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Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough - Sector Five Reactor

Items: Two Ethers, One Hi-Potion, One Potion And One Phoenix Down
Board the train at the station and after a while you will be scoped out by security sensor and will need to run from car to car to avoid detection, at the end of the train leap into the tunnels. You can get a few items by talking to passengers along your way. One will take an item but talk to take it back. Run along through the cars and you will get to the walkway. You will find a small hole leading to Area 5 Barret will complain but go in ready for battles with strong enemies than previously. Battle all of the monsters and get to the reactor, the path is very similar to the first reactor so just follow the same route you took in the first one. Once you react the place to detonate the bomb Cloud will experience an odd flashback informing him that this particular reactor isn't a normal reactor. Plant the bomb and follow Tifa into the controls centre where you have to push a button at the same time as Barret. It is a little tricky but continue to try this until you can do it - there isn't a time limit. A gate will open so go through it. You will reach a bridge and become surrounded by Shinra soldiers. The president of Shinra will fly in on helicopter and will leave you with a boss to fight.

Boss: Air Buster
Firstly make sure someone has the Restore-All combination of materia to renew comrade's health. Physical attacks in the back of the machine do the most damage here along with limit break attacks and lightening. Once you have beaten it you will receive a titan bangle.

The Air Buster will blow up after you have beaten it causing cloud to fall into the gap. He will hold on for a while but will eventually fall while Tifa and Barret are forced to leave him and escape. There will be a black screen where you are talking to someone enquiring about your physical health. Here you meet Aeris.

You will awaken in the Church of Sector Five where she grows flowers. Talk to her and she will ask if you remember her, say you do. Name her then she will ask you to be her bodyguard in return for a date with her later. Then the Turk leader Tseng enters the church and wants to kidnap Aeris. Head to the top of the chapel through the entrance to the left of the big door. During heading up to the roof beams Aeris will fall. On the beams there will be some barrels and when Soldiers approach her and she asks for help tell her to hold on every time she asks and push the correctly places barrels onto the soldiers, if you choose the wrong barrel she will have to fight them. Push the barrels in this order: the barrel at the back on the left, the one at the back to the far right, the far right barrel at the front, and then the remaining barrel. You will escape with Aeris through the roof. Go to the northeast to Aries's house, get the All materia from the upper level filled with flowers. Once inside Cloud will say he needs to go to Sector 7. Elmyra, Aeris's mother will ask you to sneak out and leave Aeris as she doesn't want her to get hurt again so go upstairs to rest. You will wake up in the night and will need to walk across the floor to the stairs, don't run as the floor will creak and you be caught.

When you leave Sector 5 Aeris will be waiting for you at the entrance to Sector 6. You will see a cut-scene with Cloud and Aeris at the playground. Now a chocobo pulled caravan comes with Tifa riding in it, seemingly captured. You and Aeris will follow into the slum.


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