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Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough Kalm and The Chocobo Ranch

Items: Ether, One Mind Source, One Tent, A Hi-Potion, One Elixir and A Long Range Materia
There will be a tutorial on the World Map explaining all you need to know. So to go to the town Kalm, walk around to the front of Midgar and head northeast. Enter the inn and the innkeeper will tell you everyone is waiting upstairs, you will need to join them.

Cloud, Sephiroth, and some Shinra are travelling to Nibelheim. The story goes that they have been sent on a mission to clear the fiends coming from the Mako reactor. When you arrive at Nibleheim Sephiroth will say how it must be nice for you to visit your family and when Cloud asks about his family he will tell you that his mother died shortly after giving birth to him as you arrive. He totally disregards his father.

Enter Cloud and Tifas' homes to find out about them, In Tifas' house play the piano to get her ultimate limit break. In the morning head towards the northern exit of the town, here you will find out that Tifa will be acting as your mountain guide, before you leave a townsperson will ask If he can have a picture of Sephiroth, Cloud will be on it.

Now you will have to cross Mount Nibel to get to the Mako Reactor, except when you reach the bridge it collapses and you will have to take an alternative route through the caves, in which you will find a Mako fountain and Sephiroth will explain all about Materia and how it is formed.

Once you reach the reactor Sephiroth will say that it's too dangerous for Tifa to accompany you inside. Go up the stairs and follow Sephiroth inside to the Jenova chamber. He will explain about the Mako-absorbed humans in the capsules, there will be a very short FMV where you see the mutilated humans breaking out of a capsule. Sephiroth looks at Jenova and finds out that this is his mother. After this the sequence will shift to the Shinra hidden door in the bedroom that connects to a spiralling staircase go down it into the library area where Sephiroth is reading Professor Gast's books. Sephiroth becomes absorbed in his own rage and destroys Nibelheim and slaughters the villagers, including Tifa and Cloud's parents.

Next you'll be at the Mako reactor again, head in the original way and you'll see Tifa getting cut by Sephiroth, you go into the Jenova chamber and see an FMV in which Sephiroth removes Jenova's covering and sees her for what she really is, Cloud challenges him and the scene shifts back to the Inn where Cloud wonders how he survived. The story is finished and when you head downstairs you will receive the PHS, this allows you to change party members on the world map.

Shop in Kalm and buy and items/materia/weapons from the shops on the higher level. Talk to the villagers and they will tell you a man in a black cape (Sephiroth) headed east. Leave the town and do the same, you will arrive at the Chocobo ranch.

When you arrive you will see a pen filled with chocobos'. Talk to them and they will do a dance, at the end of it you get Choco-mog summon materia.

Enter the stable and talk to the people there, you will find out you need to cross the marshes but there is a huge snake (The Midgar Zolom) that detects footprints on the marshes, so you will need to cross it on chocobo. The stable keep will offer to sell you the chocobo lure materia. You will also need to buy a few greens to keep the chocobos occupied in battle. If you don't have enough money for the lure you'll need to get in a few battles outside the ranch and earn some Gil.

Once you've bought your greens and the lure, equip it and run on the tracks outside the ranch until you get into a fight where a chocobo is accompanied by enemies, throw a green to the chocobo and defeat the enemies, DO NOT ATTACK THE CHOCOBO, if you succeed in killing all the enemies you have caught a chocobo! Ride it across the marshes past the snake (do not attempt to defeat the snake because you will die). When you reach the cave opening you will come across the Zolom impaled on a huge sword. The party concludes it is Sephiroth's doing and you need to proceed through the mines which is a linear path with few turnings, climb a vine for the Long Range Materia and head to the exit where you will meet the Turks.

They will introduce a new member, Elena, upon meeting them. Elena lets slip that Sephiroth headed for Junon Harbour and they will leave, follow them and you will see Fort Condor in the distance, this is a tower with a bird on the top.

You can go in to practise for a side-quest later in the game but there isn't much point as the game is very easy to grasp when it comes down to it, also you can buy items at Junon anyway so there isn't really any need to go there yet.

From the Fort head northeast towards the coast and you will see Junon, there is a submarine bay next to it and it can be recognised by its large cannon protruding from the front of it.

In this area you can encounter Yuffie in a fight in any of the forests. If you do, you must defeat her to get her as a member of your team. Once you have beaten her, your party will be standing around her in a clearing, DON'T SAVE or she'll run away. To get her as a team member the conversation must go like this (you are given options as to what to say to her):

Yuffie: You spiky-headed jerk! One more time, let's go one more time!
Cloud: Not interested.
Yuffie: You're pretty scared of me, huh!?
Cloud: .....Petrified.
Yuffie: I'm really gonna leave! REALLY!
Cloud: Wait a second!
Yuffie: You want me to go with you?
Cloud: ...That's right.
Yuffie: All right! I'll go with you!
Cloud: ...Let's hurry on.

When you leave, Yuffie will mysteriously, as though she has a plan, but don't worry about this until later.


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