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Final Fantasy VIII Walkthrough - Disc 1

1.1 Balamb Garden
After the introduction FMV, you'll see Squall Leonheart lying on the bed because of an injury sustained while training with Seifer Almasy. Dr. Kadowaki will ask him some question [You can pick any answer for your reply] and tell him to be more careful in the future. Then, she'll call Squall 's advisor, Quistis Trepe to take Squall to the classroom. After finish the class, talk to Quistis and she'll tell you should go to the Cave of Fire with her [because if you don't finish that track, you won't be able to participate entrance examination]. Then, go back to your seat and access the Balamb garden network, choose the Tutorial option and you'll get the first two Guardian Forces [Or you can call G.F.], Quetzalcoatl and Shiva. Now, leave the class room, a girl will bumps into Squall and falls down, Squall will have some conversation with her and tell her how to use the Lobby directory. Then, go to south from here and you'll find Quistis's waiting for you at the main gate of Balamb Garden.

1.2 The Cave of Fire
Travel to the East on the overworld map to get to the cave, you should learn combat system, getting used to drawing/ junction/ G.F./ and etc... before go to the cave. After enter it, you'll meet two Garden Faculties and choose your time between 10 minutes to 40 minutes to complete the mission. Now, you'll able to enter the cave. Just simply go to the North and you'll fight with the Boss [Suggest to summon G.F. Shiva]. After you have defeated him, you'll get the new G.F. Ifrit. Go back to the Garden and go striaght to dormitory for change your clothes and prepare yourself for the SEED's Final Examination. Next you'll assemble in the 1st floor lobby, you'll meet the new member, Zell Dincht. After thet Cid Kramer, the principal of the Balamb Garden will come and inform you about the mission. Go to the northeast block, Car parking for access to a car and head to Balamb city. Drive a car along the road and car will stop at the Harbor of the Balamb city. Next enter the sub-boat prepare for new journey to Dollet.

1.3 The SEED Examination, Relieving Dollet City
After arrived Dollet, simply follow Seifer. At the Town Square, follow the Galbadia soilders to the path leading to the Radio Tower. Then, you'll arrive the tower. At the cliff, Seifer'll leave your party and you'll have a new member Selphie Tilmitt, a girl whom you crash at the Balamb Garden, join instead. Enter the tower, go to the upstair by the elevator and you'll encounter two soilders, Biggs and Wedge. After defeat them, you'll fight the boss, Elviole [Don't forget to draw the G.F. Siren from it]. After beat, you must go back to the beach within 30 minutes. Beware you'll be follows by a huge gigantic crab, X-ATM092. You must fight with it about three times [Simply use the Bolt magic or summon G.F. Quetzalcoatl]. And when the crab is down press both L2 and R2 for escape. When arrive the beach, Quistis will beat it by the machine gun.

1.4 Lady in white night grown
After arrive the Balamb 's harbor, go back to the Balamb garden. You'll meet Quistis and Cid at the loobby. Next go to the right, you'll meet Seifer. After a little conversation, go to 2rd floors near the classroom waiting for the list of people who passed the Final Examination. Sure, Squall and Zell are passed. After that, go to the 3rd floors for graduation ceremony. Next, back to the dormitory to change your clothes to SEED Uniform for join the graduation party.

At the party, Squall will meet Rinoa Heartillly and she'll ask him to dance with her. After the beautiful FMV, Quistis'll talk to Squall at the Balcony and tell him go to Training Center with her tonight. Then, back to the dormitory for change your clothes and go to Training Center that is located on the East block. Inside you'll meet Quistis and she'll rejoin the party. You can chose any door to access the next section. Then, Enter the door that has been infested with light. You'll have the conversation with Quistis about her past life. After conversation, at the exit you'll see the girl encounter with a monster. Help her! and after the fight go back to dormitory. Along the way, you'll meet Zell and he'll tell you that you must move to new room near your old room.

1.5 The 1st Mission
In the morning, go head to the main gate and you'll have a conversation with Cid. Before continue the next mission, Cid'll give you an item Magic Lantem which can use to summon G.F. Diablo and you'll fight with him. After defeat him, you'll fight with him. After defeat him, you'll get the G.F. Diablo. Now back to Balamb city, go ahead to draw point. Then, enter the left section to the Train station and pay 3,000 Gil to enter the train. Inside the train, you'll have a conversation with Zell and all of your party'll become unconscious.

1.6 The Man With The Machine Gun, Laguna Loire
Now you'll change to control Laguna Loire and his party, Kiros and Ward. Walk along the way and you'll find the truck. The truck'll take all of your party to Derring city. Go ahead to the Galbadia hotel. Enter the area on the right. Next, you'll see the lady come and play the piano. After play, talk with her and go to the upstair. you'll have a conversation with piano lady at her room.

