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Final Fantasy 8 Index

Final Fantasy 8 Review

Final Fantasy VIII is one of the amazing 3D games which have set a benchmark for role-playing games with more than 8.5 million copies throughout the world to make revenue of fifty million dollars. The game was released by legendary Square Enix Corporation during the year 1999 for Sony Playstation and for Desktop computers during the year 2000.

The graphics of Final Fantasy VIII is amazing with high-polygon characters with improved appearance. The character animation is a sheer delight with amazing cast of Squall Leonhart, Quistis Trepe, Rinoa Heartilly, Zell and others. The story revolves around group of young mercenaries who join together to save the world from an evil sorceress who tries to manipulate an international war for her villainous purposes. The pre-rendered cinematic cut scenes makes you feel that you are watching real-life characters as they are impressively expressive. The scenes like “Rinoa gasping for breath”, “the parade of witch Edea” are filled with strong emotional feeling, minute detail and perfect 3D visuals. The overall production design is excellent with real-time characters and 3D visual effects of pre-built backgrounds. The world in FF8 is designed with high-tech fantasy elements and filled with surprises.

In contrary with earlier versions of the game, where characters must earn their magic spells through progress in game, they could extract spells from their enemies such that characters are good. There are no magic points and spells are gathered and shared among the characters. The game play is somewhat different compared previous versions of the game due to some change in strategies and ability of characters. Every characters could be combined to a group called as Guardian forces who are elemental creatures with amazing power that bestow all types of skills on the character to which they are combined. The skills can be any type of skills like attacking in combat or using items or avoiding random encounters. Apart from that you can customize the combat strategy in various ways which are loved by RPG fanatics.

The story and melodramatic plot which forms the hallmark of Final Fantasy series has also some difference in FFVIII which is based mostly on characters and their relationships which are much more intense and complex similar to real life. The visual effects are ultimately breathtaking with detailed backgrounds that are meticulous with animated elements. The battle scenes are textured finely with plenty of full-motion cinematic video sequences which are entirely motion-captured and integrated in between the game play.

Final Fantasy series has got the best music in games and Final Fantasy 8 is no exception with most of impact present in cinematic cut scenes and visual sequences followed by in-game events. The terrific music sequence keeps you thrilled and the traditional Final Fantasy battle theme is present in this game. Nobuo Uematsu, popular Japanese music composer for games has scored the music for Final Fantasy VIII. Faye Wong has performed the theme music “Eyes on me” which is a vocal piece. The background sound is not as good as earlier versions FFIV, FFV and FFVI which had perfection in them. The sound effects are remarkable during full motion cut scenes but not engaging during game play and battle sequences. Voice acting is not found during the full motion videos and game feels like a silent movie sometimes and there is no way to believe that the game comes packed with “Dolby Surround Sound”.

The battles make use of Active Time battle system and there is also turn based battles in some places. The junction system, the guardian force system and draw system are techniques followed in the game play. The Guardian force system helps in handling the summoned monsters and every guardian force is similar to your party’s sub-member. The junction system works along with Guardian force system to provide different abilities and skills.

Final Fantasy VIII combines amazing 3D visuals with a interesting plot, customizable junction system, pretty decent sound and a solid RPG game play The game was fastest selling version of Final Fantasy series till Final Fantasy XIII.

Plot: 8/10
Game Play: 9/10
Battle System: 9/10
Graphics: 10/10
Music: 8/10
Sound Effects: 7/10

Final Fantasy 8 Information
Game: Final Fantasy 8
: Square Enix
Publisher: Square Enix
Genre: RPG
Medium: CD-ROM
Platform: PlayStation, PSX, PSOne

Final Fantasy 8 Release Date
Japan: 02/11/1999
USA: 09/07/1999
Europe: 09/29/2000
Final Fantasy 8 Box Arts
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Table of Contents
Index - Provides general information on Final Fantasy 8 including review, box art, disc information and release dates.

Animated GIFs - View Final Fantasy 8 animated sprites. Use them as avatars or upload them to your site.

Blue Magic List - In Final Fantasy 8, Quistis is the Blue Mage but unlike learning from enemies, she learns enemy abilities from items. Find out what you need and you learn.

Chocobo Forest - Want to ride a Chocobo in Final Fantasy 8? Well find out where the Chocobo's live and catch one.

Characters - Learn the details of all the playable Final Fantasy 8 characters, from blood type, date of birth and stats.

Chocobos - In Final Fantasy 8 just knowing the locations of the Chocobo Forests are not enough. Learn the secrets to catching a Chocobo.

Gameplay - Things have changed in Final Fantasy 8. Find out how summons work and new elemental attacks.

Junction System - In Final Fantasy 8 both characters and summons have a symbiotic relationship. Find how to get the best of not just your summons but also your own characters.

Rare Cards Location - The Final Fantasy 8 rare cards are character cards and summon cards. Not easy to find until now.

Special Magazines - Final Fantasy 8 uses magazines for a summons, limit breaks and weapons. Expand your power by unlocking these.

SeeD Mission - In Final Fantasy 8, during the mission to finally become a SeeD, you are graded on many things. Learn how to ace this exam.

SeeD's Salary - As a Final Fantasy 8 SeeD you will get paid for your work. Learn how much you get paid for all 31 ranks.

Walkthrough - Learn how to complete Final Fantasy 8. Allow us to tell you where to go, when to go and what to do when you get there.


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