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Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough Keystone Quest

Items: None in this section
Now use the Tiny Brono to head back to Gongaga and on a jutting section of the coast there will be a lone house, enter it and the man will tell you about the Keystone which unlocks the Temple Of The Ancients and that he sold it the gold saucer owner Dio. So go back to the gold saucer through the North Corel ropeway entry, which breaks upon you entering. Now go to the battle arena into Dio's showroom where you will see the keystone in the centre of the room. Dio will walk in an when you ask him if you can borrow it he'll ask you to entertain him for it, by this he means by battling in the battle arena, don't worry if you don't do all eight fights (even though you get a reward in the form of a Protect vest and a Choco feather) you get the stone no matter how far you get.

Due to the transport being out of order Cait Sith arranges for you to sleep in the Saucers hotel (why is it whenever you go here as part of the game something always stops you leaving the normal way). In a group discussion you will conclude that Sephiroth is trying to find the Black Materia. You will go to your room and Aeris will enter asking you on a date (be nice to her because if you're into this game and care about the characters you may feel a little bad about being rude late) Attractions are free on this date, so go anywhere, starting with the theatre.

When you enter you'll be told that you're the hundredth couple to arrive there, therefore you must take part in a play, which is completely stupid but its very entertaining to see Cloud twirling onto the screen. You get some options in the play as to what to say and can make it romantic and can kiss Aeris or a dragon, the choice is yours. Afterwards she'll ask you to take her on the Gondola, on the ride you'll talk and there'll be a nice FMV of some chocobos and the saucer. When you get off Aeris will ask you if you would like to go on another date with her (be nice!).

Now Cait Sith will steal the Keystone, follow him all around the square until you end up on the chocobo square steps, where he will throw the Stone to the Shinra helicopter. You and Aeris will be very angry with her, but he gives you some information about the Temple of the Ancients so you'll allow him to stay with your team. Afterwards everyone will gather in the hotel foyer and decide to go to the temple for the Black materia before Sephiroth gets his hands on it. Aeris will become a compulsory member of you team now but choose another member and head back around to the coast of Fort Condor in the tiny Bronco, go past and follow the coast down to the bottom of the first continent until you see a pyramid type temple in the middle of a forest.


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