1.7 The Forrest Own
Well, you'll back to control Squall and his party that wake from stranged dream about Laguna. Now, you arrive the Timber station, talk with a man who wearing the blue cap and go up to the train. Then, walk to the deepest section and you'll meet Rinoa once again. And she'll very happy to know that Cid sent the SEED for help her mission [She go the the Graduation party bacause of this reason]. Then, she'll explain her mission to Squall and his party. Press [Down] for go down to enter the password to disconnect the train, Press [Up] for go back to the upstairs when you see the Galbadia Soilders, Press [L1] to see the soilders on the left hand, Press [R1] to see the soilder on the right hand [While you enter the password, if you meet the soilders you'll re-enter it again]. Enter the password by 4-digits [Triangle]=1, [Circle]=2, [Square]=3, [X]=4. After finish, talk to Rinoa and you'll fight with the fake President Derring and Utoku.

1.8 Another mission in Timber, TV Broadcast
After arrive the Timber again, go ahead to the hotel to talk with the man in front of counter. Then, have a fight with Galbadia Soilders at the main gate of Timber. After fight go to the Pub that is in the right of train station, talk with a man and pick the 2nd answers twice. Now, you'll allow to enter the backstage of the Pub, go along the alley and you'll see the stairs. Go up the stairs and you'll see a huge TV monitor that display the annoucement. Seifer'll go to kidnap the man in the TV monitor. Then, go along the way and you'll meet Quistis. Follow her and you'll encounter with Seifer and Edea. Now, follow Rinoa until reach the other side of the station. Now you'll get on the train. In the first stop, get off and head for the forest located in between the two cliffs, there Squall, Quistis and Selphie'll fall unconsicious again.

1.9 Back to the another Laguna's Scenario
Well, back to the another Laguna's Scenario. start at the mine where're seem to be the Cave of Ice that have many direction to go. But there's only one way that can leads you to the cliff. You'll fight with some soilders. Then, all the party'll jump down to the sea.

1.A Galbadia Garden, Irvine Join!
Back to the Squall scence, when exit from the forest, you'll find the Galbadia Garden. Go to the 2nd floors, talk to every one of your party. then, you'll meet Seifer's Pals, Raijin and Fuujin. Go back to the entrance, you'll meet Quistis. Talk to her and talk to Rinoa and Irvine Kinneas will join the party. Now go ahead to Galbadia station at the outside. The train'll take you to Derring city. When enter the city talk to the busattendand, wait for the bus and choose the 1st answer to get on the bus [Press X to get off]. Go to the area that have the public park along two side. Then, get off and talk with a man on a right hand and he'll give you a map. Talk to him again, and choose the 4th answer. Then, you'll be at the Rent-A-Car Shop, Pay for a car about 3,500 Gil and drive to the right of the world map. Next, you'll find the Tomb of Nameless King.

1.B Tomb of the Nameless King
At the entrance, you'll see the sword, check for the three digit password [You can press SELECT to view the map of the Tomb]. First, you must go to the East-wing. Now, you'll meet one of the G.F. Brothers, Sacred. While fighting, he'll run away. Then, go to the West-wing and press the switch. Next, go to the northest of the map and press the chain for the water will come in. Finally, go to the center of the map and you'll see the bridge, cross it and you'll meet all the Brothers, Sacred and Minotaur. Defeat them and you'll get the G.F. Brothers. Then, go back to Derring city and head to the man that you talk to before. Tell him the password that you get from the Tomb.

1.C Back to Deling City
Then, you'll allow to enter the mansion and you'll meet Colonel Carlway. He'll take all of us except Rinoa to see the area for the plan to kill Edea. Nw, back to the mansion and you'll meet Rinoa. After that, follow everyone to the main gate, talk to every one and follow Carlway. Then, you must control Quistis go back to mansion. And they'll be place under house arrest. Now, you'll be able to control Rinoa. Just simply climb up huge crates until reach the Top. Inside, you'll meet Edea. Edea'll control Rinoa with her powers and summon the dragon figure to attack Rinoa. Now, you'll back to control Quistis. Pick the glass that on the shelf near the door and go to the right, you'll see the one figure. Place the glass on the hand of figure. You'll see the hidden way, Enter it!

1.D Destroy Edea Mission
Switch to Squall and Irvine, control them to the building. Then you'll see the same way that Rinoa had passed before, Follow her way. Now, you must fight two Shumeruke [Don't forget to draw G.F. Carbunkle from them]. Go to the North and you'll see the hatch on the right hand. After go down, pick up the rifle on the left and you'll have a conversation. Back to the Quistis Scence, when you passed the sewer and reach the save point. Climb up the stairs and press the switch that on the left. Now Irvine will shot to Edea but if can't harm her. Squall will drive to the area where Edea is. Now, Squall must fight Seifer one by one. After defeat him, you'll fight Edea but he'll injured from her power.


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