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Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough – Temple Of The Ancients

Items: One Megalixer, One Mind Source, A Turbo Ether, Silver Rifle, Rocket Punch, Trident, Nail Bat, Work Glove, Ribbon, Trumpet Shell, Princess Guard, Bahamut Summon Materia, Luck Plus Materia, Morph Materia.
When you arrive you'll be at the bottom of a rope bridge, You'll see one of the black capes at the entrance, talk to him and he'll mumble something about the Black Materia and there will be a cut scene where your party will decide that they want to proceed inside. So go up the bridge. Inside you'll see Tseng lying near the altar wounded. Talk to his and he'll give you the keystone, place it on the altar and it will reveal a passage into the temple.

The temple, like the Mako Mountains, looks more complicated that it is. Start off by pressing the select button to show you where entrances and ladders etc. Get as many items as you can and head up to the small house on the top level; there will be a man dressed in purple there, Rest here whenever you need to. Head through the temple gaining some levels and you will arrive in another room, when you reach the corner boulders will start rolling down the pathway, you need to run so that the curved underside passes over you, leaving you unharmed. This can be pretty annoying but bear with it. When you reach the end there'll be a cut scene, head over the light pool and Aeris will start talking to the Ancients and you'll see a flashback. Save with the man and go into the next room, where there is a large clock, you have to position the hands to get into the rooms behind the different numbers.

I- Boss (trap)
II- Blocked
III- Another Boss (trap)
IV- Item: Prince Guard
V- Path then a room with items in it
VI- The way to proceed to getting the Black Materia - go here last.
VII- Trumpet Shell Weapon
VIII- Item: Elixir
IX- Blocked
X- Previous Room with the Boulders
XI- Blocked
XII- Exit (complete with Boss)

Once you have all the items go through VI and you'll see three levels, a large door on the top, and several entrances on the second and third. The aim is to catch him so you'll have to watch where he goes after every door to try to predict where he'll come out of to catch him. Jump down each level with the Circle Button. When you catch him he'll open the door and you'll have to go through it, make sure you equip your ice magic and summon before you go in because the upcoming boss is weak against it.

There'll be a cut scene and you'll find out that Sephiroth is planning on finding the promise land by causing the planet great harm and therefore lot of the lifesteam will try to heal it etc and Sephiroth thinks that he'll find the Promise Land this way. Now Cloud will start holding his head again and Sephiroth will flee, leaving you with a boss.

Boss: Red Dragon
You may recognise this one from Clouds memory. If you have it cast Wall, if you don't, cast Barrier and M-barrier. Use your Ice2's and 3's here if you have them and Shiva. Don't use fire or Ifrit because he will absorb them, you'll essentially be curing him by using fire. I also suggest you Bio1/2 him because he can be poisoned therefore if you need to heal damage will still be taken from him. Use your limit breaks when you have them to. Equip and All-Restore materia combination to heal all your party after his big attacks. Keep at him and he'll die and you’ll get Bahamut. :)

Get the Summon and go to the altar on the right, you'll find a model of the temple and you'll figure out that puzzles need to be solved but with every puzzle solved, the temple shrinks therefore whoever gets it must die. Now Cait Sith will volunteer to stay behind for it seeing as his body is just a toy. Now go back to the clock room and go to room XIII, I suggest you go to room X to save before this boss. Once into the room a Monster will come out of the wall and you'll have to fight it.

Boss: Demon's Gate
Start by casting Barrier on your party, don't bother with wall of M-barrier because most of his special moves and physical and m-barrier will only make healing yourself harder. Cast slow on it and hast on yourselves, this will give you an advantage over it so you can use your powerful Summons, especially the newly acquired Bahamut. He may also prettify your people so use your softs.

Once you've beaten him you leave through the door he was guarding and Cait Sith will yell to you saying that he's taking it now, now the temple will collapse and Cloud will climb down to get the materia. Sephiroth will arrive and after a head-clutching fit Cloud will hand the materia over to Sephiroth.

Now Cloud will pass out and you'll see Sleep-scene in which Aeris will talk about getting the materia from Sephiroth herself. You'll wake up in Gongaga Inn and there'll be a cut-scene, everyone will tell you that Aeris has gone and you'll need to leave. Head over to the northern continent following the coastline in the Tiny Bronco.


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