphie will go to Missile Base for stop the firing. Switch to Selphie, you'll drive the to Missile Base. You'll be enter their base because they will disguise themselves as Galbadia soilders. Now, head to the left door and press the blue switch. You'll be able to enter that door. Go to the place where you'll find the two soilders. Talk to them and then, back to the place where you find the soilder examining the warhead. Next, go back to the place where you can find two soilders and talk to them again. Now, go back to the place where you can find the soilder in front of security system, talk to him and after that you'll be allow to enter the room. Go to keyboard and choose answer1, answer2 and press [square] until the machine'll become over heat [there'll be two soilder come in]. Now back to the downstairs, you'll find a soilder call you to help them push the huge box. After that, exit that room and you'll find the keyboard in front of the room. Press [circle] and the computer'll work. First, enter "EDEA" as your password. Now, you can access the main menu. Then, choose the "TARGET" and "SET ERROR RATIO". Hold right until tthe bar reach the maximun value. After that, choose "DATA UPLOAD" and select "YES". Then, talk to soilder near the stairs and you'll be able go to upstairs. Fight the soilders in this room. After defeated them, explore all the computer and go to next room for set escape time between 10 minutes to 40 minutes. After all things has done, you should get out to the first area as fast as you can. Then, you'll fight the huge machine, boss of this section. After defeated, wait for a minutes and the screen'll fade up and switch to Squall's Party.

2.4 The Garden is in Trouble!
Balamb Garden had been acting strange when Squall back. A teacher stop Squall and asking if Squall is following Master or Headmaster. answer Master will avoid a lot of battle and won't affect the storyline. After running around the Garden Squall found a familiar figure had enter the elevator. That figure is the girl who brief Squall back in their Dollet mission. She told Squall that Headmaster had be kept safe inside his room. Then you will see Cid in his room. When he know of the missile attack he gave Squall a key to set the Garden's MD level. Go back to elevator and you'll find a hatch under your feet after the elevator stop. Keep going, until reaching a underground base with a lever. By push the lever it open a gate across the bridge. Two monster that weak at fire will block the bridge. Get over and turn on the machine. Suddendly the ground trembles and you found your have been risen to Headmaster's room! And you found the Balamb Garden had fly off, just in time to avoid the missiles attack. If you have Rinoa in your party, then you'll see another FMV that great!

2.5 Elone, a girl in his dream!
In the morning, Rinoa'll come and wake up you. After that, a teacher will call you to see Master by elevator. You reached master Room and see Cid is arguing with someone. You overheard that "master" say Cid and Edea was a couple? Cid leave and you are summoned by the Master. Finally you have a chance to see the Master, the person behind the whole Garden. He was pissed off by the kill Edea order and attack you [Don't forget to draw G.F. Leviathan from Master]. With a bunch of questions unanswered Squall visit Cid. And the dialogue cut short when a mystery white SeeD ship approach Garden. Cid ask Squall to help locate Elone, the lady that they are here for. Squall found her in the Library, and found that she is the same Elone in his dream of Laguna. With more question Squall can only let the white SeeD's crew take her away.

2.6 Fisherman's Horizon
Cid is not good at driving the Garden, and it end up with crashing into FH, in short of Fishermen's Horizon. Cid assign Squall to apolgize and check the place. In this place you'll find the same huge machine that Selphie met at Missiles Base, fight!. After the battle you found the Selphie team had been come back alive. They are happy and want to held a party for this. Then Riona invite Squall to the party. At the party they exchange their heart and lessen Squall's burden. After that, Balamb City had been under galbadia's control. Go to talk to everyone in this city. And if you do the true step you'll meet Raijin in front of the Hotel. After beat him he'll run away. Follow him to the hotel, and you'll meet Fuujin, Fight them [Don't forget to draw G.F. Pandarnonium from Fujjin]. After that back to Balamb Garden. After that head the Garden to Trabia Garden, which is located at the area of North. After get in, Selphie will go to she her friend. Walk around and you'll found Selphie in Graveyard, Talk to her. And go to the playground on left hand, then Irvine'll tell about his childhood life, and a long story begin again.

2.7 Galbadia Final Attack
When they leave, they found Galbadia Garden, waiting for them outside. After giving orders Squall squad around. Zell is leading a team at the backdoor. When the battle goes on, Rinoa had fallen into a gap when two Garden crash. Zell rush to front door and inform Squall about this. Then, go to your Classroom and you'll find that some Junior Student has been attack by Galbadia Soilders, Fight them. After that go to Medical room and talk to everyone. Then go back to 2rd Floor, you'll find one child at the end of alley. Suddendly a Galbadia soldier appear and hit Squall. Squall stand by the emergency exit and get away with that Galbadia soldier. Keep Kick+Defence while doing this air combat. After the battle Squall rescue Rinoa. Across the battlefield and rush to Galbadia Garden's backdoor.

2.8 On-Board Galbadia Garden
Now head to left direction and you'll have some conversation with Rinoa. Then the others will re-join the party inside. Most doors had been locked so you must visit find the students that have the keycard of each section. First you must find the KEYCARD No.1, from the location where is the place that Save Point located head to right. Next you see three doors and there's only one that you can enter [I think on the right]. And if that is true way, you'll find staircase. Walk up the stairs and you will meet Fuujin and Raijin. Talk to them and go to the left path. Next enter the room on the right hand. You will meet a student, talk to him and he'll give you the KEYCARD No.1. For the KEYCARD No.2, Just go the save area again. From that area, go the left and enter the door on the left. You'll see the hockey field. Cross the field and enter the right door. Now, you will be at the section with three ways, go to right and you find a guy in the lecture room, talk to him and he'll give you KEYCARD No. 2. Now head back to the area where you can find Fuujin and Raijin. Go up to the next floor and you will see the door. Enter it. Walk until you reach the other building, go straight on [Don't interested in the stair]. You'll find monster at the center of Main Hall. If you can defeat him, you'll get the G.F. Cerebrus [Simply use G.F. Diablo to attack him, each turn that you attack his HP will decrease about 9999]. Seifer and Edea are waiting for you at the Master Room at the 2nd floor. First you'll fight Seifer and after defeating him Edea will disappear. Then head to the Lecture Theatre at the same floor, at the other end. Edea is there. Seifer appear again and guarding Edea. Keep attack Seifer because if he don't fell down Edea will not attack you. After defeat him, you'll fight Edea [Don't forget to draw G.F. Alexandre from Edea]. After the series of attacks finally Edea fell down and regain her conscious. After that, you'll see Rinoa going to help Seifer. Suddenly, it may have something happen to her and she'll fall into ground.


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